Is VIPKID A Pyramid Scheme Or Legit? (Vipkid Review 2022)

Is VIPKID A Pyramid Scheme Or Legit? (Vipkid Review 2022)

Is Vipkid a pyramid scheme

VIPKID has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of China’s biggest online teaching platforms. But with a referral program and money at play, it’s easy to wonder whether VIPIKID is a legitimate platform or just another fraud on the web. Really is VIPKID a pyramid scheme or a platform you can trust?

VIPIKID is not a pyramid scheme. Rather, pay current teachers for mentoring new teachers through the hiring process. With this kind of an introduction model, VIPKID is able to guide new teachers to get around the platform. There’s nothing to sell here, VIPIKID only pay teachers for their time.

There’s a lot of misinformation about VIPKID on the web because, according to many people, the platform is just too good to be true.

But in the spirit of never judging a book by its cover, it’s to take a step back and look at exactly what VIPKID is, how it works, and how you can benefit from it in the first place.

So in this review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about VIPIKID in 2022 and beyond.

Let’s get started.


VIPKID is a China-based online teaching platform that teaches children from preschool to teen how to speak English.

VIPKID only accepts applications from Native English speakers, which is why they recruit from Canada and the United States.

Other requirements to teach on VIPKID include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any subject from a recognized institution of higher learning.
  • Eligibility to work in Canada or United States
  • One or two years of experience as a mentor, coach, homeschooler, or babysitter.
  • Ability to hold a one-on-one teaching session with kids aged 4 to 15

Every teaching session lasts for 25 minutes. And in addition to the one-on-one teaching session, VIPKID also gives these kids access to free videos and online books.

For teachers, VIPKID will provide the necessary teaching materials, which is helpful in putting teaching plans together. The platform expects teacher to create their own teaching schedules depending on their availability.

Note that the new state legislation doesn’t allow citizens from California to teach English on VIPIKID.

By December 2018, only 5 years after it started, VIPKID was able to employ over 60,000 teacher from Canada and United States. It was also able to enroll over 500,000 Chinese students.

The company also managed to open an office in San Francisco, USA, in addition to the one in Beijing, China. VIPKID also arranges a meet up once in a while for teacher to come together and socialize.

Is VIPKID Legit or a Scam?

VIPKID is a legit teaching company that pays teachers to teach English to Chinese students online. They’re reliable and cooperative when it comes to making payment, so you can expect to get your money on time.

One concern that some teachers have is whether VIPKID is a pyramid scheme because of its recruiting style.

To be abundantly clear, VIPIKID isn’t a pyramid scheme. Really there’s no product to promote and no membership tires to build. In other words, VIPKID doesn’t ask its existing teachers to recruit new teachers for enrollment for a payment and it’s up to a referee to accept or decline the invitation.

Understand that VIPKID outsources orientation procedure for new teachers to its existing pool of teachers and then pays them for the job. After all, the number of students enrolling to VIPKID continues to grow exponentially, and that means that their demand for teachers will continue to grow.

How Much Does VIPKID Pay?

At VIPKID, teachers make money for each lesson they teach. An entry-level English teacher earns between $7 and $9 for every scheduled session.

It’s important to understand that the starting rate applies to all entry-level teachers, even if you were good at demo lessons or interviews before becoming a part of the program. You will get a $1 base pay as an incentive, and your rate per session will continue to rise the more you teach on the platform.

Teachers who teach up to 45 lessons by the end of the month get an additional pay of $1 for each lesson. Therefore, with a base salary and incentives, you can make up to $20 an hour teaching on the platform. You will also earn an additional $2 if you teach an English class booked within 24 hours.

VIPKID considers their teachers independent contractors as soon as they start working on the platform. That means they pay you 100% of the money you make, and it’s up to you to deal with things such as taxes.

How Does VIPKID Pay Teachers?

VIPKID is no doubt changing the lives of Chinese kids. But in addition to being part of such a significant movement, really your main goal of being on the platform is to make money.

So you need to know exactly how to cash out, or don’t you?

Well, the best thing about VIPKID is that it lets you choose how you would like to get your money. It’s up to you if you wish to get your money every once or twice a month via direct deposit.

There’s hardly ever a payment delay with VIPKID. So even if you’ve made a lot of money on the platform, you can be sure you will always get your money on time.

What Tools Do You Need?

You will need a PC or a laptop to get started.

Keep in mind that the VIPKID lessons are one-on-one, so your computer needs to have a webcam. This isn’t an issue if you have a Windows or Mac laptop because they come with webcams already built-in.

If you’re using a PC, you will need to buy an attachment webcam and set it up correctly.

Obviously, VIPKID recruits teachers to work remotely, and that means you need to have a reliable internet access to teach seamlessly.

