25 Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

25 Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment And Other Perks.

work from home jobs that provide equipment

Work From Home Companies That Provide EquipmentDo you sometimes wish companies would provide tools of work to encourage remote job applications? If yes, you are not alone. I used to wonder the same until I learned about work from home jobs that provide equipment.

Today, I’ll share with you the various companies that provide you with things like computers, USB cables, landlines, and high-speed internet devices. I’ll also indicate the kind of jobs to apply in these sites and the equipment to expect from them.

In view of becoming financially independent, I strongly urge you to seize the full range of remote job vacancies that abound, not least those from major corporations such as Buffer, Apple, American Express, Hilton, Amazon, and Zapier. These companies offer a diverse set of roles that span customer service advocates, advisors, consultants, travel and sales agents, software engineers, and data analysts, to mention a few. Importantly, not only do these roles offer the convenience of working from home, but they also effectively alleviate some of the financial pressures by providing the necessary work equipment such as computers, high-speed internet devices, laptops, and phones. Indeed, this makes them a compelling option for anyone seeking to forge a path towards financial independence.

Here’s my list of work at home jobs that provide equipment

25 Companies That Provide Equipment To Work From Home.

1. Buffer

Available jobs – Customers Advocate

Equipment provided – Laptop and Kindle

work at home jobs that provide equipmentNowadays, companies are hiring people to represent the interest of the customers in their meetings, to manage the day-to-day customer demands, and to suggest solutions to customer concerns. The experts in question are the ones we call customer advocates.

So, do you have excellent interpersonal skills and are a problem solver? Can you represent and protect the various interests of the customers? If yes, then you are the guy that Buffer is looking for.

Buffer is a reputable company known to offer social media management solutions. So, I should also mention that you also need to have an interest in social media management.

To get you started, Buffer provides you with a laptop and a kindle (an e-book reader). Click here to apply.

2. Apple

Available jobs – At-Home Advisor

Equipment provided – Mac Computer

Just the mere mention of the name ‘Apple’ makes everything about the company exciting. Now, consider for a second receiving a Mac computer from them for free.

Who wouldn’t kill for that? Well, you don’t have to spill any blood for that. All you need to do is apply for an at-home advisor position…hahaha

Once accepted, you’ll receive a Mac computer for free.

Additionally, you can also qualify for their amazing personal development benefits such as health insurance and member saving plans. So, the position is a great choice when looking for full time work from home jobs.

Click here to apply.

3. American Express

Available jobs – Virtual Travel Consultant & Customer Service Agent

Equipment provided – Landline Phone and High-Speed Internet Device

Do you have a passion for traveling? Can you combine it with sales and customer-handling skills? If yes, then you should consider applying for a virtual travel assistant job at American Express. Mostly, you’ll be doing the following:

  • Researching and exploring different sought-after travel destination
  • Studying the clients travel preferences and expectations
  • Planning and organizing their travels
  • Informing clients about everything they need to know about their travels

Travel Consultants are generally one of the best-paid workers at American Express. If you cannot fill that position, then try customer service.

American Express provides you with a landline phone that you can use and a free high-speed internet -device.

As if that is not enough, the travel and credit card company gives you an allowance to cover you against phone usage and internet costs.

Check the position here.

4. Hilton

Available jobs – Customer Service Representative & Remote Sales Agent

Equipment provided – Mini-Computer, Flash Cable & Headsets

Hilton also promises work at home jobs that provide computers. The chain of luxurious hotels is always looking for customer service representatives and remote sales agents.

The idea of working as a remote customer service representative is to attract prospective customers to Hilton. So, you may need to handle customer complaints, inquiries, and direct orders.

And as a sales agent, your job is to fulfill orders, provide virtual customer support and sales services.

Hilton being a hospitality giant, offers you a computer for free together with its accessories. Moreover, they provide personal development benefits such as medical insurance, paid-time-off, and hotel discounts.

Start your Hilton career here.

5. Amazon

Available jobs – Customer Service Agent

Equipment provided – Landline Phone, High-Speed Internet Device, Headsets & Computer

work from home customer service representativeEach day, Amazon experiences an influx of shoppers, and thus, they need a good number of customer service representatives to handle them. As a result, customer service jobs are one of the most consistent posts on-site.

You may need to fulfill the following if hired:

  • Reply to all customer inquiries
  • Solve various customer complaints
  • Communicate with specific customers when necessary
  • Process Amazon orders
  • Record customer interactions and complaints

Amazon understands that you need a high-speed computer, headsets, a high-speed internet device, and landline. So, they provide you with all that.

Use this link to apply.

