25 Legitimate Virtual Call Center Jobs

virtual call center jobs

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Today, virtual call center jobs are amongst the most popular jobs for stay-at-home individuals. Mainly it is due to the pay that Glassdoor estimates to be around $30,061 annually.

But still, there are other reasons like job flexibility and low investment that make people like these jobs.

As a virtual call agent, you work from home for flexible hours and only need to invest in a good computer, noise cancellation headsets, and high-speed internet.

Interestingly, some companies provide the equipment, which means zero startup expenses for you.

So, are you interested in making money from home as a virtual call agent?

If yes, I have covered 25 legitimate virtual call center jobs in this blog post. These are virtual jobs that will pay your bill and sustain your livelihood.

The only difference is that you’ll be working from home.

But before we can look at my list, let’s first look at the job description and qualification requirements.

The Job Description Of Virtual Call Center Agents

Virtual call center agents are known by listings like technical support agents or call-center representatives, and they generally perform the following tasks:

  • Answer customer phone calls
  • Engage customers on live chat and emails
  • Make calls for customer account verification purposes
  • Address various customer concerns
  • Perform telemarketing (unsolicited marketing of company products and services via phone).

So, work from home call center jobs fall in the sales and customer service categories, and you have to be proficient in both to apply.

The Basic Qualifications For Virtual Call Center Jobs

Every virtual call center has their preference when it comes to who they employ. However, these requirements are the most basic:

  • 1-2 years of experience as a call center agent, a customer service representative, or sales agent
  • Excellent typing skills
  • Proficient in phone handling and computer use
  • Excellent interpersonal/communication skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Flexible and patient
  • Access to a quiet workspace

The Best Virtual Call Center Jobs Today!

1. Progressive Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$19/hour

virtual work from home call center

Progressive is one of the world’s leading property and auto insurance companies.

They have won so many accolades over the years for their unmatched insurance and customer service. Thus, the company takes pride in customer satisfaction.

You can apply for call center jobs from home on Progressive today and get to earn $15-$19 an hour. So, they are among the highest payers in the world, and that is not all.

Progressive offers 401(k) matching, medical insurance, maternity support, paid leaves, discounted/free products, and services, among many other benefits.

Visit Progressive today to begin your fantastic career as a virtual call center agent!

2. American Express Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$18/hour

American Express (AMEX) is a leading credit and debit card company that always hires virtual call center agents.

They expect you to possess good sales and customer handling skills.

Generally, the requirements are a bit strict on AMEX. For example, they prefer applicants with degrees over those who don’t have it, which is not necessary for most virtual call center jobs on my list.

The beautiful thing about AMEX, however, is the pay. Virtual call agents make as much as $15-$18 an hour.

There are also many other benefits and bonuses.

Visit AMEX today to apply for available virtual call agent openings!

3. Cranky Concierge Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$18/hour

Cranky Concierge may be a small call center company, but it is growing fast and pays well. You can make $15-$18 an hour on Cranky Concierge doing legitimate call center jobs from home.

Generally, they employ virtual call center agents to work odd hours (when the company’s offices are closed). So, it is essentially an excellent place to work part-time and make money on the side.

You should also be an excellent communicator and should possess exceptional customer service experience to apply.

Click here to visit Cranky Concierge today to apply for available jobs.

4. Nordstrom Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$17/hour

Are you obsessed with fashion and always want to stay to date with the latest trends? There is no better place for such an experience than Nordstrom.

Joining the luxury fashion store as a virtual call agent means you have to be familiar with their latest clothes, shoes, and jewelry. But that is not the only benefit.

Nordstrom pays $15-$17 an hour to remote call center agents. Additionally, all employees enjoy paid time off (up to 5 weeks), 401(k) matching, maternity leave, and health insurance.

Generally, you can buy from the store at a discount if you are part of their virtual staff.

Visit Nordstrom today to check for available jobs!

5. Liveops Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $15/hour

Liveops is an outstanding call center service in the world. Currently, the company has more than 20,000 independent call center agents on its payroll.

Liveops insist on having no hourly rates, but the billing is done per talk time minute. On average, they pay $0.25 per talk time minute, which translates to $15 per hour.

The company pays twice a month with no minimum work hours.

With the company paying about $15 an hour for home based call center jobs, there is no doubt that Liveops is among the best payers in the call center business.

Today, Liveops call agents offer the following services:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental assistance
  • Insurance assistance

Click here to learn more about the application requirements for virtual agent jobs on Liveops.

6. Cox Communications Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $15/hour

If you have prior experience as a customer support agent in an accounting or finance sector, consider signing up as a virtual call agent on Cox Communications.

The company hires in the United States, and they are particular about the cities. So, confirm this from the company website.

Cox Communications pays $15 an hour to virtual call agents, among other benefits like medical insurance and dental coverage.

You need to possess excellent customer handling and sales skills to join Cox Communications.

Click here to visit Cox Communications to see available openings.