What Does the VIPKID Application Process Look Like?

There are seven steps you need to complete before you can start to teach with VIPKID.

Step 1: Initial Application

Here, VIPKID will do a prompt screening of your application to determine whether you’re a good fit for the demo lessons.

Step 2: Interview or Demo Lessons

At this stage, you have to choose between a demo lesson and an interview. Both are short, often running for about 5 minutes or less.

You need to take this step seriously because it’s where VIPKID determines your base pay.

Step 3: Tutorial and Test

Tutorials about VIPKID follow. It is important to pay close attention to the tutorials because there will be a test to complete to determine if you were paying close attention. 

Step 4: Mock Certification Lesson

Once you pass the tutorial test, a teacher who is already on VIPKID will have a one-on-one mocking lesson with you.

Unlike other sessions, the mocking session is often the longest and therefore the most involving. You need pay close attention and give this session your best shot because it will determine whether you get the job or not.

Step 5: Additional Mock Lessons

In step 5, you get additional mock lessons, which is mandatory for all new teachers who want to teach on VIPKID.

The additional mock lessons are good for ascertaining that you are the right teacher for the job.

Step 6: TESOL

TESOL is not compulsory. It is for those that don’t have a teacher’s certificate. Before signing the contract you will have to complete the TESOL program.

Step 7: Process Paperwork

At this stage, you are either fit or unfit for the job.

If you qualify for a position of a VIPKID teacher, you will need to produce evidence for your educational documents and then do some signing. After this process is complete, you will be ready to start teaching on VIPKID and making money.

Those who don’t qualify can always reapply at a later date.

What’s Good About VIPKID?

There are a few things that make VIPKID a good platform to teach English online and they’re as follows:

1. VIPKID Gives You an Opportunity to Work Remotely

You can teach English on VIPKID from the comfort of your own home. You only need a computer with a clear webcam and access to the internet and you are good to go.

Consider setting up your work environment far away from distractions so you can have an easy time in your one-on-one coaching sessions.

Teaching English on VIPKID gives you the flexibility to you need in your life because it’s up to you to decide when to work and when not to. However, keep in mind that the company requires you to be available any time between 8 A.M and 10 P.M Beijing’s time.

2. Teaching on VIPKID Gives You An Opportunity to Change Lives

Teaching kids at VIPKID is quite fun and generally fulfilling.

Helping them get to know English as a second language brings so much joy since they will carry it with them their entire life.

You also get to know their way of life as time goes by, not to mention you can easily tell if the kids value schooling.

3. VIPKID Pays Well

The base pay, bonuses, and incentives offered will accumulate to good money by the end of the month.

One thing that makes teaching on VIPKID fun is seeing just how dedicated the preschool to teen students are dedicated to their lessons. That means they appreciate the teachings their teachers offer.

The Disadvantages Of VIPKID Platform

Here are some of the things that you won’t like about VIPKID:

1. They Have a Strict Cancelation Policy

It is hard to cancel a scheduled lesson and sometimes your payments may end up docked if you cancel a session because of an emergency.

Keep in mind that the only exception to canceling a teaching session is if you have a medical issue. But then they will need to a medical proof that you were actually sick by submitting a medical report from your doctor.

Also, note that VIPKID recently introduced medium and soft cancellations, which allow teachers to miss scheduled lessons due to certain reasons.

2. Internet Connection Can Be An Issue

You must have a stable, uninterrupted internet connection to teach well on VIPKID. But for people who live in areas where connectivity is at times an issue, working on this platform can be difficult since lessons are one-on-one.

The problem with slow internet connection is you may have to cancel a lesson, which can lead to you getting a fine and not getting a payment.

It’s best if you have an alternative internet connection if your current one has a problem.

3. Long Application Process

Unlike other similar platforms, the application process at VIPKID is a bit longer and insanely overwhelming.

You are required to write an application, do demo classes, and complete mock classes, which can be quite tiresome to do in one sitting. Then you have to wait for 1 or 2 weeks to get feedback for your application.

Final Thoughts on VIPKID

As you can already tell, VIPKID is not a pyramid scheme.

It’s a legitimate and safe website where teachers from Canada and the United States can make money teaching Chinese kids age between 4 and 15 years how to speak English.

Is Vipkid legit?

VIPKID is a legitimate teaching company that pays teachers to teach English online to Chinese students. They are reliable and cooperative when it comes to payment, so you can expect to get paid on time.

How to avoid the VIPKid scam?

To avoid falling victim to a potential VIPKid scam, it’s important to be cautious and do your research before signing up or providing any personal information. You should only use the official VIPKid website or app, and be wary of any unsolicited emails or messages claiming to be from VIPKid.


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