25 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners. (Make $30/Hr)

25 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners. (Make $30/Hr)

online transcription jobs for beginners

Your Detailed Guide to Best Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners: Did you know that you can make money listening to audio files and typing down what you hear…

Well, that is what transcription is all about. You can transcribe calls, oral interviews, interrogations, court recordings, just to name a few.

Maybe you are afraid that you have no experience as a transcriber. Perhaps it is the lack of training that is making you feel inadequate to apply for these jobs.

Well, I’m here to confirm to you that not all transcription jobs require experience. There are several legit and well-paying online transcription jobs for beginners. It’s your lucky day as I’ll cover 25 such jobs in this article.

As for the training, some of the transcription companies train you before you can start. And for those that do not, I recommend this short e-course by Transcribe Anywhere. It shall give you the basics as you get to learn the rest on the job.

But before we can look at my top list, let’s first understand what online transcription is, plus the things you need to get started.

What Exactly is Transcription?

Online transcription is the skill of converting audio into text. So, you have to listen to what is said in a recording and then type down what you hear.

Generally, there are two kinds of online transcription:

  1. True Verbatim – Also known as strict or full verbatim, true verbatim involves typing down everything that the speaker says without leaving out anything.

That means including repeat words, interjections, false starts, and shutters.

  1. Non-Verbatim – Also known as intelligent verbatim or clean verbatim, non-verbatim involves producing a clean script from an audio file. So, unlike true verbatim, you don’t include noises (laughs, interjections, shutters, etc.).

What Do I Need to Do Transcription?

I have already mentioned that you need the training to start transcription. That’s important when you don’t have the experience. Other things that you need to get paid to transcribe are:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Good typing speed
  • A personal computer
  • Noise-canceling headsets
  • Access to reliable internet
  • Transcription software like Express ScribePro
  • Proofreading skills and excellent grammar
  • A foot pedal to enable you to fast-forward, rewind, and pause without removing your fingers from the keyboard.

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25 Transcription Jobs from Home Entry Level for Beginners.

1. Rev Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $8-$18/hour

Coverage: Worldwidetranscription from home entry level

Rev tops my list of the best online transcription jobs for two significant reasons. One, the job platform is very interactive.

It allows you to connect easily with the support team, which is essential when you are a beginner transcriptionist.

Two, Rev has consistent work, thus great for someone looking to make money on the side more regularly. Additionally, the company pays modestly and accepts international applicants.

The only tricky part for beginners is getting approved. You have to pass their entry test, which is never easy without transcription training. Overall, approval takes two days.

Rev pays via PayPal weekly and you can make anything between $8 and $18 hourly.

2. TranscribeMe Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$22/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

TranscribeMe is, without a doubt, one of the best beginner-friendly and decent-paying transcription sites.

With beginners making $15 or more on the platform, you can earn some good cash on this platform.

Furthermore, they pay weekly via PayPal once you have a $10 minimum withdrawal amount.

The good thing about online transcription jobs on TranscribeMe is that the audio files are concise. The company also hires globally and promises consistent workflow.

You’ll, however, need to pass their entry test before joining the team. The hiccup is that you don’t just sit for one examination. You have to take one each time you want to upgrade to another level.

3. Upwork Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$25/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

How about you work with clients directly? That’s the kind of opportunity that Upwork offers you.

Clients from all over the world post transcription and other jobs on the website, and anyone with a freelancer account can access them.

The clients can set their preferred requirements for applicants, but it doesn’t stop you from applying to any of the jobs.

I have free-lanced on Upwork, and I think they pay decently. The problem is that you may have to compete with experienced transcribers for the available freelance transcription jobs.

4. 3PlayMedia Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$30/hour

Coverage: USA

Can you type at least 75 words a minute? If so, then you are a perfect candidate for 3PlayMedia transcription jobs. You, however, need to be a U.S resident to apply.

3PlayMedia beginner’s pay is about $10 an hour going up to about $30 an hour.  The payment usually depends on the complexity of the project.