7. Minibar Delivery Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $15/hour

Minibar Delivery is an NYC-based online alcohol delivery service that delivers liquor and beer on demand all over the United States.

Since launching its operations in 2014, Minibar Delivery has grown tremendously. To ensure that they handle all incoming orders and inquires, they hire U.S based virtual call agents to help.

Minibar Delivery pays well, about $15 an hour for work at home call center jobs. Like most companies on my list, Minibar Delivery also offers health, retirement, and health insurance benefits.

Visit Minibar Delivery today to see and apply for available openings.

8. Kelly Services Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $14.50/hour

home based call center jobs

Are you looking to join a team of motivated virtual call agents? There is no better platform to sign up with than Kelly Services.

They hire at-home agents within the U.S who have customer support experience and pays about $14.50 an hour.

Kelly Services hires on-call agents on a full-time basis, which means you don’t have to look for any other job.

Unlike most companies, Kelly Services accept trainees and pays them $13.50 for their first three months.

The company pays weekly electronically, and you work flexible hours.

Visit Kelly Services today to apply for available virtual call center jobs!

9. Capital One Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $14/hour

Capital One is a reputable financial corporation that specializes in banking, savings, and loans. So, they have a vast customer base that requires assistance daily.

The company pays $14 an hour, and you can enjoy benefits like 401(k) matching, medical insurance, and paid leave. They also have employee discounts for most of their services and products.

To check for available virtual call center jobs on Capital One, click here.

10. Sedgwick Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $14/hour

Sedgwick is a global leader in providing technology-enabled insurance benefits, causality risk coverage, and business solutions.

The company has at least 900 branches in 65 countries worldwide, and they have at least 27,000 employees on their payroll.

Given that the company receives new customers each day and so many existing ones making inquiries, they always hire virtual call center agents to handle them.

Sedgwick pays $14 an hour for virtual call center jobs. Plus, they also offer health and death benefits, pension plans, among many other benefits.

Visit Sedgwick today to see available posts!

11. CE Broker Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $14/hour

CE Broker is hiring remote workers from the U.S, and they pay up to $14 an hour for at home call center jobs. So, you could make some good cash working from home if you join the company today.

The Florida-based Continuing Education (CE) tracking company promises some fantastic benefits to its workforce, and it’s not just decent pay. Some of its benefits are health insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) matching.

CE Broker has an excellent remote collaboration structure for its employees to allow you to offer call services right from home.

Visit CE Broker today to see available posts!

12. Enterprise Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $13/hour

Enterprise hires explicitly virtual call center agents to help them with reservations and to offer remote customer support. They hire call agents as independent contractors, and you get to earn $13 an hour or more.

Plus, you can enjoy benefits like paid time off, 401(k), and health insurance. Many bonuses come with Enterprise virtual jobs.

You must work from 11 am to 1:30 pm, which is flexible for a stay-at-home individual.

Click here to visit Enterprise to see available virtual call center posts.

13. ACD Direct Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $12-$19.20/hour

ACD Direct is another leading call center service globally known that hires virtual agents as remote contractors. Among its client companies are ASPCA and PBS.

You’ll be hired to provide call center services to nonprofits and businesses, and the billing is done per minute.

With most agents making $0.20-$0.32 per talk time minute, that translates to $12-$19.20 an hour.

Like Liveops, ACD Direct pays twice a month. They also have the flexibility of allowing you to work on shift at night and weekends.

Check more details about available legitimate work from home call center jobs on ACD Direct here.

14. Broadpath Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $12-$15/hour

Broadpath is a reputable company that offers technological and high-performance business solutions to healthcare providers.

The company promises you an opportunity to advance your career as a remote worker while earning decently.

You can make $12-$15 an hour as a virtual call agent. More to it, you can enjoy employee benefits like 401(k) matching and insurance.

Generally, Broadpath gives you the freedom to work flexible hours to enjoy work-life balance.

Visit Broadpath today to apply as a virtual call agent!

15. Expert Planet Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $12-$15/hour

If you are a sales or communication expert looking to make some decent cash from home, consider signing up at Expert Planet as a virtual call agent.

The company offers tailored customer solutions to clients around the world, and they provide you with the opportunity to sign up as:

  • A sales consultant
  • A team leader
  • A product advisor

With Expert Planet, you get all the resources that you need to work conveniently from home. From marketing tools to in-class technology, everything is at your disposal at Expert Planet.

You get to make $12-$15 an hour with the virtual work from home call center, which is decent for call agents.

Click here to visit Expert Planet and sign up as a virtual call agent.

16. Support.com Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $12/hour

work from home call center companies

Support.com is globally known for offering technical assistance to clients, especially in the software and electronic sectors.

So, if you know one or two things about technical support, consider working for Support.com from home.

Full-time technical support agents make as much as $12 an hour, which is not the only benefit. You get to enjoy paid training, paid time off, health insurance, and tuition reimbursement.

Click here to visit Support.com and see available openings.

