25 Legitimate Remote Data Entry Jobs From Home (Upto$50/hr)

25 Legitimate Remote Data Entry Jobs From Home (Upto$50/hr)

Legitimate Remote Data Entry Jobs from Home

Are you interested in remote data entry jobs but do not know where to look? The truth is that not all companies that promise work-from-home data entry jobs are genuine.

There are frauds out there, and unless you know how to read the red signs, you could easily fall prey.

You, however, don’t have to worry as I’ll take you through the basics of identifying data entry scams and what you can do to protect yourself.

I’ll also point you to the direction of legitimate remote work-from-home jobs to get you started.

My goal is to help you to find not only a legitimate data entry side hustle but also one that pays decently. That should make you money on the side to pay your bills and probably clear your debts.

But first, let’s understand what data entry is and highlight the things that you need.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry refers to keying data into a database or a document-based platform using a computer. These jobs can take any of these forms:

  • Data mining
  • Copy-and-paste tasks
  • Web search and research
  • Surveys
  • Form filling
  • Transcription
  • Commenting

Speed and accuracy are of the essence when doing data entry and you can do it remotely as we’ll later see.

Does Data Entry Pay?

The answer is Yes. According to a recent evaluation by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hourly earnings for data entry clerks is $15 – an assessment above the minimum wage.

What Skills Do I Need to Do Data Entry?

Essentially, you need these essential skills to work as a data entry clerk:

  • Computer skills, especially the understanding of Microsoft Office applications
  • Good typing speed, at least 35WPM (words per minute)
  • Ability to hit strict deadlines
  • Good organization skills
  • Detail-oriented

What about Equipment?

The essential equipment for data entry is a personal computer (laptop). Others include a high-speed internet device, an ergonomic chair, and a spacious working desk.

Are There Data Entry Scams? The Red Flags and Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed.

As I had indicated in my opening remarks, yes there are data entry scams. So, how do you go about it? Here are the red flags plus the things you can do:

Red Sign 1 – The Company is promising abnormally high rates for simple data entry work

As projected by the BLS, the average hourly for data entry is $15. So, it could be anything between $5 and $25. If a company is promising something like $40 an hour or more, they are more likely to be scammers.

Red Sign 2 – The Company has a dubious website

It could be that the website is recent or that it misses crucial information like ‘About Us’ section or the contact information. If so, it’s more likely you are dealing with a scam.

If you want to know how long the company has been in operation, check it on Whois.net.  If they are a few weeks old, hold off from doing any dealings with them.

The BBB is also another great site to do your due diligence. If they have an F-rating or something close to that, then they are either a scam or just a lousy employer.

Red Sign 3 –The Company wants you to pay for training

In pursuing genuine remote data entry roles, it's paramount to have the proper skill set as outlined earlier in this guide. These skills will not only give you an edge in securing ones such as those available on platforms like FlexJobs, Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon MTURK, and ClickWorker, but they'll also potentially save you from unnecessary training costs. Companies offering legit remote data entry roles will ordinarily shoulder any training costs associated with the position. Consequently, if a job purports to require you to underwrite this cost, it might be wise to view it with a healthy degree of skepticism. Employing this little nugget of knowledge makes avoiding scams infinitely easier and ensures that you access nothing less than genuinely rewarding opportunities.

In your quest for remote data entry jobs, be vigilant and equip yourself with knowledge to sidestep scams. You may become a target of fraudulent schemes where you are asked to pay for training; this is a red flag and indicative of ill-intentioned individuals. Acquaint yourself with the modus operandi of legitimate platforms, such as FlexJobs, Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon MTURK, ClickWorker, to name a few, where training usually comes with no charges. Rely on discernment and vigilance to ensure your career advancements in the remote data entry field are safe and legitimate.

If you're intrigued about procuring a data entry role that permits you to work from home, this comprehensive guide offers various legitimate options. We explore 25 global and US platforms, such as FlexJobs, Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon MTURK, and ClickWorker that present authentic remote data entry jobs. While we shed light on the integral nature of data entry jobs, their potential earnings, and essential skills & equipment requirements, we also guide you on circumventing scams prevalent in this field.

data entry work from home

Where Can I Find Legitimate Remote Data Entry Jobs?

