25 Best Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners From Home.

25 Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners To Make Up to $3,000 Per Month.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners Are you well organized, customer-friendly, and diligent? Are you looking for a side hustle that pays decently? I cannot think of any other recommendation other than virtual assistant jobs for beginners.

Many employers are looking for remote skilled workers to help them do data entry, plan for their events, schedule appointments, handle their customers, among many other tasks.

These jobs mostly require people with experience working as customer support agents, clerks, social media managers, or personal assistants.

But still, there are exceptions if you have the training but lacks experience, and that’s going to be our focus.

What Does A Virtual Assistant (VA) Do?

Virtual assistants mostly perform these tasks:

  • Customer support services like replying to emails and taking calls
  • Creating and managing the client’s social media content
  • General administrative tasks like data entry, calendar management, planning for travels, and email management
  • Bookkeeping, invoicing, payment processing, and other finance-related operation.
  • Content production – that includes creating blog posts, sourcing photos, and making videos.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant (VA)

First, you need some virtual assistant training to make up for your lack of experience, and I recommend these free VA courses:

legitimate virtual assistant jobs

Second, you need to be skilled. So, what skills do you need to become a virtual assistant?

Depending on the job, these skills are necessary when looking for virtual assistant jobs:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Be able to keep time and manage it properly
  • Ability to work independently
  • Excellent sales and marketing skills
  • Computer literate

How Much Can You Make Doing Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners?

On average, most virtual assistant jobs pay $10-$25 an hour, depending on your skill level and type of work. So, if you are more skilled and can do more jobs, you may even make more money.

Are Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners Legit?

Like most online jobs, not all virtual assistant jobs for beginners are legit. Some will waste your valuable time, and you end up with no pay. But still, there are others like the virtual jobs on my list that are genuine.

So, how do you differentiate the legit ones from the fake ones?

It all boils down to researching the company’s website. Here are things to look for:

  • A ‘contact page’ – A contact page should be present and indicate the company email address plus a phone number. You can even call the number to confirm if it’s working.
  • ‘About us’ page – Check to see what the company is all about. Confirm if there are physical offices and search their address on Google Maps.
  • Check the company on BBB – If the company is listed on BBB and has a good review, it is legit.

25 Legit Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

If you are looking for legit and well-paying virtual assistant jobs, below are the best 25.

Companies With Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

1. Virtual Assist U.S.A

Average Pay: $16/hour

Coverage: U.S

Virtual Assist U.S.A is one of the best paying virtual assistant company that chiefly hires U.S agents. All workers are full-time employees, though the earnings are hourly.

You’ll be mostly handling administrative and marketing tasks, but you can also be assigned other jobs depending on your skill.

The company expects you to be a college graduate with some background in administration or marketing. You also need to be an excellent communicator, and you should have a cheerful personality.

2. Red Butler

Average Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: U.S

Red Butler is one of the best virtual assistant companies to work for in the U.S. You can work on a per-project basis any time you have some free time.

The company has many VA jobs ranging from digital marketing and telemarketing to online research and travel bookings. So, you have to multitask and should be efficient.

Red Butler matches you with an employer looking for the skills that you possess. The compensation is thus negotiable, but you can make up to $15 an hour.

3. Task Virtual

Average Pay: Up to $15/hour

Coverage: U.S & India

virtual assistant jobs part time

Task Virtual is a VA outsourcing firm based in India but has offices in the U.S. So, they hire both from India and the U.S.

The company pays up to $15 an hour averagely to U.S VAs, but those in India earn about $4 an hour.

Task Virtual has full-time opportunities for virtual assistant jobs from home. You’ll be mostly dealing with e-commerce, social content, and real estate projects.

4. Byron

Average Pay: $12/hour

Coverage: U.S

Byron is a pretty new virtual assistant hiring firm that was only launched in 2017. But despite its young age, Byron is one of the best payers in the region.

Beginner VAs make about $12 an hour while experienced ones can pocket up to $15 an hour.

Most of their projects involve data entry, sales, appointment setting, and bookkeeping. So, you have to be skilled and should multitask.

They mostly prefer experienced workers, but if you have the training and are skilled in customer support or sales, you can get accepted.

5. Assistant Match

Average Pay: $12/hour

Coverage: U.S

From the name, Assistant Match is a VA agency that matches you with relevant clients. So, they first prescreen you, store your details on their database, and wait for clients to request your service.

You need to be familiar with social media management, bookkeeping, online marketing, or other sales-related services.

Assistant Match pays $12 hourly for beginner virtual assistant jobs part time, but you can make up to $15 with time.

Like most VA companies on my list, Assistant Match hires chiefly from the U.S.

6. 99DollarSocial

Average Pay: $12/hour

Coverage: Global

If you are interested in offering social media services as a virtual assistant, you should sign up on 99DollarSocial.

The virtual assistant jobs on the platform pay $12 hourly, and you can manage as many as 100 companies.

99DollarSocial expects you to work full time, up to 40 hours per week.

You’ll need to first go through mandatory 6/7-hour training before you can start earning. You also have to be fluent and should be able to work independently.