6. Concentrix

Available jobs – Customer Service Representative

Equipment provided – Computer

Concentrix is another reputable company that hires remote customer service representatives.

The company offers tech-related services to its target market, and so you stand a better chance of being accepted if you are a techie.

But still, the essential skills are excellent communication and computer literacy.

Concentrix expects you to respond fast to customer inquiries. For this reason, they provide a high-speed internet device and a computer. You’ll also get a dedicated landline.

Use this link to apply for this work at home jobs that provide equipment.

7. Zapier

Available jobs – Customers’ Champion & Data Analyst

Equipment provided – Computer & Software

The term customer champion is sometimes interchangeably used with the term customer advocate. So, if you qualify for the customers’ advocate position, then you are equally qualified to work as a customer champion.

Zapier, a company known to help businesses automate apps, is looking for dependable customer champions to represent the customers’ interest at all-company meetings.

More to it, Zapier is also looking to hire data analysts (data inspection and modeling experts) to add to their team.

The company provides a computer of your choice plus the necessary software.

Use this link to get started.

8.  Sedgwick

Available jobs – Service Center Associate

Equipment provided – Computer & Monitor

Sedgwick, a trusted insurance company, is looking for dependable service center associates to join their team. They offer a laptop plus a monitor upon request once you start working.

What I like most about Sedgwick is that they also compensate you for internet use. Provided that you are a dedicated service center associate, Sedgwick will give you a $75 monthly allowance to pay for the internet costs.

What’s more, they have an array of personal development benefits, and you get to work flexible hours.

Click here to find your next service center associate job.

9. World Travel Holdings

Available jobs – Travel Reservation Agent & Web Developer

Equipment provided – Laptop, Headphone, Mouse & Monitor

World Travel Holdings is another fantastic company with work from home jobs that provide equipment. They have several positions for stay-at-home individuals, with the most popular one being that of reservation agents.

The primary duty of a reservation agent is to assist customers in making bookings. It may mean finding a hotel for them, booking their air ticket, or getting a rental car for them.

The company is also looking for web developers. They mostly hire freelancers, which means you can always check on their website for the position.

What I like most about World Travel Holdings is that they provide a full computer system set plus quality headset and smartphone.

10. BroadPath

Available jobs – Member Service Representative

Equipment provided – Computer & Webcam

Working as a member service representative is more like working as a customer service agent. The difference, however, is that you deal with specific members.

In the case of BroadPath, you’ll be dealing with registered members, and your work shall involve the following:

  • Taking customer calls
  • Investigating customer complaints
  • Processing deposits and withdrawals
  • Informing customers about the general services of the company

BroadPath is known to provide technological solutions to healthcare providers. So, the job suits someone with not just excellent customer handling skills but also a techie.

To facilitate a smooth working process, BroadPath offers you a personal computer and webcam. They’ll also cover you for your home-office setup.

You can check the position here.

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11. Enterprise Holdings

Available jobs – Reservation Sales Representative

Equipment provided – Laptop & VOIP Phone

companies that provide equipment to work.fromEnterprise Holdings, a rental service company, is looking for reservation sales representatives to help them run their operations and boost sales. Some of the duties they expect you to accomplish are:

  • Make reservations for clients
  • Educate customers about the company’s products and services
  • Sell different services to prospective customers
  • Handle the various customer complaints

You generally need to be an excellent communicator and detail-oriented to apply for the position.

You also need to be computer literate to handle the reservations online. That explains why Enterprise Holdings provides you with a laptop to get started. You’ll also get a VOIP phone form them upon request.

Search here for these part time work from home jobs.

12. Land’s End

Available jobs – Remote Customer Service Agent

Equipment provided – Computer & Headset

If your interests are in the clothing, décor, and home supplies industries, an excellent place to find remote work is Land’s End.

The company is always hiring remote customer service agents to help them deal with their ever-rising customer population.

You’ll need to do the following if hired:

  • Field customer complaints
  • Reply to customer inquiries
  • Direct the customers to the companies branch offices near them
  • Provide customers with information about the company’s products and services

Like all other remote customer service jobs, you need to be an excellent communicator and should have good sales skills to apply for this job.

Land’s End offers you a laptop and headset when you start working for them. The company pays about $13-$14 an hour to customer service agents.

Find this and many other posts on Land’s End using this link.

13. Collage

Available jobs – Software Engineer & Remote Customer Service Representative

Equipment provided – Computer

Are you experienced in either testing or developing software, something we call software engineering? Collage, a custom-photo company, is looking for you to join their ever-growing list of software engineers.

