25 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Hiring Right Now (Upto 50/hr)

25 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Hiring Right Now (Make Over 50/hr)

legitimate work from home jobs hiring now

Your guide to legitimate work from home jobs hiring now: So many things changed in my life the moment I started working online from home and stopped fully relying on my 8-5 job paycheck.work from home jobs

I not only managed to hit my financial goals targets but also had enough time for my family, and most importantly, online jobs made me more money than my paycheck job. Check out how much I make from my online business.

Today, I want to share with you legitimate work from home jobs hiring now so that you can also make a difference in your life.

So, if you’re tired of squeezing your paycheck, you love your freedom and would like to work flexible hours from home, then, this elaborate post is for you.

Also, check this post on 25 legit non-phone work from home jobs hiring right now. I have shed light on some exciting side hustles that do not require you to use the phone.

Away from that, here are:

 25 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Hiring Right Now near Me.

1. Upwork Freelance Writing Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$50/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Can you write blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, biographies, short stories, or product reviews? If yes, then consider freelance writing on Upwork.

Upwork allows you to work online from home and get paid to do something that you love.

I started as a freelance writer on Upwork, and it’s what drove me to start blogging. On a good day, Upwork writers make $10-$50 an hour depending on experience.

It’s a little hard to get clients when starting, and sometimes you may be forced to accept a low-paying job just to get the first review. Once you have it, things are likely to change in your favor.

Check this free Holly Johnson’s workshop to draw some inspiration for doing freelance writing. She explains how she makes $200,000 a year, which I think is possible with dedication.Upwork Freelance Writing Jobs

2. Scribendi Proofreading Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$30/hour

Coverage: The U.S

Are you an excellent proofreader looking for a decent-paying legit work from home jobs? Then head to Scribendi right away to apply as a proofreader.

If you have no job training, then I recommend this eye-opening proofreading course or more professional paid course. It’ll help you prepare for the job interview.

I consider proofreading a great break from online writing. So, I also recommend it to you if you are an experienced writer.

Scribendi hires nationwide in the U.S and pays $15-$30 an hour, and you can cash out through PayPal.

Other than being a U.S native, the company expects you to be an undergraduate, and you should be capable of proofreading 1000 words a day. Not bad, right?

3. Scribie Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$15/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

If you are a transcriber looking for remote work, Scribie is a recommendable option. They hire internationally, and you can work anytime, making $10-$15 an hour.

Scribie accepts both newbies and experienced transcriptionists. You, however, have to be fluent in English to quality. You also need to pass their audio test.

Unlike most employers, however, Scribie pays you to sit for their test. That’s something that will motivate anyone to give their best.

4. Rev Transcription and Translation Jobs

Potential Pay: $8-$20/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Rev is a decent alternative to Scribie. They also hire globally, and you get to work in your preferred schedule. The company allows you to earn $8-$20 an hour, depending on work experience.

Unfortunately, they don’t pay for the test, as it is the case with Scribie. The secret to conquering the test, however, is having prior training, and I recommend this basic transcription training for that.

Rev pays weekly via PayPal, and you have the advantage of relishing consistent legit work at home jobs.

5. Gramlee Editing and Proofreading Jobs

Potential Pay: $12-$18/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A

legit work from home jobs with no feesGramlee offers editors and proofreaders in the United States a fantastic opportunity to make money on the side.

Ordinarily, Gramlee expects you to work on a 3,000-word article in a day. If you are up for the challenge, do not hesitate to apply as the compensation is fair.

The jobs pay $12-$18 an hour, and the opportunities are consistent. You also work flexible hours. Simply, Gramlee has the creation of a perfect side hustle.

Here is how to get more proofreading jobs with no experience.

6. Lyft Ridesharing Jobs

Potential Pay: $20/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A & Canada

If you have a car, there is no easy way to make money than signing up for ride-sharing, and a great place for that is Lyft.

The ride-sharing platform allows you to make $20 an hour, and you can drive for as many hours as you want.

Do you need the motivation to sign up for these legitimate online jobs? Lyft gives you a $1,000 bonus once you complete your first 125 trips. That’s an unbelievable perk to push anyone to sign up.

