How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day (25 Easy Ways)

How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day (25 Creative Ways To Get You Started)

how to make 200 dollars in one day

There are so many things I can do with $200. I can pay an outstanding bill, take a trip, save up, and even buy groceries to last me a month.How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day

What about you? What can you do with such an amount? You probably have a to-do list, and that’s why I think I should share with you a few secrets on how to make 200 dollars in one day.

As a finance practitioner, I believe in trying different jobs provided they bring in cash. Doing so has enabled me to make $200 or more a day doing different jobs.

So, I am going to share ideas from my own experience working online. It doesn’t mean that I have done all the jobs on my list, but some are things I have observed people do.

My goal is to help people become financially independent by the only way I know best – educate through my blog. Without getting into many details, here are;

25 Easy Ideas On How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

1. Swagbucks Offers You Multiple Ways to Make $200

Swagbucks Offers You Multiple Ways to Make $200When it comes to paid surveys, Swagbucks is, without a doubt, the mother of all paid surveys. Swagbucks gives you $5 free for signing up using this link.

After that, you have several ways to make $200 or more. The ones I have tried include:

  • Online surveys – Swagbucks can pay as much as $40 for individual surveys, and most of them only take 15-20 minutes. In this case, you only need to participate in four surveys to make $200.
  • Watch videos – Swagbucks earns you $5 for watching funny clips online.
  • Cashback – Swagbucks also earn you money back from making online purchases.
  • Online searches – You also get bonuses for searching for things online, and it doesn’t matter what they are.

2. Receive $200 in Your PayPal Account from Survey Junkie

When I search for quick and easy ways to make $200, Survey Junkie is always an option. The survey site allows me to earn cash online by just sharing my opinion.

Survey Junkie pays about $3 per survey. With most surveys taking 15 minutes or less, it is possible to make $50 per hour on a good day. There are also surveys which can earn you $75.

What’s more, you earn points after participating in every poll, and you can convert them into cash. The money is paid into your PayPal account. Join Survey Junkie here.

3. Earn Signup and Referral Bonuses  on Rakuten

Rakuten is a fantastic app that is a must-have for anyone looking to make $200. Here are multiple ways you can make $200 with Rakuten:

  • Signup bonus – Rakuten earns you $10 instantly for signing up using this link.
  • Referrals – By referring a friend to Rakuten, you can receive $25 as bonus. So, you only need to refer 8 friends to get $200.
  • Cashback – Rakuten earns you cash back for shopping via the website or their mobile app. You can also earn cashback on taking a Lyft ride and on travel sites.

Are you interested in in the offers? Visit Rakuten today to claim them.

4.  Get Paid by InboxDollars for Using the Internet

Make money online doing surveys

InboxDollars has been in existence for two decades. So, it is a trusted brand that has served millions of participants. It is ideally a survey site but also pays for online activities. So, if you are looking for a website similar to Swagbucks, you have one in InboxDollars.

But, how can you make $200 a day with InboxDollars?

I endorse the following approaches:

  • Signups – Just by signing up using this link, InboxDollars gives you $5 free.
  • Surveys – InboxDollars earns you up to $5 for short studies, and you can do as many as you want.
  • Referrals – InboxDollars make you $1 for five referrals.
  • Searching online – InboxDollars promises $0.01 for random individual searches.
  • Watching stuff online – InboxDollars also pays you $0.05 for watching short videos.

5.  Earn More Money with Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a reputable free online survey that pays you for your honest opinion. Having tried it several times, I’m convinced you’ll love it. Vindale Research allows you to earn from the following ways:

  • Paid surveys – Though surveys start at $0.25, Vindale Research pays up to $50 for most of them. There are also a few others that earn you up to $75.
  • Referrals –Vindale Research rewards you with $5 for every successful referral.

The bonus is that Vindale Research gives you $1 free just for signing up. What are you waiting for? Sign up here to claim it.

6.  Install Nielsen on Your Phone to Earn

Are you the type that always browses the internet? It doesn’t matter what you do online – just download the Nielsen app and keep it in your phone or tablet to earn $50 at the end of the year.

Furthermore, Nielson earns you an entry into a monthly sweepstake where $10,000 is up for grabs. So, if you are lucky, you may make more than $200 a day. You only need to install the application on your computer and keep it there.

Frankly, I don’t think there is any other effortless way on how to make 200 dollars in one day than this. It is even much better when you have more devices since you can boost your earnings.

7.  Allow Trim to Make Your $200 By Lowering Your Bills

As a finance practitioner, I firmly believe that saving on bills is a money-making approach. For this reason, Trim always does the weightlifting for me.


Trim monitors all my subscriptions in detail to identify the black homes (where I waste money). The app notifies me about expensive subscriptions that are either useless or unnecessary for me to cancel. That’s not all.

The app can negotiate fair charges on my behalf and even help me find cheaper services. If that is not genius, then I don’t know what is. The bonus is that you can download and use Trim free.

8.  Claim Refunds with Paribus

You may not know this, but the chances are that you are losing hundreds of dollars for not claiming refunds for purchases. Paribus analyses my shopping habits to help me claim refunds on specific stores for recent price drops.

