How to Make Money Online and Get Paid Through PayPal ($50/hr)

How to Make Money Online and Get Paid Through PayPal (25 Legit Online Jobs)

how to make money online and get paid through paypal

It’s a common habit for online job seekers to go for jobs that pay via PayPal. So, it doesn’t surprise that one of the most searched words in the online job market are – how to make money online and get paid through online jobs that pay with PayPal

Why PayPal?

PayPal is free and easy to set up. All you need is an email address.  It’s also secure and links easily with your bank account and credit cards. Transfers from banks to PayPal and vice versa is effortless nowadays.

In case you don’t have a PayPal account, click here to set up one for free.

Now that I’ve clarified why you need PayPal, let’s clarify the other issue – why work online? Online jobs are flexible. You set your schedule, and you only work when it is convenient for you.

Also, online jobs require minimal investment and sometimes zero job experience. With an internet-enabled device, you can work from home and make more money than most people on a government payroll.

Indeed, my foremost motivator, precisely, is the financial incentive, which is why I've embarked on crafting this definitive guide. My intent here is to expedite your quest to discover bonafide online roles which offer bountiful remuneration through PayPal either daily or weekly. We'll delve into a plethora of online work prospects, spanning from Fiverr freelance gigs, roles on Upwork, to Amazon's MTURK HITs, and even online shopping through Rakuten and Ibotta. Even more, Swagbucks and InboxDollars offer an array of online jobs, and various survey sites that generously reward for your opinion, including a host of more formalised jobs such as transcription, tutoring, writing etc. With conceivable earnings ranging from a modest $5 for less complex tasks to an impressive $90 per hour for experienced transcription work, there's an opportunity suitable for everyone. In addition to diversified income brackets, PayPal is the universal mode of payment due to its unrivalled security, straightforward setup, and prompt bank transfers. Let's not delay and dive straight in.

25 Legitimate Online Jobs That Pay Daily Through PayPal.

Legit Online Jobs That Pay Daily Through PayPal

1. Fiverr Freelance Gigs

Potential Pay: $5+/gig

Coverage: Worldwide

It’s hard to mention the best online jobs that pay daily through PayPal without putting Fiverr at the top of the list.

The online marketplace allows you to cash out any day for work completed seven days ago.

Are you wondering what to sell on Fiverr?

Copywriting, content writing, transcription, proofreading, data entry, translation, and acting – the list is just endless.

There are 200 plus freelancing categories on Fiverr. So, visit the website today to identify what you can do.

Fiverr is global and allows you to sell services to a broader audience for as little as $5.

$5 is the base price for the gigs, but you can always make more. Some people make as much as $100 a day. For more jobs where you can earn make some quick cash a day, check this post on how to earn 100 dollars a day fast

2. Upwork Freelance Jobs

Potential Pay: $10-$50/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Upwork is another freelance marketplace where you can find legit online jobs that pay through PayPal. On-site, you can make $10-$50 hourly once you become established.

I have done writing on this mega website, but you can also do transcription, proofreading, virtual assistance, project management, graphic design, etc. Visit the site to sign up and get the full detail on different gigs that you can engage into.

When it comes to getting paid via PayPal on Upwork, there are two ways. You can automate your PayPal account to be receiving money every Wednesday if you have $100 or more.

But what happens if you have less?

That brings us to the second option. You can withdraw whatever you have manually any day of the week.

Generally, it takes an average of 5 days for the money to reflect on your Upwork account, but PayPal transfers are immediate. The only issue is that they deduct $2 for PayPal transfers.

3.  Amazon MTURK HITS

Potential Pay: Up to $12/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

jobs that pay through paypalAmazon MTURK is known worldwide for human intelligence tasks (HITS), easy online jobs that require a human touch. Perfect examples are data entry, surveys, logo designing, movie reviewing, and research.

HITS do not pay much, but you can make $12 an hour on a good day. The jobs are approved almost immediately, and you can transfer your earnings to your PayPal account the same day.

Click here to sign up as an MTURK worker.

4. Rakuten Online Shopping

Potential Pay: $10 signup bonus & up to 40% cashback

Coverage: Worldwide

If you are looking for fun online jobs that pay daily through PayPal, try shopping on Rakuten.

At present, Rakuten is available in 200+ countries globally and partners with at least 2,500 stores. That includes Amazon, AliExpress,, Bally, and Groupon.  Get the full list here.

