How To Make 1K A Week In 8 Different Ways In 2022

How To Make 1K A Week In 8 Different Ways In 2022

how to make 1k weekly

There was a time when I thought that making $1,000 a week was practically impossible. Now I make more than $4,000 a month and I can tell you that it’s easy to make that much. So in this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to make 1K a week so that you, too, can start your journey to financial freedom.

You can make 1k in a week by teaching online, selling a course online, working as a VA, scaling your affiliate website, writing content for website, growing your YouTube channel, and negotiating pay rise at work. You can also take a loan, drive with Uber, or deliver with Doordash to make 1K.

These ideas aren’t in order of priority, so you’re free to choose an option based on your interest or what you believe you can do best.

And as I always say, the most important thing when it comes to making money, whether it’s online or otherwise, is to put in the hard work because money doesn’t come to you magically.

8 Ways to Make 1K A Week Without A College Degree

1. Teaching English Online

There’s something about teaching English that really stands out. From where I sit, I strongly believe that it’s about getting the human race to speak a one language despite lingual diversity.

But for people to learn the English language, they need someone who’s fluent to teach them. This could be an opportunity for you to make $1,000 a week working from the comfort of your home.

There are several platforms that give you the opportunity to teach English online, and VIPKIDis one of the most popular options that you should try.

You can read more about VIPKID here. But a simplified version is that VIPKID gives you the platform to teach Chinese kids aged 3 to 14 years how to speak English. And you can earn up to $22 an hour.

With an average rate of $22/hour, it’s possible to make $1,000 or more per week. You would need to teach English for at least 40 hours a week to hit the target.

2. Create and Sell a Course on Udemy

I browse Udemy at least once a week, and there’s no time that I don’t come across a new course.

That means two things:

First, education is more dynamic now than it was a century, so there’s always going to be something new to teach online.

Second, being able to create a course that teaches people how to do things or equip them with new skills is a great way to make money online. And you can easily make $1,000 a week from home by selling a course in any niche on Udemy.

But how does this work?

First, you need to figure out what you’re good at, and it would be great if it’s on a subject you’re either passionate about or find interesting to explore.

Second, determine the kind of content you would like to create for the online audience. Ask yourself, “will people understand what I’m teaching via video tutorials alone or should I add written documents?” 

Third, create and upload your content to Udemy. Then, finalize the process by marketing your course to so that the right audience can find you.

Other platforms where you can sell your course are:

  • Coursera
  • Teachable
  • Podia and
  • Skillshare

What’s more? 

There’s no limit to the kind of course you can create. Whether you want to teach people how to make money online, you can teach people how to code, or anything you can think of or imagine, all you have to do is put it in the form of a course and promote it on the example platforms that we’ve shared.

3. Working As A Virtual Assistant

I know I’ve mentioned this opportunity more than once in some of my posts here, but that’s because I believe that being a virtual assistant can make you a lot of money every week.

For example, if you set your rate to $30 an hour and you work for 5 hours a day, it means you can make $1,050 in a week, which equates to $4,200 in active income per month.

It’s important to keep in mind that VA jobs are for people who love to multitask, can work under minimal pressure, and love to help clients get work done without being micromanaged.

When it comes to being a virtual assistant, the way to win clients over is to deliver the best results all the time. Whether they’ve asked you to writ blog posts, edit content, reply to emails, do an outreach campaign, or complete a number of small tasks, your responsibility is to make sure you complete the work on time.

There are so many places online where you can find virtual assistant jobs. You can:

  • Browse Upwork for virtual assistant job offer
  • Get some deals on FlexJobs or Freelancer
  • Create and promote your own Fiverr gigs
  • Look for jobs in public and private Facebook communities
  • Create and promote your own VA blog and market yourself as a brand

How much you earn will depend on the hourly rate you take client on. I strongly recommend choosing clients that pay well for the tasks they want completed. That way it will be easy for you to hit the target of making $1,000 a week.

4. Scaling Your Affiliate Website

Do you have an affiliate website making under $1,000 a week? There’s a high chance you’re not comfortable with the current earnings and wish things could get better.

The secret isn’t in creating a new site to make an additional income in future. Rather, you can scale the current site by doing more work.

In other words, create more useful content that will not only bring your site more traffic but also convert your visitors into buying customers.

I understand that creating good content takes time. But investing the time to write is going to be more rewarding than not investing time at all.

5. Negotiate Pay Rise At Your Workplace

Some people choose to look for greener pastures elsewhere in an attempt to make more money. But if you’re the kind of person that cares about getting their opinion heard in a workplace, you may actually consider negotiating for a pay rise at your workplace.

Many people aren’t often comfortable with how much they earn per month. Yet they’re often too scared to ask for a consideration for a pay rise for fear of losing their job or being turned down altogether.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

When you think about the contribution you’ve made to your company, you might realize that you’re selling yourself short with your current paycheck. So the next time you earn positive reviews for your performance, or you close some big deals for your company, don’t hesitate to ask the management to consider revising your salary. 

6. Take A Loan

Let me make it clear that taking a loan is a very bad idea, and it’s not something I would do so often myself.

But there are instances when you just can’t help but turn to lenders for financial aid.

Let’s say you need funds for a medical emergency, for example. It would be difficult to turn to friend and family members in this kind of a situation, because you can never be too sure they have money to lend you in an instant.

In such a circumstance, it would make sense to borrow money.

The problem with taking a $1,000 loan from a random lender is that you will end up paying up to 15% interest rate on the loan. And that’s insanely high, a mean to only sink you even deeper into more debts.

But there’s a better option.

You can get better deals on personal loans with Credible, a solution that help you to make the best borrowing decisions especially when you’re in dire need for money.

Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the lender before you take a loan with them. Doing so will help you to determine whether you can repay back the money you wish to borrow as quickly as possible.

7. Find A New Job

Everyone in a 9 to 5 setup is always in pursuit for greener pasture.

If you think about it, the need for a better life and financial stability necessitate career change, which is why looking for jobs that pay well is almost always an option on the table.

Given the dynamism in the human resource space and the demand for the best talent to fill job positions in different companies, there’s a high chance that you can find a company that pays well every month.

The idea here is to look for a job at a company that can pay you at least $1,000 a week. So find a few companies looking for someone of your industry experience, apply for the job, and see if they can call you for an interview.

8. Become A Real Estate Agent

It’s possible to make $1,000 a week as a professional real estate agent.

You’ll be working under the supervision of a real estate broker, and your primary role will be to guide clients through every phase of buying or selling a property. More often than not, you’ll assume administrative, research, and marketing duties.

As an administrator, you’ll answer phone calls and respond to emails, schedule appointments and shows, update listings, order supplies, and deliver drafted documents.

From a research standpoint, your work will be to search open listings to find suitable properties for your clients, do market analysis in the real estate space, and stay up to date with the current trends in real estate.

As a marketer, you will not only create and issue promotional materials but also manage your social media presence while networking with potential clients. 

Final Thoughts On How To Make 1K A Week

There was a time when making $1,000 a week was nothing short of a unicorn. Things are different these days because there are many ways to make 1K in 24 hours.

All you have to do is to find a strategy you can stick with and then put in the hard work to make the much money you want to make.

How to make 1k in a week?

You can earn $1k a week teaching online, selling online courses, working as a VA, scaling your affiliate website, creating content for your website, and more. Everything will depend on your skills and preferences.

What are the best jobs that pay 1k a week?

There are various jobs that can pay $1,000 a week, including some healthcare professions, technology-related roles, and management positions. However, the specific salary for a job depends on various factors such as education, experience, location, and industry demand.


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