You’ll be required to regularly source engaging web content and post it on clients’ pages. So, you need to be a good researcher and writer.

7. Time ETC

Average Pay: $11/hour

Coverage: U.S & U.K

Though Time ETC is based in the United Kingdom, they hire VAs from the U.K and the U.S.

The company is known to post various tasks, such as data entry, research jobs, and administrative duties.

Time ETC offers flexible work hours to its workers, but you can make $11 an hour on average. They allow PayPal cashouts every month.

The good thing about working for Time ETC is that they can retain you full time, and you have the opportunity to progress career-wise if you stick around.

8. Vicky Virtual

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: U.S

Vicky Virtual is a virtual assistant hiring company that serves small businesses. The company accepts agents from the U.S, and you can make $10 hourly doing virtual assistant jobs from home no experience.

You need to type at least 50 words per minute and should have access to a computer. You’ll be required to handle customer calls. So, your phone handling skills need to be impressive.

To apply, you need to visit the job section on the website, fill out an application form, and upload your resume. You then have to wait for the company’s response.

9. Lifebushido

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: Global

Lifebushido is a renowned company that hires virtual assistants to help different clients and companies achieve their goals. They expect you to work 10-25 hours weekly, and you can make $10 an hour when beginning.

Lifebushido expects you to be an excellent reader and a great communicator. You’ll be communicating with clients mostly via email, and so your writing skills also need to impress.

10. Boldly (Worldwide 101)

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: U.S & Europe

Boldly is a VA hiring company that allows you to choose the jobs to take and how much to earn. Though the pay depends on the job type, you can make $10 or more hourly as a beginner.

Boldly used to accept applicants from the U.S only, but they are now also taking from Europe. The company expects you to commit 20 hours or more weekly, Monday-Friday.

If you are looking for a full-time job as a VA, you should sign up on Boldly. They have a strict admission process, but you have a decent chance when trained.

More Companies Offering Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

11. Virtual Gal Friday Virtual Assistant Jobs

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: U.S

online virtual assistant jobs

If you are looking for an established VA company in the U.S with legitimate virtual assistant jobs, then Virtual Gal Friday meets the description.

The company is one of the oldest and is known to hire remote agents from all over the U.S.

You need to be skilled in customer handling as you’ll be mostly taking customer calls and responding to emails. They hire full time, which means you have to be available Monday-Friday.

Though experience is not mandatory, Virtual Gal Friday expects you to possess at least a bachelor’s degree.

12. Belay Solutions Virtual Assistant Jobs

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: U.S

Belay Solutions is a company that is known to hire all kinds of virtual workers. From virtual bookkeepers to virtual assistants, you can find your next remote job on Belay Solutions.

Not only does Belay allow you the freedom to work from home, but you can also choose minimum work hours.

The pay is about $10 an hour for beginners, but you can expect to pocket up to $15 an hour when experienced.

13. 247 Virtual Assistants Virtual Assistant Jobs

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: Global

247 Virtual Assistants is one of the biggest virtual assistant companies in the U.S. The Philadelphia-based company gets 90% of its clients from all over the U.S.

The company pays $10 for beginner online virtual assistant jobs, but you can make up to $15 once you become experienced.

247 Virtual Assistants occasionally hire outside the U.S, but they pay less than what U.S based agents make.

The major challenge is that they have a strict application process. Only 5% of applicants get picked.

Once selected, you need to go through comprehensive training before you can start working.

14. Contemporary VA Jobs

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: English Speaking Countries

Contemporary VA is a VA firm based in the U.S that hires agents from English speaking countries. The company, however, serves clients from all over the world.

You’ll be mostly doing administrative tasks like customer service, appointment coordination, and events planning.

The starting pay is $10 an hour, but some VA agents make $13 hourly.

Contemporary VA expects you to be responsive, well-organized, and computer literate. They also expect you to work four hours minimally every day, Monday to Friday, and they pay weekly.

15. Fancy Hands Virtual Assistant Jobs

Average Pay: $9-$21/hour

Coverage: U.S

Fancy Hands is a legit company made of a team of virtual assistants. They hire remote virtual assistants from the U.S and pay every Thursday.

The VA firm works with some of the largest companies in the United States, and so you can expect to earn decently, about $3-$7/task.

With most part time virtual assistant jobs taking 10-20 minutes, it’s possible to make $9-$21 hourly.

It will help if you are good at closing sales and chatting over the phone to join the team.

16. Zirtual Virtual Assistant Jobs

Average Pay: $9/hour

Coverage: U.S

Zirtual is another VA company that hires U.S based virtual assistants. You can make $9 or less an hour as a beginner.

The company has strict application requirements, and they insist on their website that they only hire the most qualified VA agents.

The company expects you to pass a thorough background check before you can start working.

Once hired, you are required to be available for work at any time between 9 am and 6 pm. You should also respond to a job within two hours of receiving a notification.

17. Vasumo VA Jobs

Average Pay: $7/hour Coverage: U.S

If you are looking for a virtual assistant hiring company that focuses on all kinds of virtual assistant services, consider Vasumo. They hire VA agents from the U.S.