I like the fact that you can decide what job to take on the 3MediaPlay job board. You also pick the time that you are comfortable working.

So, if you are a stay-at-home mom in need of a side hustle, 3PlayMedia audio transcription jobs may just work for you.

5. GoTranscript Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: Up to $45/hour

Coverage: Worldwidemake money transcribing from home for beginners

Though GoTranscript is one of the most popular transcription job sites, you don’t require transcription experience to join them. They hire globally and pay weekly either via Payoneer or PayPal.

What I like most about GoTranscript is their pay. Some projects attract up to $45 an hour. Therefore, if you are looking for handsome earning, GoTranscript is worth a shot.

You’ll need to pass their entry test before you can start accessing their jobs.

What discourages most applicants is the lengthy approval time and delayed communications. Other than that, GoTranscript is a great side hustle site for transcriptionist jobs from home.

6. CastingWords Transcription Jobs

 Potential Pay: $5-$60/hour

Coverage: USA & Canada

CastingWords is another best transcription site for short audio. Their work from home transcription jobs is beginner-friendly.

CastingWords pay weekly via PayPal, and the earnings per hour are $5-$60 depending on your level.

Unlike other sites, the entry test on CastingWords is optional. It’s, however, advisable to take it to enable you to get better paying transcription gigs.

CastingWords allow you to earn bonuses from clients, and the site has a supportive team, something great for beginners.

Apart from its low starting pay, CastingWords has no significant issues. It’s a decent place to earn money on the side as a transcriber.

7.  SpeechPad Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$60/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

SpeechPad is another beginner-friendly transcription job site that hires internationally.

In most cases, you’ll be transcribing audio interviews. So, be prepared to deal with conversations involving multiple parties.

It is generally easy to sing up on SpeechPad, but you are required to pass a few entry tests before your account can be approved.

SpeechPad is a decent payer. You can earn $15-$60 hourly depending on skill and competence.

Transcription jobs from home are also consistent on-site, and you receive guidelines for each of them.

The company pays biweekly through PayPal, and you have the opportunity to receive bonuses from clients that you impress.

The major downfall is its rating system. You can quickly lose your account if your job rating drops below 95%. I think that is too strict for a beginner transcriptionist.

8. Allegis Transcription Transcriptionist Jobs

Potential Pay: $13-$17/hour

Coverage: USA

If you are in the U.S looking for online transcription jobs for beginners that pay on time, you should try Allegis Transcription.

They pay weekly without fail and allow you to make $13-$17 hourly depending on project complexity.

What I like about Allegis Transcription is that they never run out of transcription jobs. They also have a supportive team that answers your email quickly.

The tricky part is that you have to work for at least 10 hours a week. So, it may be hard to succeed there if you cannot commit such hours.

9. WayWithWords Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $33-$57/hour

Coverage: Worldwide highest paying transcription jobs

WayWithWords is, without a doubt, one of the best transcriptionist employers in the world. With the average hourly earnings for beginners being $33-$57, such an offer doesn’t come easy.

The company pays monthly via direct deposit, and you get to enjoy consistent workflow.

The caveat is that you have to transcribe for at least an hour a day to continue working for the company. Also, since they pay much, you should expect to work under strict guidelines.

WayWithWords has a flexible schedule. All you have to do is pick an hour or so each day to transcribe.

The company usually has some of the highest paying transcription jobs in a variety of niches. So, you have the freedom to specialize.

10. Birch Creek Communication Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $24-$75/hour

Coverage: USA

Birch Creek Communication has been known to offer legal and medical transcription jobs, associated with expert transcribers. But still, they do have general online transcription jobs from home that beginners can apply.

You, however, have to be a U.S resident. You also need to pass their entry test.

Birch Creek Communications usually places beginners on a probation program, earning minimum pay. If you prove to be good at the job, you’ll climb the ranks faster, and that will mean better pay.

11. 1-888-Type-It-Up Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $30-$60/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

1-888-Type-It-Up is another goldmine for transcribers yet to be fully exploited globally.