To drive with Lyft, you need to have the valid U.S or Canadian driver’s license plus insurance and other registration documents.

You can list your car on Lyft or rent one by Express Drive.

7. Rover Dog Walking/Dog Sitting Jobs

Potential Pay: $12-$30/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A

Does being in a crowd drain your energy? How about you have some animal compassion? Mark you; you don’t do it for free as you get paid handsomely for your time and effort.

I’m talking about signing up on Rover either as a dog walker or a dog sitter. Rover connects you with well-paying dog owners in your locality who want somebody to walk or pet sit their dogs.

You can also offer dog daycare or dog boarding services on Rover, and you get to earn $12-$30 an hour. Rover offers you 24/7 support plus veterinary assistance, in consequence, always reliable.

8. English First ESL Teaching Jobs

Potential Pay: $20/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A & the U.K

Are you an in-service of a retired teacher? You can make money teaching English as a second language (ESL) to interested learners in non-native English speaking countries.

Though you have to be a teacher to apply for the stay at home jobs, you don’t necessarily have to be an English teacher. You can apply with a teaching degree in any other field provided that you have the TEFL certification.

The other requirement is that you have to be an English native either from the U.S or the U.K.

English First pays you up to $20 an hour, and you can make more during peak hours. Additionally, they offer bonus rewards when you teach more lessons.

9. VIPKid ESL Teaching Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$22/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A & Canada

VIPKid is another ESL teaching job site with legitimate work from home jobs hiring now. Like on English First, you have to possess a bachelor’s degree (not necessarily in teaching) and should have some form of teaching experience.

VIPKid pays $15-$22 an hour, and you can work for as many hours as you prefer.

To apply, you need to sign up on their website, schedule an interview, then take and pass the mock exam.

The major challenge with VIPKid is that you get booked in advance, and so it becomes hard to cancel your sessions for personal reasons.

The advantage, however, is that a TEFL certificate is not necessary as it is the case with English First.

10. Aim 4A Home Tutoring Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$15/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A

AIM 4A is a fantastic tutoring platform for anyone looking to make money on the side, offering academic help to students. Ideally, tutors provide homework assistance to students in disciplines like science and mathematics.

AIM 4A hires within the United States and allows you to work either full time of part time remotely. All you need is a relevant degree, and it doesn’t have to be teaching. It should just relate to the subject you are planning to tutor.

To apply, send a detailed application to jobs@aim4a.com. The company pays $10-$15 an hour depending on tutoring experience and field of expertise.

11. Boldly Virtual Assistant Jobs

Potential Pay: $18-$20/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A & U.K

online jobs work from homeBoldly is hiring virtual assistants in the United States and the United Kingdom. They pay $18-$20 an hour, working part-time, and you can work for as many hours as you want.

To qualify for these jobs, you need to be knowledgeable in administrative duties, marketing, customer service, or project management.

On a typical day, your work may range from replying to inquiries to scheduling meetings. So, expect to have a busy schedule even though you’ll be working from home.

The good news is that you get to agree on the shift hours, and this means having time for other things.

I know of a mom who makes $4,000 a month serving as a virtual assistant working from home. Her workshop should inspire you to give the legit stay at home jobs a thought. online jobs work from home

12. Bookminders Remote Accounting and Virtual Bookkeeping Jobs

Potential Pay: $20-$40/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A

If you’ve some accounting experience and are looking for well-paying remote-jobs, try bookkeeping and accounting opportunities at Bookminders. The company is hiring certified public accountants to work remotely in the U.S.

Depending on experience, you can make $10-$20 an hour. Other than having accounting experience and being a U.S resident, you need to have a degree in the finance field.

It’s also a good idea to get familiar with the latest online accounting software.

Since the jobs are remote, Bookminders allows you to pick your preferred schedule, thus a flexible option.

13. Live Sales Staff Chat Support Jobs

Potential Pay: $9-$17/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A

Are you the type who spends time chatting online? If so, then consider applying for chat support jobs at Live Sales Staff.

The company is hiring in the United States, and you can make $9-$17 an hour working part-time.