It is a freelancing position, which means you can set the number of hours to work from home. Some of your duties as a Collage software engineer are:

  • Developing innovative solutions to technical problems
  • Testing new software
  • Developing software validation
  • Tracking system performances
  • Sharing primary project data

Collage is also looking for stay-at-home individuals with excellent customer handling skills. They promise to pay for everything that you use for the job and that includes a computer.

Start your application for the work from home computer jobs here.

14. Automattic

Available jobs – Software Engineer & Sales Agent

Equipment provided – Laptop & Wireless Headphones

Automattic, website Development Company, notably known for WordPress and Woo Commerce, is another employer with work from home jobs that provide equipment.

They are looking for software engineers and sales agents. Your job as a software engineer is primarily to develop applications and to build systems that run different devices.

Your duties as a sales agent, on the other hand, are to perform the following:

  • Build relationships with new Automattic customers
  • Maintain the existing customer relations
  • Respond to customer needs and make follow-ups
  • Learn about the various Automattic products

For these two positions and many others, Automattic promises to either provide you with the equipment (laptop and headphones) or to reimburse you.

Use this link to get started at Automattic.

15. Nordstrom

Available jobs – Customer Service Agent

Equipment provided – Laptop

computer jobs from homeIf you have been shopping for things to wear online, the chances are that you have stumbled upon Nordstrom.

The store sells fashionable clothes and shoes for kids and adults, as well as accessories.

Nordstrom usually has part-time opportunities for customer service agents, and the position is one of the most lucrative. The company, however, expects you to undergo 10-day training before you can join them.

Nordstrom supplies you with a laptop and its accessories upon request.

Get the job details from here.

16. Conduent

Available jobs – Customer Support

Equipment provided – Computer

Conduent is one of the most reputable work from home companies. They are known to provide digital solutions to governments, institutions, and businesses.

Today, they are hiring customer support representatives to take care of the interests of their ever-demanding customers.

One exciting thing about the company is its pay structure. Novice agents earn about $9 an hour while seniors pocket about $16 an hour. So, it is ideally a fantastic point for those with customer support experience.

Conduent offers you a personal computer when you start working. You’ll, however, need to have access to a landline phone and fast internet.

17. Doctor on Demand

Available jobs –Remote Member Support Representative

Equipment provided – Laptop & Headsets

So long as people get sick, there will always be a need for medical help. Doctor on Demand is a service that helps patients talk to real doctors. They can ask the physicians just about anything, especially about medicine use.

Subsequently, you need to have at least some experience working in a medical or health facility before applying for the remote member support representative position. The other thing that you need is customer handling skills.

The company offers competitive pay to its remote member support representatives. You’ll also get a computer and premium headsets from them before starting to work.

Click here to get started.

18. West Marine

Available jobs – Sales Representative & Customer Service Agent

Equipment provided – Computer Hardware

Why don’t you invest your sales and customer handling skills into something funnier and more lucrative?

I am talking about signing up with West Marine as a remote sales representative or a virtual customer agent.

West Marine is a chain marine business that handles fishing, sailing, and boating supplies. So, knowing different marine supplies is necessary when applying for free work from home jobs on their website.

West Marine offers you a computer and all its accessories (keyboard, mouse, etc.) to help you work remotely.

Click here to get started.

19. ABC Financial

Available jobs – Remote Technical Support Representative

Equipment provided – Laptop

Are you a fitness devotee looking for jobs you can work from home? ABC Financial is hiring remote technical support representatives who can handle gym-related services.

The company develops billing systems for physical training facilities, and most of its products are used by the best gyms in the U.S.

As a remote technical support representative, your job involves the following:

  • Handling incoming calls
  • Creating tracking tickets for clients
  • Reviewing reported complaints
  • Maintaining quality assurance
  • Noting incidences in calls

To ensure that you start working comfortably, ABC Financial provides you with a free laptop. The company also provides you with full training and a competitive pay package.

If ready to apply, click here.

20. Wayfair

Available jobs – Sales and Service Consultants & Customer Service Agents

Equipment provided – Computer

Wayfair is another reputable company looking for sales consultants and remote customer service agents.

The company deals with internet-based home supplies. So, they need people who can improve their sales (sales consultants) and others to handle their customers (remote customer agents).

On the website, Wayfair indicates all the things that you need to start working for them from home. The most notable one is a noise-free space.

So, can you make such a space available at home? Are your sales and interpersonal skills impressive? Then you should take advantage of these two positions and apply them.

Wayfair supplies you with a computer and any other equipment you may need.

21. A Place for Mom

Available jobs – Senior Living Advisor

Equipment provided – Laptop & VOIP Phone

 do any work from home business with equipments providedHow do you feel about helping the elderly find comfortable housing? A Place for Mom, a company that allows the senior members of the community to find better housing solutions, is always looking for advisors.