The transcription company pays $30-$60 an hour. Mark you; you have to be experienced to join the team.

And once you get a few reviews, you may be surprised to get ridiculous offers that pay as high as $180 an hour.

It doesn’t apply to everyone, but there is the possibility considering that some transcribers occasionally make that much on the website.

Are you wondering why most people don’t apply? Well, 1-888-Type-It-Up charges a $35 application fee. I, however, don’t see it as an issue if you can get the money back in an hour or two doing transcription on the site.

12. GMR Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$15/hour

Coverage: USA

GMR Transcription is a U.S employer for both beginner and experienced transcriptionists. So, it’s not just an excellent website to start your transcription journey but also a nice one to establish yourself as an expert.

The company pays $10-$15 an hour averagely with more experienced transcriptionists making more.

Like most sites, you need to sign up and take their entry test before you can join the team. Once approved, you’ll need to work for at least 4 hours a week, and they pay monthly.

The biggest issue is the minimum working hours. Otherwise, GMR Transcription is a genuinely great website for transcription jobs online from home for U.S residents.

13. Scribie Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$25/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Scribie has so many short transcription gigs that are good for beginners. With the average earnings ranging at about $5-$25 an hour, Scribie is a decent place to grow your transcription skills.

The company pays via PayPal, and you have the flexibility of taking a break and resuming work when it’s convenient for you without risking any penalty.

To apply, you need to do an audio test, submit it, and wait for the approval. Unlike most transcription sites on this list, Scribie pays for the test. So, you start earning from day one.

Scribie is available worldwide, and you can access all job posts once your account gets approved.

Other than the low starting pay, I don’t see anything wrong with Scribie. So, it’s worth a shot.

14. Verbit Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $18/hour

Coverage: Worldwide transcription jobs online from home

Verbit provides you with an opportunity to work as a transcriptionist from anywhere in the world. They pay $0.30 a minute ($18 an hour), which is not bad for transcription jobs from home entry level.

They have a bi-monthly payout, and it’s via PayPal.

What I like about Verbit is its smooth signup. The approval is also quick, and so you can have your money in the shortest time possible.

The other thing to like about the platform is the flexibility they provide. You are allowed to pick your preferred schedule before you can start working.

15. Babbletype Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $12-$15/hour

Coverage: Native English Speaking Countries

Though Babbletype is known as a leading translation site, they also offer transcription jobs, and they pay decently. You can make $12-$15 hourly on-site and get to cash out weekly via PayPal.

Babbletype expects you first to interpret what you hear before you can type it out. So, you need the highest concentration level to do these jobs.

The only shortfall is that they don’t hire English nonnatives. Other than that, they are a decent option.

You’ll need to visit their website and then choose what you want to do on-site.

16. AppenScribe Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$25/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

AppenScribe is a decent paying transcription company that hires globally. You can make $10-$25 an hour as a beginner transcriptionist, and you have the chance to get bonuses for delivering high-quality work.

You need excellent grammar and good listening skills to do the best transcription jobs on AppenScribe.

Though experience is not a must, you have to pass their two entry transcription interview test. You also need to be able to type 75WPM.

The primary issue with the company is that you have to commit 10 hours weekly to continue working. The good thing, however, is that you can claim work whenever it is convenient for you.

17. Verbal Ink Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$8/hour

Coverage: USA

If you are a U.S resident, Verbal Ink is a legit company to work for. They don’t pay much to beginners, and so I’ll advise you to join them just to get the job experience.

Once you are more experienced, you can try the other companies on my list that pay experienced transcriptionists more money

Besides the pay, there are no significant concerns about Verbal Ink. The company guarantees consistent workflow, and their gigs are beginner-friendly.

To apply, send an application to jobs@verbalink.com and wait to receive an interview test from them.

18. Quicktate Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$10/hour

Coverage: Worldwideget paid to transcribe

Quicktate is globally known to offer transcription services to reputable companies like Wells Fargo and Coca Cola. There, you’ll mostly transcribe phone calls, memos, and voice messages.