Live Sales Staff has a global client base, and they are known to offer human resources services. So, their chat support online jobs work from home are regular, and therefore you can rely on them for consistent pay.

To apply as a chat support representative, you must have excellent communication and customer handling skills.

The exciting thing about working for Live Sales Staff is that you have the flexibility of choosing to offer phone support or live chat support.

14. LiveOps Call Center Jobs

Potential Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: The U.S.A

Have you ever wished to handle TV infomercial calls? LiveOps provide you with the opportunity to do so.

You even don’t have to possess customer support experience to join their team. You just need to be an excellent phone communicator and should be a U.S resident.

The company pays you for the time you talk over the phone. On average, you can make $15 an hour, working independently from home. The job is quite flexible since you can work in your free time.

15. Amazon At-Home Customer Agents Jobs

Potential Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: The U.S

Amazon is a giant ecommerce store that seasonally hires remote workers. They are now looking for customer service agents to work from home, offering technical and sales assistance to their customers.

The company is employing within the United States, and you can make $15 an hour working part-time.

These real work from home jobs are regular. So, provided you understand your role and work diligently, you can count on Amazon to retain your service for the long term.

16. Working Solutions Virtual Assistant Jobs

Potential Pay: $9-$30/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

high paying work at home gigsIf you can offer assistance to clients from home, Working Solutions need your service. The company is hiring remote customer support agents, and you can make $9-$30 an hour.

Working Solutions accepts global applications, provided you have the technical skill to do the job. So, you have to be an eloquent communicator, and your customer handling skills should be impeccable.

Overall, Working Solutions enjoys some impressive ratings, and I think the company is one of the best when it comes to hiring remote customer agents.

17. AppleCare Advisor Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$20/hour

Coverage: The U.S & Australia

Who wouldn’t love to work for Apple? It’s a dream come true for anyone who relishes Apple products.

Today, you have the rare opportunity to join this global tech giant as an at-home advisor.

Your job, in this case, will be to offer assistance and advice to Apple customers on various Apple products. So, you have to be familiar with their electronics (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and computer software.

The company pays $10-$20 an hour to home advisors depending on your expertise. But this is not the only benefit. Apple also offers you discounts on some of their products when you work for them.

Overall, AppleCare advisor jobs are the perfect legit work from home jobs for moms.

18. Hilton At-Home Reservation Agent Jobs

Potential Pay: $11-$12/hour

Coverage: The U.S

Who hasn’t heard about Hilton? Yes, the same Hilton that you always wish to dine at is hiring.

If you are keen on the hospitality sector, you must have realized that Hilton is a giant in the luxurious hotel sector.

Now, you can join their staff in the U.S as a reservation agent and get to make $11-$12 an hour, working from home.

Like on Apple, the pay is not the only compensation. The company offers you an array of family benefits that are entitled to all Hilton workers.

Furthermore, jobs are regular on Hilton, which means consistent workflow.

19. Amazon MTURK Micro Jobs

Potential Pay: $2-$12/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

So, where can I find legitimate work from home jobs hiring now near me? If that is your concern, try Amazon MTURK. It’s an excellent option for freelance writing, transcription, virtual assistance, internet research, and data entry.

The crowdsourcing marketplace is an Amazon product that connects Amazon customers with freelancers who can help them do an array of short tasks.

They are open worldwide but are concentrated mainly in the U.S, the U.K. Australia, and Canada.

The pay on MTURK varies depending on the country and the nature of the task. But in general, you can make anything between $2 and $12 an hour.

The advantage is that you have the work flexibility of a freelancer. You get to decide on the working hours.

20. Clickworker Micro Jobs

Potential Pay: $9/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

work from home jobs hiring nowIn case you are looking for a job site closer to Amazon MTURK where you can earn decently, Clickworker is atop the list.

The crowd-based marketplace has legitimate work from home jobs hiring now like research, copy editing, surveys, and writing.

You do everything remotely on Clickworker, which means you pick your schedule. So, Clickworker is a viable option for your part-time hustling.

They hire globally, and you can make $9 or more an hour.