1. FlexJobs Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: Depends on who’s hiring

Coverage: Worldwide

If there is a place that I always run to for honest remote data entry jobs from home, it has to be FlexJobs. Wondering why?

The job listing platform hand screens the jobs to minimize the risks of their clients falling into the traps of scammers.

So, why not let FlexJobs do due diligence on your behalf to save you from the hustle of doing it?

FlexJobs also has a user-friendly job board where you can access just about any job and not only data entry.

You’ll need, however, to pay for your membership ($14.95 monthly) which can be a put off when looking for work.

Overall, FlexJobs is a fantastic job listing place. The pay depends on employers, and the platform is available globally.

2. Fiverr Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: Starting at $5

Coverage: Worldwide

There are different things to like about Fiverr. Having worked on the platform on several occasions, I don’t have much to complain about.

Jobs are regular on Fiverr, more so when you get a long-term contract.

Since it’s all about selling services, you can do data entry for as a little as $5. That’s the minimum pay for most Fiverr data entry jobs, but you can always ask more.

I like the fact that you only need to impress potential clients with your gigs. Furthermore, Fiverr is global and free to sign up.

3.  Upwork Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$15/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

If setting up selling gigs is not your thing, and you would prefer to apply to already published jobs, Upwork is worth your time.

I have also handled a few jobs on Upwork, and the experience hasn’t been bad. Remote data entry jobs from home don’t pay much on Upwork like other freelance jobs, but the gigs are regular.

You can make $5-$15 an hour on the platform depending on the client. Other clients pay per project, and so it all boils down to your agreement.

Upwork pays through multiple avenues, and you can cash out anytime provided you have money in your freelancer’s account. It’s also global and free to sign up.

4. Amazon MTURK Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$15/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Amazon MTURK is an amazing crowdsourcing marketplace where clients outsource a variety of talents. You can find just about any remote data entry work from home on the platform.

From short transcriptions to surveys, there are so many quick tasks you can do on MTURK. They don’t pay much (about $0.50 per short job), but you can make $10-$15 an hour if you are fast and competent.

MTURK hires worldwide since it’s an Amazon service. The market is, however, widespread in North America.

5. ClickWorker Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $10/hour

 entry level data entry jobs from home

Coverage: Worldwide

ClickWorker is another micro-tasking marketplace that is almost similar to Amazon MTURK. Clients also pay $0.50 per short task on average, and you can make $10 an hour.

ClickWorker hires globally like Amazon MTURK, and so it’s excellent for microtasks.

Most data entry clerks do app testing; copy editing, photo captioning, research and proofreading. So, you need to be familiar with the tasks.

To get remote data entry jobs on ClickWorker, you have to sign up and create a seller’s profile that showcases your portfolio.

6. Microworkers Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

If you are looking for another micro-tasking marketplace where you can also make $10 an hour, try Microworkers. You can do data entry, surveys, comments, data mining, and transcriptions there.

I like the fact that it is free to join just like MTURK and ClickWorker and that the company hires worldwide.

The average hourly earnings for data entry from home are $10, and you can cash out via Payoneer, PayPal or any other payment option that you prefer.

Microworkers allow you to pick your preferred short tasks and work schedule, thus very flexible.

7. Xerox Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $12/hour

Coverage: The United States & Canada

Xerox runs a virtual recruitment program for an array of work-from-home jobs, and one of them happens to be work from home data entry.

The company claims to have at least 8,000 remote workers on their payroll, and they are all from the United States and Canada.

Xerox is one of the better payers in the region. Data entry clerks make $12 an hour averagely, and because of their decent pay, they tend to attract so many applicants. As a result, data jobs are often seasonal on Xerox.

So, consider checking up on the website as often as possible to leverage on opportunities when they are available.

8. Konsus Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $9/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Konsus is another decent-paying data entry job site for remote workers. Though I have indicated $9 as the potential pay, some data entry clerks make much more.

The exciting bit is that the company is global. You can apply from anywhere and get accepted.

Konsus offers data entry jobs remote in an array of fields such as research, illustrations, and writing. So, it’s a great place when you are a multi-tasker.

Job posts go at a flash speed on Konsus and so it’s always a good idea to be continually checking the site for new posts.

9. DionData Solutions Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $8.50/hour

Coverage: The United States

DionData Solutions has been offering data entry services for more than 20 years, and so they enjoy a massive client base.