The impressive part is that they train you before you start working, which means you don’t need the experience to sign up.

Depending on your progress during the training, you can make $7-$15 hourly.

Overall, you can be trained in at least 300 VA services, making you an all-around virtual assistant.

The company expects you to multitask and be quick in your service delivery.

Freelance Marketplaces with Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

18. Upwork

Average Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: Global

Upwork is not just one of the largest freelance marketplaces but also one of the best-paying. Virtual assistants earn as much as $40 an hour but expect to make $15 hourly when beginning.

The good thing is that you can always make more within a short time once you get a few positive reviews and ascend to the top-rated or top-rated plus statuses.

You are required to sign up for an account, which doesn’t require experience. You’ll then need to complete your profile and wait for its approval.

Upwork takes 20% of your earnings as commission, and you get to keep the rest.

19. PeoplePerHour

Average Pay: $10/hour

Coverage: Global

people per hour

From the name, PeoplePerHour (PPH) is a platform where you get paid for every hour that you work. But still, there are a few project-based jobs.

If you prefer hourly VA jobs, you can make $10 an hour on PPH.

You need a freelancer profile, which you can set up quickly without experience. Though PPH is U.K-based, they allow freelancers from all around the globe to sign up.

The exciting bit is that almost all posts on the platform are remote and so you have an improved chance of landing a gig.

20. Fiverr

Average Pay: $5/task

Coverage: Global

For some people, Fiverr is the largest freelance marketplace, mainly due to the website providing freelancers with the opportunity to access hundreds of job categories.

You need to sign up for a freelance account, just like on Upwork, and you can set your rates from $5 per task.

Fiverr also takes 20% of your earning, just like Upwork. Unlike Upwork, where you can work either hourly or per fixed task, Fiverr only allows you to work per task.

To ensure that you start earning decently soon, ensure you obtain positive reviews from the clients you work for.

21. Freelancer

Average Pay: $7/hour

Coverage: Global

Freelancer is another freelance marketplace where you can find remote gigs like virtual assistant jobs.

You don’t need work experience to set up an account on the platform, and you can set your preferred rates.

As a beginner, you can make $7 an hour or higher if the client is willing to pay. The good thing is that you can even work on a per-project basis, which means you take full control of the schedule.

You should ensure that you complete your freelancer profile before you can apply for a job. A word of advice – check client feedback to ensure they are legit.

Job Boards with Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

22. FlexJobs

Average Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: Global

Are you looking for a job that screens its publishers and only sends legit VA jobs your way? Then you should sign up for a membership on FlexJobs.

It’ll cost you $14.95/month, or if you prefer yearly, the membership is $49.95.

Though you pay for the membership, FlexJobs not only guarantees legit remote jobs but also ones with little competition.

Since most people prefer free job boards, they often skip FlexJobs. That means only a small number of applicants have access to these jobs.

In addition to getting job alerts, FlexJobs will also email you job application tips that you’ll find useful.

23. Indeed

Average Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: Global

Indeed is another job board that posts VA jobs from all around the globe. Unlike FlexJobs, you don’t pay for membership on Indeed.

As a result, the platform’s VA jobs are likely to have so many applicants, thus very competitive.

The pay for the posting depends on the clients, but the average is about $15 an hour. It could be more or less, but be sure to confirm that the company hiring is legit.

Indeed allows you to set alerts for VA jobs and so you don’t have to revisit the site often. Remember to check your inbox daily for personal virtual assistant job alerts.

24. LinkedIn Jobs

Average Pay: $12/hour

Coverage: Global

LinkedIn is the largest networking platform for work professionals, which means you can get just about any job.

Through LinkedIn Jobs, you can search for virtual assistant jobs for beginners and get to apply from anywhere in the world.

Though the pay depends on the company advertising, most jobs average $12 hourly. The advantage of LinkedIn Jobs is that you can set custom alerts.

You have to sign up with your name and complete your profile. Clients will look at your profile before hiring.

25. Remote.co

Average Pay: $15/hour

Coverage: Global

Remote.co is a website dedicated to posting remote jobs from all around the globe. To such for VA jobs, you need to visit the site and do a quick search based on your location.

The pay for VA jobs depends on the client, but you can expect to make up to $15 on some posts.

You may find it necessary to save your resume on the website so that you can receive timely, relevant job alerts.

Also, since the jobs are not screened, ensure you check out the company using the tips covered above.


Concluding Thoughts On Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

There are so many legit and decent-paying virtual assistant jobs for beginners. So, it’s up to you to find the jobs that match your need and skillset.

From my research, you can’t go wrong with the above option. So, consider signing up today!

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Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

Where can I find good freelance virtual assistant jobs for beginners?

Upwork is the largest and most trusted freelancing exchange where you can find high paying freelance virtual assistant jobs for beginners. You only need to register your account and start working.

What is the salary of a real estate virtual assistant job?

The salary of a real estate virtual assistant job can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and specific job duties. However, according to salary data from Glassdoor, the average salary for a real estate virtual assistant in the United States is around $42,000 per year.


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