Clickworker doesn’t charge you anything for the signup, and there are also no restrictions on the same. You just have to be good at the job, and as seen, there is so much to do on-site.

21. Appen Micro Tasks

Potential Pay: $12-$25/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Appen is an international company that offers search engine and speech services. They provide insights into the usefulness and accuracy of different search results, photos, and ads.

So, if you are looking for search engine evaluation remote-jobs, Appen is the company to visit.

Other remote jobs that you can do from home on Appen are transcription, data entry, linguistics, and search engine rating.

Appen allows you the flexibility of working anywhere in the world, and you can make $12-$25 hourly doing micro tasks on-site.

22. Lionbridge Translation and Search Engine Jobs

Potential Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Whether you are a translator or a search engine evaluator, Lionbridge has wonderful side hustles for you.

You can apply from anywhere in the world, and you have the opportunity to earn $15 an hour averagely.

Lionbridge is generally a great choice if you are ambitious and willing to help clients succeed. If that sounds like you, then you should sign up.

Lionbridge connects you with amazing clients, and you can work in your preferred free time. The legit online jobs with no fees are in high demand on Lionbridge, and so it’s a good idea to apply fast.

23. Shipt Delivery Jobs

Potential Pay: $22/hour

Coverage: The U.S

Shipt is hiring delivery drivers to help them distribute food and other household items to people’s doorsteps. Provided you have an own car and a valid U.S driver’s license, you can sign up as a delivery driver on Shipt.

The job allows you to make up to $22 an hour, which is way above what most of Shipt’s competitors promise.

Additionally, you can pick the hours to work. So, driving for Shipt is also a good idea for someone on full-time employment.

So, visit Shipt today to sign up for the work from home jobs hiring now.

24. Postmates Delivery Jobs

Potential Pay: $11-$25/hour

Coverage: The U.S

One thing I like about Postmates is that it allows drivers to keep 100% of what they make from deliveries – and that’s not all.

They offer legit work from home jobs with no fees, and their jobs have zero commitments.

What’s more, the signup is free, and you receive a free delivery pack from Postmates once you finish the registration.

Unlike Shipt, you don’t have to own a car to work for Postmates. You only need to visit them to apply as a driver in your locality, and they’ll take care of the car issue.

25. UserLytics Web Testing Jobs

Potential Pay: $10/Test

Coverage: The U.S

If you are looking for legit work at home jobs that are fun to do, then try website testing. All you have to do to make money is to review a site and give your honest feedback.

UserLytics provide you with such an opportunity, and you can make $10 per review. The company pays via PayPal twice a month and you can work when it’s convenient for you.

There are no quota requirements or time restrictions on UserLytics. You must, however, be a U.S resident to qualify.

Since UserLytics collaborate with high-end businesses, they promise consistent workflow, and this means a grander opportunity to make money.

26. The Bonus – Start Your Blog to Make $3,000/Month

When it comes to a job that always makes me money, I cannot think of any other than my blogging business. So, yes, I think you should give blogging a chance. That is if you are still asking: “Are there any legit work from home jobs online.”

I passively make over $3,000 a month with my blogs, all on part-time basis. I believe with dedication and proper market research; you can make that much or even more.How to Start a Blog and Make Money Today

Learn how I do it in this tutorial. You’ll find some eye-opening insights to help you start and monetize your blog with ease.

Also, consider signing up at Income School to learn more about blogging. I draw most of my inspiration from their Project 24 online course, and I have even reviewed the blogging program here.


From personal experience, there are numerous legitimate work from home jobs hiring now. What you have on my list is just a fraction of hundreds of jobs you can leverage today. So, take a pick and start making money from home.

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Why are you interested in working for Gramlee ?

Quite simply, Gramlee is the perfect part-time job that offers editors and proofreaders in the US stable jobs from $12 to $18 an hour with flexible hours.

What are legitimate work from home jobs part time?

Legitimate work from home jobs that can be done on a part-time basis include freelance writing, virtual assistance, data entry, customer service, online tutoring, and social media management. Additionally, there are opportunities for part-time work in fields such as graphic design, web development, accounting, and translation services.


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