The company hires its workforce from the United States, and you can make $5-$15 an hour.

They have an in-house staff that handles data entry, which means they only outsource remote hands when their orders increase. Thus, it’s advisable to keep checking on their website for available at home data entry jobs.

You can also drop an application and make inquiries about their next hiring.

DionData Solutions pays promptly and allows you utmost work-from-home flexibility.

10. The Smart Crowd Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$15/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Work from home jobs opportunities

The Smart Crowd is known to help businesses find the work-from-home workforce.  Thus, they always need remote data entry clerks to help them do internet research, among other data entry tasks.

Having been in operation for at least 20 years, the Smart Crowd is a genuine and reliable employer.

They hire globally and allow you to make as much as $15 an hour as a data entry clerk. Since the online data entry jobs from home are remote, you can decide how many hours to invest.

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11. Great American Opportunities Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $9/hour

Coverage: The United States

If you are looking for entry level data entry jobs from home within the United States, the Great American Opportunities is an excellent option. The organization allows you to sign up as an independent contractor.

You can make about $0.40 per task, which is roughly $9 an hour.

Other than being limited to U.S residents, the other issue is that the jobs are seasonal. So, my advice is that you should also apply for remote data entry jobs on other sites.

Overall, the jobs are flexible, easy to do and pay decently.

12. Smart Locating Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $8.50/hour

Coverage: United States

Smart Locating is another reputable U.S company that hires data entry clerks from Texas (where the company is based) and its environs.

They allow you to work remotely for flexible hours, but you are expected to meet your daily quota.

Being one of the leading nationwide employers, Smart Locating allows you to make $8.50 an hour.

I consider the pay reasonable for remote jobs data entry. As a result, I think the company is worth a shot.

13. SigTrack Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$12/hour

Coverage: The United States

SigTrack is a trusted U.S-based data processing firm that hires remote data entry clerks to handle voter registration tasks.

Though they don’t specify how much you can make on the platform until you join the team, most workers report being making $10-$12 hourly.

You need to be a U.S resident to apply, and you should have a PayPal account.

The online data entry jobs work from home can get overwhelming during peak season, and this may mean putting in extra hours. But most times, the work schedule is flexible for anyone to enjoy.

14. Capital Typing Remote Data Entry Jobs

 Potential Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: The United States

Capital Typing is an established South Carolina-based company known for offering a variety of services such as transcription, market research, data conversion, direct mailing, data processing, and data extraction.

All these services are integral in data entry, and so, they always look for data clerks to update their systems regularly.

Since the company is U.S-based, they only hire nationally, and data entry workers can make $15 an hour averagely. The amount is decent, and you get to work flexible hours.

15. Axion Data Entry Services Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$10/hour

Coverage: The United States & Canada

 how to find data entry jobs working from home

Though data entry openings are scarce, Axion Data Services is one of the most amazing places to work as a remote data entry clerk. They don’t pay much like some of the companies on my list.

What I like about them, however, is that they are loyal to their workforce. The agency is likely to retain your services for long, even if you are working remotely.

The other thing is that have consistent jobs, something I consider vital when looking for a sustainable side hustle.

The only concern I have with the company is the nominal fee they charge to retain you in their database. I have checked them out, however, and I can confirm they are legit.

16. Appen Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $9/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Appen is another reputable worldwide job site for legitimate data entry jobs home. You can make $9 an hour averagely, and you have the possibility of earning more with experience.

The company is mostly known as a micro-tasking marketplace. So, expect to do some of the short tasks you do on MTURK and ClickWorker.

Appen is highly demanding, and so you have to be well organized and are expected to keep their strict deadlines.

But still, the company allows you to work for flexible hours, and they have a support team on standby.

17. Working Solutions Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $9/hour

Coverage: The United States & Canada

Working Solutions claims on their website that their workforce comprises highly skilled independent contractors.

That clearly shows they are ready to hire anyone to work for them independently and remotely provided they are experienced.

One of the niches that they always hire is data entry. The company primarily employs from the United States and Canada, and you can make $9 an hour. But still, some data entry clerks make $10 or more.

The only problem with remote data entry jobs on Working Solutions is that they are seasonal. Other than that, the site is a decent hustle place.

18. Birch Creek Communications Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $20/hour

Coverage: The United States

Birch Creek Communications mostly has transcription related data entry jobs. But still, the tasks are seasonal.