17. Hilton Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $11/hour

Hilton, one of the world’s leading hotel chains and work from home call center companies, is hiring call center agents to handle reservations, customer complaints, inquiries, and telemarketing.

The company pays virtual call center agents $11 an hour, and you can enjoy advantages like 401(k) matching, paid time off, and medical insurance.

Unlike most call centers, Hilton offers you work equipment. You’ll get from them a mini PC, VoIP headsets, Ethernet cable, and flash drive.

So, you don’t have to buy anything to start working.  You’ll also receive free training and coaching before beginning work.

Visit Hilton today to apply for available virtual call jobs in your area!

18. Asurion Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $11/hour

Asurion is currently hiring competent virtual call center agents who can provide technical support to their clients’ growing list.

You need to have at least six months of customer support experience to apply.

You’ll mostly be dealing with customer complaints about their faulty devices. So, you have to address them. For this reason, you have to first familiarize yourself with the company’s mobile insurance services and products.

Asurion pays about $11 an hour, and you get to work flexible hours.

Visit Asurion today to see available openings and application details!

19. Arise Virtual Solutions

Potential Pay: $10-$12/hour

Arise Virtual Solutions is ideally a call center registration platform that features stay-at-home moms, retirees, and all kinds of stay-at-home individuals.

So, if you ever want to start a virtual call center micro company from home, Arise is the platform to visit.

But still, they also allow you to join the platform as an independent contractor where you can earn $10-$12 doing virtual call center jobs.

You get to pick your working hours on Arise and get adequate training before starting.

Visit Arise Virtual Solutions today to see available openings!

20. Teleperformance

Potential Pay: $10-$11/hour

Teleperformance is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated digital services. They are known to outsource the customer service workforce, and among them are virtual call center agents.

Joining the company as a virtual call center agent means you’ll be dealing with the company’s seasonal work volume spikes.

You’ll be making $10-$11 an hour, working from home, and that is not the only benefit.

Teleperformance has a sports club and a fun festival for all its employees, including virtual agents, to have fun.

Visit Teleperformance today to pick your country and apply for available posts!

21. Concentrix

Potential Pay: $10/hour

Concentrix is globally known to offer customer service assistance to an array of businesses. So, they always hire virtual call center agents to join their team.

Minimally, Concentrix pays $10 an hour to virtual call center agents. So, there is always the chance of pocketing more.

The company allows you to work on shifts from 5 am to 5 pm, and you get to commit up to 40 hours a week. They pay twice a month, and you get to pick your preferred mode of payment.

Concentrix is very particular when it comes to applicants’ requirements.

Click here to check out the necessary application requirements.

22. TTEC Jobs

Potential Pay: $10/hour

TTEC team

TTEC is another leading customer solutions outsourcing company that always hires virtual call center agents.

The Colorado-based company has more than 50,000 employees in its virtual call centers around the globe.

They take pride in providing an excellent customer service experience and establishing brand loyalty.

TTEC pays $10 an hour to virtual call center agents. The company also offers wellness programs, health coverage, 104(k) matching, and discounts to its workforce.

If interested, click on this link to visit TTEC to apply for virtual call center jobs.


Potential Pay: $10/hour

SITEL, a Florida-based company, is hiring virtual call center agents today. The company is known to outsource all kinds of remote workers and connect them with large enterprises and firms.

From technical support agents to sales and customer representatives, there are positions to join SITEL.

You’ll be making $10 an hour for handling these kinds of jobs:

  • Inbound customer calls
  • Product and service orders
  • On-phone troubleshooting and installations
  • Billing inquiries.

Other than the pay, SITEL offers other benefits like 401(k) matching, medical insurance, and paid leave. They also have employee discounts for most of the products and services.

SITEL outsources from the United States, and you can visit them today to apply for virtual call center jobs in your city.

24. Sykes

Potential Pay: $10/hour

Sykes is a reputable provider of on-demand customer care solutions. Currently, the company offers customer service to at least 200 companies around the world.

The customer service outsourcing company also hires remote sales and marketing experts and promises to pay about $10 an hour. That’s not all.

Sykes offers paid training, retirement benefits, insurance advantages, among many other perks.

Sykes promises its employees an opportunity to grow financially and career-wise. So, if that’s what you want, visit Sykes today to see available openings.

25. Alorica

Potential Pay: $9/hour

Lastly, Alorica is a reputable outsourcing company known to offer customer support services to businesses worldwide. So, they always hire at-home workers, primarily virtual call agents.

According to Alorica, joining them allows you to work locally while serving internationally. You also get to work flexible hours and can be eligible for referral bonuses.

Plus, you get to make $9 an hour working from home, and you are provided with so many growth opportunities.

If interested in joining Alorica today as a virtual call agent, click here.

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Overall, there are so many legitimate virtual call center jobs that you can apply for. Whether you are looking for a side hustle or full-time employment, there is something for you on my list.

With most of these jobs paying decently, you can make as much as you want, depending on the number of hours you put in.

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