But, how do you make money on Rakuten?

The easiest way is through their $10 signup bonus that you can claim using this link. The other way is by shopping at any of the stores on this list. Doing so allows you to receive as much as 40% money back.

5.  Ibotta Online Shopping

Potential Pay: $10 signup bonus & $5/referral

Coverage: The U.S

If you are a U.S resident who shops regularly online and you are not using Ibotta, you’ll probably slap your face upon discovering what you’ve been missing.

For one, you earn cashback on Ibotta for shopping at more than 300 retailer stores. You can view the full list here.

Two, Ibotta earns you $5 for referring your friends. So, you only need to refer four people to earn $20 a day.

Whether you are planning to buy groceries, electronics, or beauty products, you can make money online PayPal fast on Ibotta.

The icing on the cake is that there is a $10 signup bonus that you can claim here. The minimal payout on Ibotta is $20.

6. Swagbucks Online Jobs

Potential Pay: $5 signup bonus & up to $35/survey

Coverage: Worldwide

Did you know that you can make money by playing online games and watching videos? Well, that’s possible with Swagbucks, and there is more. You can also make money searching the web, shopping online, and answering surveys.

Swagbucks is partnering with 1,500+ retailers worldwide. So, the chances of making money on-site are higher.

What’s more, some surveys earn you as much as $35, and you only use your phone to answer them.

Ideally, what you earn on Swagbucks are reward points called swagbucks points (S.B.). Each S.B. is equivalent to $0.01.

Sign up today to claim your $5 welcome bonus.

7. InboxDollars Online Jobs

Potential Pay: $5 signup bonus & up to $35/survey

Coverage: The U.S, Canada & the U.K

Make money online doing surveysInboxDollars is a trusted survey site that allows you to make money online using different routes, just like Swagbucks.

With InboxDollars, you can even make money reading newsletters. That’s in addition to shopping online, paid surveys, online games, and web searches.

Though the average earning per survey is $5, some make you as much as $35. You just need to accumulate $30 to get paid through PayPal, which is possible using the various means we’ve mentioned.

It’s worth noting that there is a motivation to sign up. By using this link, InboxDollars gifts you with a $5 welcome bonus.

8.     Survey Junkie Paid Surveys

Potential Pay: $0.25 signup bonus &$up to $45/survey

Coverage: The U.S, the U.K, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada

Survey Junkie is a trusted survey site that rules the North American and U.K market. Though the average earning per survey is $1-$3, some long surveys pay up to $45.

You can cash out daily via PayPal, provided you accumulate 1,000 points (equivalent to $10).

Other than PayPal, Survey Junkie allows you to earn through Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and other gift cards.

The signup process is very straightforward, and you only need to be a resident of the U.S, the U.K, Australia, or Canada.

Excitingly, you earn points just by signing up. You can claim your 25 points ($0.25) here.

9. MyPoints Survey Jobs

Potential Pay: $5 signup bonus & up to $50/survey

Coverage: The U.S & Canada

Another impressive survey site where you can learn how to make money online and get paid through PayPal is MyPoints. You can earn through surveys and by turning MyPoints into your shopping engine.

Most surveys earn you $1-$10 but there are a few ones that promise up to $50.

Like on Swagbucks, you don’t earn cash directly, but you accumulate points that you can transfer to your PayPal as cash. The minimum PayPal cashout on MyPoints is 480 points (equal to $3).

Ready to sign up? Claim your $5 MyPoints welcome bonus here.

10. Vindale Research Online Jobs

Potential Pay: $1 signup bonus & up to $50/study

Coverage: Worldwide

For over a decade, Vindale Research has been offering its global members the opportunity to make money through research.

With research studies earning you $0.50-$50, there is no doubt that you can make some decent cash on Vindale Research. The exciting part is they pay daily via PayPal.

What I like most about Vindale Research is that they pay for referrals. You receive $5 for every friend you refer to the site. As if that’s not enough, you get $5 for posting your proof of earning on their website.

If interested, sign up here to receive a $1 instant bonus.

11. Scribie Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: Up to $15/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Do transcription tests put you off? How about a little motivation in the form of a paid test? That’s what Scribie promises, and you can be a part of the team in a fortnight if approved.

To boost your chances of being accepted, consider preparing for the test with this free transcription training.