If the drop occurs a few days after making a purchase, I can get a refund with Paribus. The money can be as low as $20 or as high as $200.

It all depends on the nature of the purchase. Paribus can even go to the extent of requesting the refund on my behalf.

The icing on the cake is that Paribus is 100% free. You can sign up here for a free Paribus user account to start making money with the pp.

9. Receive Bonuses from Other Money Saving Apps and Survey Sites.


I also consider these money-saving apps to be worthy choices when looking to make $200 a day online:

  • Dosh – this cashback app saves you money on purchases.
  • Acorns – This investing app earns you $5 as a signup bonus and allows you to invest in the stock market.
  • Ibotta – It is another fantastic cashback app that helps you save on everyday purchases.


In addition to the survey sites I have discussed above, you should also consider the following:

  • MyPoints – Earns you $10 signup bonus and points that translate to cash.
  • MindsPay – Participants can make as much as $50 per survey.
  • Opinion City – Pays as much as $100 for some surveys.

10.  Test Websites and Apps for Cash

legit online jobs that pay through paypalIt is no longer a secret that developers nowadays pay users to test their products before launching them. They want to understand if the user experience is excellent or not and what needs improving.

While there are several websites with these gigs, UserTesting promises the best rates (up to $60 per test. The site can help you make $200 much faster if you are lucky to do several tests in a day.

Follow this link to sign up at UserTesting.

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11. Do Food Deliveries to Earn $200

Food deliveries never struck me as a lucrative side hustle until I learned about the hourly average earnings. I was surprised to discover that DoorDash pays up to $25 hourly.

What this means is that you only need to work 8 hours to make $200.Deliver Food To Make $100 a Day.

What about UberEATS? The food delivery service pays up to $20 hourly. Thus, you may need to work 10 hours to make $200. As a result, my pick has to be DoorDash, as it means more pay for fewer hours.

Most drivers on both services earn tips daily. So, you may end up doing fewer hours once you make your $200 from making a few deliveries.

12. Amazon Flex Wants to Pay You $200 for Package Deliveries.

Are you hoping to learn how to make 200 a day delivering something else other than food? How about packages? Then you should work for Amazon Flex.

You only need to have a car and a smartphone to get started. One more thing, you have to pass the background check.

On average, Amazon Flex allows you to make $18-$25 hourly delivering packages to customers. If you don’t mind driving from one place to another and knocking on people’s doors, Amazon Flex is the service to work for. You can get started here.

13. Do Freelance Gigs on Upwork.

For a long time, Upwork has been a reliable, safe and trusted freelancing platform. There, you can offer just about any remote service. Some of the best paying gigs on Upwork include:

  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Transcription
  • Bookkeeping
  • SEO consultancy
  • Social media marketing
  • Proofreading

If you think you can do one or two of the above jobs, then you should sign up for a user account on Upwork. You’ll need to create a profile and wait for its approval before you can start bidding jobs.

Most freelancers prefer to work hourly and I advocate for it when you are looking to make $200 a day. Most posts on the freelance site pay $20 per hour, but there are a few others that can pay up to $50 per hour.

14.  Sell Freelance Services  (No bidding) on Fiverr.

I like Fiverr for one primary reason – you don’t have to bid for jobs as it is the case for Upwork. Instead, you set up gigs that promote your expert service. Sell Freelance Services and make $200 

I do a few gigs on Fiverr to add up to what I do on Upwork, and I have no major complaint.

For larger projects, it is possible to earn $200 a day on Fiverr, especially when you are experienced. Some of the best paying gigs on the marketplace include:

  • E-book writing
  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Research projects
  • Graphic design
  • Web design

So, how can you ensure that you get the best paying jobs on the Fiverr? Here are a few essential tips you should always remember when setting up your gig:

  • Add a video
  • Apply SEO
  • Define yourself properly
  • Always update your gigs
  • Be polite and professional

15. Teach Students English

Can you teach English to international students via video? If so, then you don’t have to look for any other side hustle for making 200 a day.

Signing up at a site like Qkids allows you to make about $25 hourly. Thus, tutoring for 8 hours is enough to earn you $200.

Other well-paying sites for English tutors are MagicEars and VIPKid, where you can make at least $20 hourly. You should note, however, that you need at least a university degree, preferably in English, to teach on these sites.

16. Teach Other Subjects Online and Get Paid Hourly.

I am aware that I have mentioned English tutoring as one of the most lucrative online hustles. However, that doesn’t leave other disciplines out.

If you are knowledgeable in mathematics, science, technology, law, or even music studies, you can teach students online and get paid hourly.

Other than the English tutoring sites, other amazing places to find general teaching jobs are Chegg and On average Chegg earns you $20/hour while the monthly payments at start at $25

17. Do Odd Jobs on Task Rabbit

how to make 50 dollars fastAre you handy at home? Can you help people move, mow lawns or do deliveries? If yes, then TaskRabbit needs your service.

You can make $200 doing different odd jobs on the site. You don’t even have to move out of your local area as TaskRabbit can connect you with odd jobs within your community.