The senior-living advisor post is one of the most legit work from home jobs you can find online. It mostly focuses on:

  • Assessing the care needs, budget, and housing preferences of customers
  • Send detailed information to them about the most suitable senior living housing
  • Organize tours to selected housing communities

You need to have the local knowledge and understand the company inside out to work. The company provides you with a free fully-equipped laptop plus a VOIP phone.

Start your career at a Place for Mom here.

22. Care.com

Available jobs – Backup Care Specialist

Equipment provided – Computer

Care.com is known to provide caregivers an opportunity to earn some money on the side.

The site is one of the most reliable when it comes to getting babysitting, pet sitting, and pet boarding gigs.

While these jobs do not require equipment to get started unless you get it from the client, you need a computer to work as a backup care specialist. Fortunately, Care.com supplies it.

The position attracts a good pay, and you can earn per hour. All you have to do is be available for a call in case the company needs a backup nanny or babysitter.

Check the position here.

23. 10Up

Available jobs – Front-End Engineer &Web Strategist

Equipment provided – Equipment Allowance

10up, a tech company known for developing websites, mobile apps, and software, is always looking for front-end engineers and web strategists. Some of the duties of a front-end engineer are:

  • Determining web designs
  • Developing user-experience tools
  • Mobile website optimization
  • Optimizing websites for scalability ad loading speed
  • Creating reusable codes and web pages

Those of a web strategist, on the other hand, include the following:

  • Developing relevant solutions to site-related issues
  • Planning for new web sections and web pages
  • Providing website analytic insights
  • Orienting new web page editors
  • Managing new web acquisitions

10up does not supply you with the equipment you need for the job, but they give an allowance to buy them. What this means is that you can choose the equipment model to purchase.

What’s more, 10up provides insurance benefits and other perks to its entire workforce.

Click here to apply.

24. AAA

Available jobs – Customer Sales Representative

Equipment provided – Computer & Headset

If you own a car, the chances are that you are familiar with AAA. The auto insurance company is always looking for customer sales representatives who can promote their products and services remotely.

If you can convince people, especially from your neighborhood, to buy auto insurance, then you should apply for a customer sales representative position at AAA.

Some of your duties are:

  • Sell auto insurance to interested car owners
  • Listen to customer grievances and suggest solutions
  • Find new and better sales leads
  • Cold-call customers
  • Visit selected customers in the field

Generally, you need good customer handling and communication skills for this post. You also need to be persistent and have a flexible schedule. Most people who start here end up as sales managers, and so it’s a decent career path.

AAA provides you with a computer and headsets. You can click here to apply as a work from home customer service representative.

25. Kelly Connect

Available jobs – Customer Service Agent

Equipment provided – Computer & Headphones

 no phone entry level work from home jobs equipment providedKelly Connect is a temporary staffing company that regularly hires customer service agents. The job allows you to work from home either as a chat agent or a call agent.

What I notice most about Kelly Connect is their attractive pay. Remote customer agents earn about $13-$15 an hour and you can choose to either work full-time or part-time from home.

To apply, you need to possess excellent communication and chatting skills. You also need to have a high school diploma and should have some customer handling experience.

Kelly Connect provides you with a personal computer, first-rate headsets, and other basic communication tools. So, if you are looking for a side hustle where you can earn up to $50 a day, you should join Kelly Connect.


Experience the unparalleled benefits of earning your livelihood from the cosy confines of your home. Not only are you gifted with invaluable time by eliminating exhausting commute hours, but you also get to pocket saved travel expenses. Moreover, adopt a flexible work routine that suits your comfort, guaranteeing a balanced blend of work and life; a predicament often encountered in conventional office environments. Regardless if you're an early bird or a creature of the night, this structure conveniently adapts to your biological clock. Grasp this chance to step away from the dull 9-5 drill and customise your working experience according to your unique routine and lifestyle - the comfort and liberty of home-based work is truly incomparable.

Now, you have 25 work from home jobs that provide equipment. So, you have nothing to stop you from making money as a virtual worker.

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Work From Home Companies That Provide Equipment

Does Apple provide hardware to its remote employees?

If you’re looking for work from home jobs that give equipment, Apple gives its home consultants a Mac for free. This is a great motivation to work with them.

What are the work from home jobs that give you a computer?

There are many work from home jobs that provide a computer to their employees, such as customer service representative, data entry specialist, virtual assistant, web developer, content writer, and graphic designer. Many companies recognize the importance of providing their employees with the necessary tools to perform their job duties, including a computer and other equipment.


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