With Scribie, you can make up to $15 an hour and cash out daily via PayPal. What’s more, you get a $10 bonus each month that you complete three-hour audio videos.

Click here to sign up as a transcriber on Scribie to start getting paid via PayPal.

12. UserTesting Website and App Testing

Potential Pay: $10/test

Coverage: Worldwide

legit online jobs that pay through paypalDo you enjoy trying out new websites or mobile apps? You could get paid for that. I’m suggesting you sign up at UserTesting. It’s free to do so, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

On average, UserTesting pays $10 per audio review. With most of the tasks taking 15-30 minutes, you can make $40 an hour. So, why not try it?

The company pays daily for a 7-day cycle order. In addition to paying you for the reviews, UserTesting offers reward bonuses in some tests.

The payments are automated, and so you don’t have to be checking your PayPal account.

13. FeaturePoints App Testing and Survey Jobs

Potential Pay: $0.17/test

Coverage: Worldwide

FeaturePoints allow you to make money either through app testing or paid surveys. Each time you contribute FeaturePoints, you earn points that you can convert into cash and withdraw daily via PayPal.

Other than app testing and surveys, you can also make money on FeaturePoints by shopping on your favorite stores and claiming cashback. The company partners with Walmart, Target, BestBuy, and other top retailers in the world.

You can also work online and get paid through PayPal by playing games on FeaturePoints and through referrals.

You’ll need a minimum of 600 points (that equals $1) to withdraw from FeaturePoints. So, if you explore the various ways of earning reward points, it shouldn’t be hard cashing out every day via PayPal.

Sign up now to start making money on FeaturePoints.

Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly Through PayPal

14. GoTranscript Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $20-$36/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

I don’t know about you, but getting paid on Friday just gets me ecstatic. If you share my view and you can do transcription, then you should visit GoTranscript today to sign up for a transcriber’s account.

The company hires globally and allows you to make $20-$36 an hour. That’s not bad if you ask me, especially when payday is every Friday.

With GoTranscript, you can grow and become an editor, which means an opportunity for better pay.

15. Babbletype Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: Up to $1.60/minute

Coverage: Native English Speaking Countries

Babbletype is another fantastic job platform for experienced transcribers. There, you can earn as much as $1.6 a minute. So, you can make as much as $90 an hour on a good day.

That’s easy money for an at-home job. It, however, doesn’t come without a few restrictions.

For one, you have to be an English native speaker and a fast typist. You also need to guarantee error-free and easy-to-read transcripts. More to it, you should keep strict deadlines.

Other than transcription, Babbletype offers proofreading and human translation jobs that pay through PayPal.

16. Transcription Jobs

Potential Pay: $20/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

On Rev, you can make $10 an hour or even more converting videos and audio files into text. The company pays promptly every week through PayPal, and you can put in as many hours as you like.

You, however, need to convincingly pass their transcription test before you can join the team.

Unlike Scribie, the transcription test is unpaid. But considering that they promise better hourly rates and consistent work, signing up at Rev is worth considering.

You can read this post to get more transcription jobs, especially if you have no experience.

17. Verblio Blog Posts Writing Jobs

Potential Pay: $10.50/short blog post

Coverage: The U.S plus 15 other countries

make money online paypal fastIf you are a U.S blog post writer wondering how to make money online and get paid through PayPal, consider writing for Verblio. They are among the best payers in the region.

With a 300-word blog post earning you $10.50 on Verblio, you can expect to make much more on long pieces. The secret is to understand SEO as their content is SEO-centered.

Though Verblio hires primarily in the United States, it also accepts applications from 15 other countries. You can visit Verblio today to see the list of applicable countries.

Verblio is a content subscription service, which means orders are consistent on-site. They pay every Monday through PayPal.

Check this blogging course to learn how you can make more money as a blogger, especially on your blog.

18. HireWriters Content Writing Jobs

Potential Pay: Up to $20/article

Coverage: Native English Speaking Countries

If you are a talented writer from the U.S, the U.K, Australia, or any other native English speaking country, you can make decent cash on HireWriters. According to their website, expert writers can earn $20 per article.

Jobs are regular on HireWriters, and you have the freedom to choose your preferred topics. HireWriters pay every Friday via PayPal, and you only need to reach the $10 minimum threshold to cash out.

19. Cambly ESL Tutor Jobs

Potential Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

Cambly is another job site that pays every Monday via PayPal for teaching English as a second language (ESL).