Quicktate pays weekly via PayPal, and you get to make $5-$10, which is not much. The advantage, however, is that the transcription jobs from home for beginners are consistent.

The fact that they hire globally and are beginner-friendly makes them such a perfect job site for anyone passionate about transcription.

Their support system is also impressive, which is vital for beginners. All you have to do to join Quicktate is to pass their entry test.

19. SpeakWrite Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $0.005-$0.06/word

Coverage: USA & Canada

SpeakWrite used to be known as a job site only meant for experienced transcribers, but things are changing.

They are now accepting beginner transcriptionists from the U.S and Canada. You, however, need to pass their entry test with a 90% score or more.

Passing the interview exam usually is a tall order, especially when you have no transcription training.

The company pays $0.004-$0.06 a word, and the payout is bimonthly through direct deposit.

What I like most about SpeakWrite is that you can choose your preferred work shift. So, you are only assigned work in your preferred shift hours.

The tricky part is that you need to work for at least 15 hours a month.

20. TigerFish Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $0.03-$0.04/line

Coverage: USA

TigerFish is another popular U.S job site for online transcription jobs for beginners. They have clients from all over the world but prefer only to hire U.S transcriptionists.

TigerFish promises consistent workflow and flexible work hours, and you can make $0.03-$0.04 per every line that you transcribe.

You are expected to pass a 15-minute transcription test before you can start working. The problem I have with the test is that you need the Express Scribe software to attempt it. So, you have to be familiar with its usage.

21. AccuTran Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $0.005-$0.066/word

Coverage: Worldwide

AccuTran Global allows you to make $0.005-$0.066 for every word that you transcribe. Of course, beginners earn much less than experienced transcribers.

AccuTran has a friendly hiring procedure, which involves answering a questionnaire and passing a short transcription test. The company hires from the United States and Canada.

The major complaint that transcriptionists have about the company is its strict guidelines. They also have tight deadlines.

But still, you get to work from home in your preferred shift and get to make money as you grow on-site.

22. Crowdsurf Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $0.02-$0.03/minute

Coverage: Worldwide

If you are looking for another beginner-friendly and decent-paying transcription company, consider Crowdsurf.

They hire globally, and you get to make $0.02-$0.03 per every audio minute that you transcribe.

I like the fact that the videos are short, thus easy for beginners. To get started, you’ll have to visit the website to sign up.

You’ll also need to sit and pass the entry test. With the right transcription training, passing the entrance exam is easy.

Usually, Crowdsurf deals with creating high-quality video captions for the deaf and people with hearing difficulties. Crowdsurf trains you before you can start working.

23. Transcription Hub Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $0.75/minute

Coverage: Worldwide

Transcription Hub is one of the best places for legal and medical transcriptionist jobs from home no experience. Your earning, however, depends on the level that you are.

Before you can start working, Transcription Hub expects you to sit for an unpaid test.

The company pays monthly via PayPal or direct deposit. I have an issue with monthly payments. It may be a long time to wait for compensation, considering that other companies pay weekly.

24. Voxtab Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $27/hour

Coverage: Worldwideonline transcription jobs

Voxtab mostly deals with Asian files, and so you have to be very keen to type down every word you hear. They are among the best payers for beginner transcribers with the hourly pay averaging $27.

The primary issue I have identified with Voxtab is their payment cycle. They pay after 40 days, which I consider unfavorable for someone who has to pay bills every week.

The other issue is that the company has strict transcription standards. You’ve to maintain 90% accuracy in all your assignments. Failure to do so may lead to the loss of your account.

Voxtab hires internationally and enjoys a smooth job application and approval process.


There you have the 25 best online transcription jobs for beginners. So, if you’ve wanted to work as a transcriptionist but was skeptical because of lack of experience, it’s time you reconsider the idea.

I hope you can find a job on the list that makes you decent cash on the side. After all, that is the essence of doing transcription online.

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What are the top transcription companies?

There are several transcription companies available in the market. Some of the popular ones include Rev, TranscribeMe, GoTranscript, Scribie, Speechpad, and GMR Transcription.


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