That’s so bad for U.S applicants since the company is amongst the best payers in the region.

With most data clerks averaging $20 an hour, there is no doubt that you can make some decent cash on Birch Creek Communications.

You are allowed to sign up as an independent contractor, which means no one expects you to work for specific hours.

The other thing to like about the company is the opportunity to earn more when you maintain 99% job accuracy.

19. Gorge Warehouse Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $10.50/hour

Coverage: The United States

Gorge Warehouse is a leading motorbike seller that hires data entry workers to help them update their websites, perform research, and offer other data-related services.

The company pays $10.50 an hour, which is undoubtedly a decent pay for remote data entry jobs no experience.

Such a rate incidentally attracts so many applicants and to rule out some; the company sets strict application requirements.

For one, you have to be a U.S resident. You also need to have a typing speed of 30WPM and should be experienced with Microsoft Office.

20. Scribie Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$25/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Scribie Remote online jobs

Scribie hires data entry workers who can handle transcription related tasks.

They employ worldwide and promise to pay anything between $5 and $25 depending on the job experience. So, the more experience you are, the likelier you are to make more money.

Scribie expects you to be a great communicator, and you should have excellent typing skills.

The company pays via PayPal and gives you the utmost work flexibility. You can take a break from Scribie and resume when it’s convenient for you without suffering a penalty like on most sites.

21.  AccuTran Global Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $20/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

AccuTran is a reputable transcription job site. So, if you are an experienced audio transcriber looking for some decent cash, AccuTran Global should be an option.

But still, the company occasionally has non-transcription data entry jobs. So, you should regularly visit the website to see what is available.

With the estimated hourly earning being $20, you can still make more on AccuTran Global. They hire globally, which is good news for international applicants.

The major challenge for the no experience data entry jobs from home is their strict deadlines.

22.  Kendall Creek Communications Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: Not disclosed on site

Coverage: The United States

Kendall Creek Communications is widely known for posting unlimited remote data entry jobs. Most of their clients are government agencies, and so you should expect to get decent pay.

The company, however, does not disclose the earnings on the website. You’ll only come to learn about your rates once you are through with the application.

Visit their website today to see the most recent data entry jobs and apply to the ones that you are most eligible for.

23.  Quicktate Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$10/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Quicktate hires data entry clerks from all around the world. You’ll mostly deal with to-do-list, memos, and company letters.

You can earn $5-$10 per hour doing computer work from home jobs data entry. Though the pay is not much if compared to most transcription sites, you have maximum work flexibility.

The biggest issue is that you have to provide referees before you can sign up as an independent contractor.

The good news is that the company has a supportive team and pays weekly via PayPal.

24. ClickNwork Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $5-$11/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

ClickNwork is an excellent job site for research and writing related data entry jobs. They hire worldwide and allow you to make $5-$11 an hour working remotely.

What I like most about ClickNwork, is that the work volume, together with the rates improves with work experience. So, the more you work for the company, the likelier you are to earn more.

You’ll need to submit an application on their website and wait for the approval and job assigning.

25.  Cass Information Systems Remote Data Entry Jobs

Potential Pay: $11.65/hour

Coverage: The United States

remote data entry jobs no experience

Having been ranked by Forbes in 2018 as one of the best employers for fresh graduates, Cass Information Systems also enjoys the reputation of being among the best employers for remote workers.

They regularly hire data entry clerks to help them handle research, invoicing, and other data-related services. The posts are generally competitive, and so you have to check for their availability regularly.

Being a reputable employer, Cass Information Systems pays $11.65 an hour averagely to data entry workers. Not many data entry companies can match that, and that’s why I recommend it.

It is sad though for applicants outside the United States as they only hire U.S residents.


You now have 25 legitimate remote data entry jobs to try out this year. Since they are legit, you don’t have to do them hesitantly.

They might be what you need to pay your bills or clear debts. After all, any job that makes you money on the side is worth contemplating.

remote data entry jobs

Is it possible to earn with data entry $20 an hour?

Yes, the average hourly wage for data entry clerks is $15, but the higher your experience and skill, the higher your pay.

What are the requirements for telecommuting data entry jobs?

Some of the basic requirements for such jobs include a computer with high-speed internet connection, proficiency in data entry software and applications, attention to detail, strong organizational and time-management skills, and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.


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