The ESL tutoring platform lets you teach English even if you are a non-English native, provided you are fluent in the language.

There are also neither commitments nor minimum work hours on-site. Also, teaching experience is a consideration but not a major one.

All you need to sign up is access to a smartphone and an internet-enabled computer.

Cambly pays $10 hourly on average. So, it’s a decent option for English tutors who are looking for online jobs that pay daily.

20. Chegg Online Tutoring

Potential Pay: $20/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

How do you feel about helping students tackle their assignments and revise for their exams? If you enjoy doing it, then you should get paid for it, and there is no perfect place for that than Chegg.

Chegg hires globally, and you only need to be a certified tutor to sign up.

On average, tutors make $ 20-hour tutoring languages, science, business, accounting, and other disciplines. According to Chegg, most of their tutors go home with $1K every month.

Chegg automatically credits your linked PayPal account every week. So, you don’t even have to send an invoice or request for payment.

21. TaskRabbit Odd Jobs

Potential Pay: $17-$80/hour

Coverage: The U.S, the U.K & Canada

how to make 50 dollars fastCan you do plumbing, electrical works, installations, furniture assembly, or any kind of manual labor? Then you don’t have to look anywhere else for legit online jobs that pay through PayPal. Just sign up as a tasker on TaskRabbit.

The website is available for manual workers in the U.S, the U.K, and Canada.

Depending on the nature of the job, you can make $17-$80 an hour on TaskRabbit, which is way beyond the minimum wage.

Are you wondering how you get jobs on the site? TaskRabbit connects you with clients who are looking for taskers. So, you just need to wait for a job notification once you sign up.

22. ClickWorker Microtasks

Potential Pay: Up to $9/hour

Coverage: Worldwide

ClickWorker allows you to do micro jobs like surveys, data entry, internet research, audio transcriptions, and writing. Depending on the nature of the task, you can make $9 an hour.

The company hires globally, and they post hundreds of thousands of tasks every day. Some jobs require the use of a computer, but there are others that you can accomplish using your phone.

All you need to get started is just high-speed internet and be 18 years and above. ClickWorker allows you to withdraw your earnings weekly, but you can also do it monthly.

Click here to sign up.

23. Shipt Delivery Jobs

Potential Pay: $15-$22/hour

Coverage: The U.S

Do you own a car and are wondering how to make money online fast through PayPal? Consider signing up as a delivery driver on Shipt.

You’ll be delivering groceries and general household stuff, and you get to make $15-$22 an hour.

Shipt pays every Friday via PayPal or bank deposit. Other than the lucrative pay, Shipt offers gym memberships, legal assistance, and occasional social outings to its registered members.

24. MyAppAware App Review Jobs

Potential Pay: $1 signup bonus, $1 referral bonus & $1-$2/review

Coverage: Worldwide

legit online jobs that pay daily through paypalDo you like reading reviews before you can download an app? How about you be the one writing them and get paid for it? The job is more like what you do on UserTesting, only that your review is in writing.

MyAppAware promises to pay you $1-$2 per app review, and you can also earn through referrals. For every friend you refer to MyAppAware, the company credits your account with $1. You also get the same amount for signing up.

You can cash out weekly via PayPal once you reach the $5 threshold.

25. BestReviewApp App Review Jobs

Potential Pay: $0.50-$1.50/review

Coverage: Worldwide

I just cannot leave out BestReviewApp when it comes to mentioning the best app reviewing websites. The site pays you to install, test, and evaluate a new mobile app.

You usually have 24 hours to submit your review, and you can earn $0.50-$1.50 per contribution. The website is open globally, and so anyone with a Mac, Android, or iOS device can sign up.

BestReviewApp pays every Friday via PayPal with no minimum payouts.


I hope you know how to make money online and get paid through PayPal. You have 25 job opportunities to leverage, and they all pay differently and suit different people.

Your work is to go through them and find the most suitable to apply. That’s after you sign up for a PayPal account.

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best online jobs that pay with PayPal

Can I find online jobs that pay weekly through PayPal on Upwork?

Yes, Upwork is a freelancing exchange where you can find legitimate online jobs paid with PayPal. On the spot, you can earn between $10 and $50 an hour once you get established.

What are the online jobs paying daily?

There are several online jobs that pay daily, such as paid online surveys, micro-task websites, freelance writing, virtual assistant jobs, and online tutoring or teaching.


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