Userlytics Review: Make $90 Testing Websites with Userlytics.

Userlytics Review: Get $90 Testing Websites with Userlytics.

userlytics review

Detailed Userlytics Review: Did you know that you can make money testing websites? I call it usability testing, and it’s all about testing the user experience of a website.

While there are so many sites where you can find such gigs, one name that tops the list is Userlytics. So, I have decided to review the website to answer some of your top questions.Testing websites with userlytics: make money testing websites

This Userlytics review will primarily focus on the following:

  • What is Userlytics?
  • What do I do on Userlytics?
  • Is Userlytics legit?
  • How much can I make on Userlytics?
  • How does it work on Userlytics?
  • How long do the tests take on Userlytics?
  • When and how do I get paid on Userlytics?
  • How do I become a Userlytics tester?
  • What are the pros and cons of Userlytics?

The Company – What’s Userlytics?

Userlytics is a usability testing platform. The company is the middleman between app/website owners and freelancers (known as testers).

When app developers and website owners want to know if the user experience of their products is excellent, they sign up at Userlytics. Userlytics, in turn, hires freelancers like you to do the job.

The Tests – What Do I Do on Userlytics?

I have mentioned that Userlytics is all about testing the user experience, but that can be vague. How about I break it down for you?

Here are some of the things you may need to do when hired for usability testing on Userlytics:

  • Compare the homepage of a client website to that of a competitor
  • Test the user-friendliness and ease of navigation of a client website
  • Test the general layout of a client website
  • Test the performance of videos or ad posts on a website or an app
  • Download items like games or videos on an app
  • Test the checkout process on a given site or app
  • Search an item to test for SEO

My Take – Is Userlytics Legit?

Userlytics is a trusted usability testing company that has built a reputation over the years. They pay promptly, and you even join for free. I cannot find anything to suggest that they are a scam. So, yes, Userlytics is userlytics legit

The Pay – How Much Can I Make on Userlytics?

Typically, you get paid $10 per test on Userlytics. The payment is only sanctioned when the client approves the review.

While $10 is the base figure, some clients pay much more, more so for complex tests. You may get a few tests paying as much as $90.

The secret to getting paid more is doing your best to encourage repeat clients who are more likely to increase your rates. The client expects absolute transparency, and so you’ve to mention what you like and dislike without leaving a detail out.

Of course, taking more tests means better pay. So, you have to respond quickly to job alerts and client invites. That’s what I recommend in this Userlytics review.

The Process – How Does it Work on Userlytics?

How Does it Work on Userlytics?Generally, it takes the following four steps to make money on Userlytics:

Step 1 – Sign Up

You need to register on the website as a tester. It is as simple as clicking on this link and then setting up your profile.

Step 2 – Get Invited

Once registered, wait to receive job notifications from clients or Userlytics that match your profile. If interested in any, you should go straight to the website to claim the jobs. The tasks are usually on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Step 3 – Give Feedback

Depending on the job instructions, you’ll need to give audio or video feedback. It’s all about expressing yourself better, and so you’ve to be clear in providing your feedback.

Step 4 – Receive Your Pay

Lastly, wait for the client to approve your feedback before getting your Userlytics pay.

The Duration – How Long Do the Tests Take?

Most tests, especially those that pay $10, take a maximum of 20 minutes. So, you can do at least three short tests in an hour and get to make $30.

The Payout – When and How Do I Get Paid on Userlytics?

Upon reviewing a client website and submitting your feedback, you only need to wait for the client to approve it before getting paid. Payouts are via PayPal every Friday.

Depending on how much you’ve made the entire week, there are no minimum payouts. So, you can cash out everything on your Userlytics account.

The Application – How Do I Become a Userlytics Tester?

Userlytics is a global recruiter, and everyone with the following requirements can apply:

  • A PayPal account – If you don’t have a PayPal account, consider signing up here to get one.
  • A computer or smartphone
  • A quality microphone
  • Webcam (optional for some tests)
  • Be 16 years or older

Once you meet the above requirements, you can visit and click on the ‘tester signup’ button to register as a tester. The button is one the upper right corner of the homepage.

Alternatively, click on this link to go straight to the signup section. There, you’ll need to enter your email and name before clicking on ‘submit’ to complete the registration.

The Pros – What Do I Like About Userlytics?

Get $90 Testing Websites with UserlyticsThe first thing I like about Userlytics is that the signup process is free and straightforward. There is neither an entry test to pass nor a hidden charge.

Also, anyone irrespective of nationality can do the tasks as experience is not a must.

I also notice that Userlytics pays promptly. So long as you have made some money, you’ll receive your pay on Friday. There are no minimum payouts, and there are possibilities for higher pay.

The Cons – What Don’t I Like About Userlytics?

The primary issue I have with Userlytics is that the jobs are not regular. Even after receiving a job alert, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the job.

What’s more, getting started may mean buying a laptop or smartphone as well as a webcam and a microphone. These tools of work don’t come cheap.

Conclusion – Do I Recommend Userlytics?

My Userlytics review shows that Userlytics is a trusted and legit company. So, yes, I recommend them for usability testing.

You should note, however, that you cannot depend on Userlytics full time as the jobs are inconsistent. For more regular side hustles, I encourage you to read these two posts:

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Testing websites with userlytics: make money testing websites

Is Userlytics App legal and safe?

It is a reliable testing application that has proven itself over the years. They pay fast and you even join for free. Therefore, this application is safe and secure.

What are Userlytics payment methods?

Userlytics, a user testing platform, offers various payment methods to its users. Some of the payment methods offered by Userlytics include PayPal, Skrill, and Amazon gift cards.


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