Is Medical Transcription A Dying Field Or Not? (Explained!)

Is Medical Transcription A Dying Field Or Not? (Explained!)

Is medical transcription a dying field?

One of the professions that have been here for the longest time is medical transcription. Unfortunately, if you have heard stories going around that it might end soon, you might be left wondering, Is medical transcription a dying field?

No. Medical transcription is not a dying field. As much as the hospitals rely on technology to take care of transcriptions, human intelligence is still necessary, hence medical transcriptionists are needed.

If you want to get an answer to this question and find out more about the field, from the work medical transcriptionists do, the amount of money you can make from it when you are working from home to the future of medical transcription, and much more, keep reading.

Is Medical Transcription a Dying Field? (Going Into Details)

Today, technological advancement has made work easier, simpler, and quicker in many fields. It has also spread its roots in the healthcare industry, taking upon people’s roles in different sectors.

As a result of this, a word is going around that medical transcription might not be anymore.

This is not a dying field, and the profession is critical in the medical field; transcriptionists should ensure they stay updated with the developments made in their field.

What Do Medical Transcriptionists Do?

As with any other profession, there are specific tasks you are supposed to perform. In the same manner, medical transcriptionists also have duties to perform.

Medical transcriptionists are in charge of listening to a physician’s recording or any other health official. After he listens to this audio, he translates it into text. This requires accuracy and typing speed.

Furthermore, medical transcriptionists also interpret the audio into a patient’s history or referral letters. Medical transcriptionists edit drafts once recognition software prepares them. They do this to make sure the transcription is accurate, consistent, and complete.

Is Medical Transcription Still in Demand?

If you are a good listener, can understand several accents, and your typing skills are on point, you might think of becoming a medical transcriptionist. Also, if you want a profession that allows you to either work part-time or full-time, work from home, and even create your own schedule, you can think of medical transcription.

What is medical transcription

However, before making that decision, how about you think of the demand? You wouldn’t want to take upon a career that will not offer you opportunities, would you?

So, with the development and enhancement of technology, you might be wondering whether the healthcare industry still needs medical transcriptionists or not.

If this is bothering you, you can be glad to know that their services are still very important, and yes, medical transcription is still in demand.

Does Medical Transcription Have a Future?

There is a prediction that probably there might be a decline in the number of medical transcriptionists in the coming years. This is not to refute the fact that their services are essential since medical procedures and tests are still growing.

With hospitals planning to increase their use of speech recognition technology, you might think that medical transcription is soon reaching a dead end.

However, since this technology can be unreliable at times and needs frequent supervision and human intervention, there is some hope. Medical transcriptionists will have some work to do yet.

Rather than totally replacing medical transcriptionists, this technology requires them to edit and proofread the documentation.

How do I make money through medical transcription?

Therefore, the future of medical transcription involves a turn about to work involved; it is no longer the traditional task to be carried out by medical transcriptionists. On the contrary, they need to up their game in editing and proofreading to come in handy when the healthcare industry completely embraces the use of speech recognition technology.

So, yes, medical transcription has a future; it will play a part in coordinating and working together with speech recognition. Healthcare personnel will need the alternative.

Medical Transcription Jobs

One of the things that might stress individuals in finding jobs in their field. If you are a medical transcriptionist, this shouldn’t be the case. Why?

The internet has lots of websites offering medical transcription jobs. Therefore, all you need to do is research and find out where the opportunity lies. Whichever works and suits you, go for it.

The good news is, there are sites that not only pay well but also offer free training in medical transcription. So, if you are a beginner, you can still get the job done.

Remember, different sites have different expectations. Some will need you to have experience, while others will offer to train you.

Additionally, others want a specific typing speed, so you can work on yours.

Therefore, you can have a look at the following sites;

  1. Daily Transcription
  2. GMR Transcription
  3. Scribie
  4. TranscribeMe
  5. GoTranscript
  6. Rev
  7. Tigerfish

Make good use of the internet, visit the sites, then you can follow as per the instructions. If they require you to fill out forms or attach your resume, ensure you do so.

Is Medical Transcription a Good Career Choice?

If you are looking for a flexible job that you can even do from home, you can settle for medical transcription. Remember, you should have a good typing speed, stay determined, and be keen on listening.

However, if someone wants a piece of advice concerning medical transcription, would you say it is a good career choice to go for? Well, if the person is looking for flexible working hours and good pay, he should consider taking up this career.

Therefore, whether you are a mother looking for a means of earning some extra money while taking care of your child at the same time, then this is a good job for you.

Additionally, if you are recovering from a certain illness and would like to earn some cash from home, then medical transcription is a good choice.

Nonetheless, this is a good career choice that allows you to work either full-time or part-time. You get to choose what you want based on your schedule and flexibility. What’s more, if you are good with the keyboard; you are the master of typing, why not go for this amazing profession?

How Do I Become a Medical Transcriptionist From Home?

To become a medical transcriptionist, it is advisable you have a certificate. You don’t have to work yourself up so much on formal training when you want to do this job.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t train in it. Training in this profession is a good investment that can come in handy when you finally want to work for a reputable company.

What’s more, when you are equipped with proper training, you increase your chances of earning more. Therefore, becoming a medical transcriptionist from home doesn’t have to be complicated; ensure you are certified and get some training in the field.

Some sites that offer medical transcription training include Udemy and Career Step.

Furthermore, you can learn the medical terminologies as well as work on your typing speed. Also, with the right training and experience, you can enjoy working in this field.

Do Medical Transcriptionists Make Good Money?

In cases where the effort you put in your work doesn’t reflect on the pay, you might get discouraged by your job. Thankfully, medical transcriptionists can share a different story here. Their jobs allow them to make some decent money.

If you are wondering whether becoming a medical transcriptionist pays, worry no more. There are numerous ways of earning money online, and this is one of them.

How Much Do Medical Transcriptionists Make Working From Home?

Working from home has its own share of challenges. On a positive note, though, you get the opportunity to supervise yourself and plan on when to work.

Therefore, if you consider doing medical transcription from home, you might be impressed by the amount of money you can make from it. In the year 2020, it is estimated that medical transcriptionists earned $35 270 every single year.

Moreover, some sites pay medical transcriptionists based on the audio hours or depending on each word they transcribe. You can earn up to $10 per hour for a beginner, while an experienced person can make up to $30 or more. This, therefore, means that if you are fast at this job, you can earn more money.

However, don’t let the pay be the ultimate goal; ensure you produce quality work. Make the transcription as flawless as you can.


Medical transcription is a good profession. However, the advancement in speech recognition technology has led to the speculation that it might end soon.

If the question, Is medical transcription a dying field was bothering you, we have tried to explore much and help you understand the field better.

Also, medical transcriptionists do a good job, and their services are still needed even with the technology advancing daily. The good thing is, you can work from home and enjoy its flexibility.


Sites that pay well for medical transcription jobs include:

  1. Daily Transcription
  2. GMR Transcription
  3. Scribie
  4. TranscribeMe
  5. GoTranscript
  6. Rev
  7. Tigerfish
  • Sites that you can get medical transcription courses include Career Step and Udemy.
Is the future of medical transcription promising?

Perhaps in the coming years the number of medical transcriptionists may decrease. This does not disprove the fact that their services are needed as the number of medical procedures is on the rise. Therefore, if you are a qualified specialist, then you will not be left without work.

How much does a medical transcriptionist make a year?

The annual salary of a medical transcriptionist can vary based on several factors such as experience, location, and type of employer. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for medical transcriptionists was $35,720 as of May 2020.


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