Are you ready to get started? Sign up on TaskRabbit today to become a tasker. Task rabbit always notifies you when odd jobs are available near you. You can download the TaskRabbit app for convenient usage.

18. Rent Extra Space at Airbnb

Just like you can rent your car and earn from it, you can also rent an extra room or an entire house to people and get paid. While there are several platforms that you can use, Airbnb strikes me as the best. Here’s why:

  • Allows free listing
  • You decide the price
  • Makes you money passively
  • Opportunity to meet new people and exchange experiences

What’s more, Airbnb prescreens the guests to guarantee your safety. The guests also pay for their bookings in advance to give you financial security.

If you are looking to make 200 dollars a day from your space, click on this link to list your item on Airbnb today.

While at it, ensure you clearly describe your space. It is good to mention at least the house type, the guest number you can accommodate, and the location.

19. Make $200 Driving People Around

How do you feel about driving people around your city? You can make $200 fast if you dedicate time and effort to the hustle. Here are two lucrative ride-sharing apps:

  • Lyft – On average, Lyft drivers make $17.50 hourly. Most of the drivers are also lucky to earn tips during most trips. What’s more, the company appreciates you with a $300 welcome bonus once you complete your first 100 rides.
  • Uber – Uber drivers make slightly lower than Lyft drivers in some places. On average, the drivers earn $15.5 hourly.

Like Lyft, Uber driving also comes with tips that can contribute to your financial target. Drivers also receive a bonus, which is currently $13 once you complete ten trips.

20. Rent Your Car to Make $200

Perhaps you don’t have the time to drive people around, but you have a car resting in your parking space. Why don’t you rent it out? It is a smart way to learn how to make 200 dollars in one day.

I consider these two P2P car rental service to be the best at the market:

  • TURO – On average, TURO earns you $500 monthly. Ideally, TURO allows you to take home 90% of what you make in a day. If interested, click here to join TURO today.
  • GetAround – GetAround enables you to receive 60% of the earning. If compared to TURO, that is a smaller percentage.

However, the company promises much more in return. In a good month, your car can make you $800. Use this link to join GetAround today.

Rent Your Car:how to make 200 a day

21. Become a Professional Dog Walker

Do you just adore dogs? Can you take the pet for a walk and have fun? Then you should consider becoming a professional dog walker. It can earn you the $200 that you are targeting, and the best place to find the job is at

Dog walking jobs are more regular onsite, and you don’t even have to move outside your town. will connect you with nearby pup owners who need your professional help. You can also try the Rover app by downloading it here.

22. Baby Sit for Hours to Claim Your $200

Babysitting is not an easy job, and that’s why most parents are generous when it comes to paying for the service. Nowadays, you can make $10-$30 as a babysitter on platforms like and So, if you manage to make $25 hourly, you’ll only need 8 hours to make 200 dollars fast in one day.

23. Remotely Serve as a Customer Agent

Are you a good listener and can speak clearly? Then you can work as a remote customer agent and make $200 daily. That is if you work for the right company. Some of the best employers I know include:

The beautiful thing about these jobs is that you can work from home and decide on the number of hours you are comfortable serving.

24. Sell Stuff Online

Most people see this idea as a bad habit but I see it differently. For one, I see it as an essential step in the decluttering process. It allows me to get rid of things I don’t need at home.

More importantly, I don’t do it for free. It is a quick way to make 200 dollars fast online.

For used clothes, game consoles, and bikes, I mostly list them on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon. When it comes to tech items like used smartphones and tablets, Decluttr sells much faster for me.

And if I just want to sell clothes only fast, my obvious pick is Poshmark.Sell Stuff Online and earn some quick cash :make 200 dollars fast in one day

25. Invest in Blogging

Can you write an interesting post on your topic of choice? You can talk about parenting, health, fitness, technology, or even beauty. I talk about money and saving on my blog since that is my area of expertise.

I have been blogging about for two years, and I can confirm with all honesty and humility that I make over $2,000 monthly, and I consider it passive income. You, too, can make such an amount if you invest in blogging.

Check out how I make money blogging for inspiration.

It is not just about financial investments. Instead, it is about investing time and ideas. Follow my blogs to understand how I write them, and then you can get the inspiration to write yours. That might be your route for making thousands of dollars monthly.

To start blogging, you need to register a domain name and find a good hosting service. I consider Bluehost to be a great pick here as they are cheap.

They offer a free domain, and you only pay $3.95/month for the hosting. Once you setup your website, start uploading great valuable content!

You can also check a list of cheap web hosting providers and select the offers that works best for your project.


There you have 25 smart ideas on how to make 200 dollars in one day. Try putting into action two or three of them. Hopefully, you’ll start making money soon.

It is my joy if you can use the tips to get out of debt, invest or clear a bill.

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How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day

How can I make 200 a day?

If you have such a difficult task, then turn your attention to online surveys, watch videos on sites that monetize it, get cashback, or do an online search and get paid for it.

How to make $200 online fast?

There are various ways to make $200 online quickly, such as participating in paid surveys, selling items on online marketplaces, freelancing, or completing microtasks on platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk.


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