How to Make $1,000 a Week from Home (10 Ways Explained!)

How to Make $1,000 a Week from Home (10 Ways Explained!)

how to make 1000 fast

I’ve always wanted to have financial freedom ever since I graduated from high school. And while it took me longer to get to the point of financial independence, the hard work I put in eventually paid off. If you have the same aspiration as I did, it’s likely that you need some tips to help you make money. So in this post, you’ll learn about how to make 1000 a week from home.

You can make $1,000 a week from home by starting a blog, creating content for agencies, working as a brand ambassador, renting out your car, or doing pet sitting. You can equally make the same amount by selling items you no longer need, but this is often a one-time thing.

To be clear, there are so many ways to make money online right from the comfort of your home. The option you choose depends entirely on your preference.

With that said, let’s look at these opportunities in details to help you understand the value you can get from them.

 10 Ways to Make $1,000 A Week From The Comfort Of Your Home

My biggest struggle before I started making money online was to live my life to the fullest. I worked to make ends meet, and that was it.

But I needed more.

I knew deep inside that my $600 salary wouldn’t offer me much. And therefore looking for opportunities to make more money would be the only way out.

To be brutally honest, I’ve tried a number of work from home jobs. And through hard work and consistency, making $4,000+ a month is no longer a pipedream.

You do can make $1,000 a week, maybe even more than that if you discipline yourself to work hard, remain consistent, and stay focused.

Here are some of the options to consider:

How to Make $1,000 a Week From Home

1. Become A Digital Marketing Consultant

As a digital marketing consultant, you will help clients launch new sites and apps, perform SEO audits on websites to improve search performance, suggest and implement digital marketing strategies, calculate returns on ads, evaluate market budget, and identify new opportunities.

Working as a digital marketing consultant can earn you $1,000 a week, and the cap tends to go higher if you bring more value to your client’s table.

To qualify as a digital marketing consultant, you will need a bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing and communication with at least two years of working experience.

You also need to have excellent communication skills and be a good time manager. A certification from platforms such as Google AdWords can be an added advantage.

2. Start a Blog

Blogging is a popular way of making money from home, and it’s easy to make $1,000 a week from it if you put in the hard work upfront.

I’ve been in the blogging business for a little over four year, and I’ve made some good money from it.

To be clear, I don’t have a specific case study published online for this. But if you look at my Project 24 guide, you will realize that blogging for business can turn from a hobby into a lucrative career.

And the best part is?


I’ll be lying if I tell you that you can earn $1,000 this week with affiliate market, unless of course you already have a growing site that gets hundreds of visitors from Google per day.

But I can tell you for sure that affiliate marketing can turn into a lucrative online business if you put in the hard work and remain consistent.

You’ll start small.  You’ll choose a niche, do in-depth topic research, create quality content, and grow your blog with time.

And if you can put in the hard work for at least 6 months without giving up, you can be sure that you will make more than $1,000 a week for months and years to come.

3. Become a Freelance Writer

Freelancer writers are self-employed contractors who work either full-time or part-time.

The best thing about being a freelance writer besides working from the comfort of your home is that you can work with as many clients as you wish, meaning you can reach the  $1,000 milestone fast.

There’s a lot I can write about freelance writing, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need more than just a good command in English. Your research skills should be at par, your delivery timeline should be unquestionably on point, and consistency must be the rule of the game for you.

Speaking of rates, it’s up to you to charge your worth, especially if the client has decided that it’ up to you to quite your rate. 

Your goal here is to bag $1,000 a week and you just can’t charge too cheap in an age where creating content for the web is on a high demand.

4. Sell What You Don’t Need

Selling used items isn’t something you’re going to do every week. But if you have old yet valuable items that you no longer need, turning them to cash does make a lot of sense for sure.

The thing is, an item you view as useless because you no longer use it can equally be useful to someone else. The old smartphone collecting dust, a collection of DVDs you no longer watch, the PS4 system you no longer use after an upgrade to PS5, and anything else you have lying around the house can earn you some extra cash.

If you have a lot to sell away, you can as easily make $1,000 a week.

Decluttr is without trouble the best place to sell items you no longer need. You can also use platforms such as eBay and Craigslist depending on your preference. 

5. Work as a Brand Ambassador

I’ve come across job ads that require brand ambassadors, and that can be a great opportunity for you to make at least $1,000 every 7 days if you qualify for the position.

At the very least, you will need a bachelor’s degree in market, great communication skills, and be a person that can build a good relationship with target customers.

As a brand ambassador, you have the responsibility to work in line with your client’s vision, mission and goals. You also have to keep the sales management team on their toes for better performance.

A brand ambassador is a well-paid personnel, mostly on hourly basis. The rate tends to range between $10 and $35 an hour, which means it’s easy to hit the $1,000 a week target.

6. Moonlight As A Handyman

Repair companies ask for large sums of cash to perform simple repairs, and this can be costly for some businesses and individuals.

So if you are good in repairing broken stuff, you can start a lucrative business on the side, and charge optimally to beat the competition.

Home and electrical repairs are some of the best areas to bag some good money. Take replacing a broken air conditioner, for example. While it might a one-time, you can pocket as much as $3,400 in cash, which is good money.

7. Work As A Virtual Assistant

Bloggers, solopreneurs, startups, and growing companies look for virtual assistants to help them run their enterprises smoothly. And given the growing demand for multitalented individuals, virtual assistance is the kind of online job that’s here  to stay.

As a virtual assistant, you will offer services such as:

  • Technical assistances
  • Sending invoices to customers
  • Picking and making call on behalf of clients
  • Organizing appointments
  • Entering data and keeping important records
  • Managing WordPress websites
  • Creating content for your clients’ online audience

Depending on the clients you work with, you can expect to make at least $1,000 on a week-by-week basis in an average month.

8. Rent Out Your Car

Renting out your car is also a good way to make up to $1,000 a month and make money passively from home.

This opportunity is particularly handy if you don’t use your car quite often and you know people who would comfortably rent it out for at least $150 a day. 

Alternatively, you can use car lease companies like HyreCar, which can earn you up to $35 a day for just renting out your car.

The $35 doesn’t seem like a lot of money to make in a day. But given that HyreCar offers your car a full coverage, you never have to worry about the condition of your drive. 

9. Start a Pet Sitting Business

Do you love pets and want to make $1,000 a week taking care of them? Consider starting a pet sitting business.

On average, you can make anywhere from $15 to $25 for walking pets around and $35 to $70 for watching over the pets at night. 

Because this job doesn’t require any prior experience, it’s the easiest opportunity on the list. It’s also a flexible option, one that allows you to combine other opportunities so that you can make more money.

10. Do Audio Transcription

Although voice recognition technology is here with us, it can’t perfectly transcribe what humans say. At least that explains why converting speech to text is such a lucrative business idea that can earn you $1,000 a week from the comfort of your home.

It’s no wonder transcription courses, such as Transcribe Anywhere, have become so golden to those whom this kind of job appeal.

Simply put, if you’re one person that has always wanted to make money by converting speech into written documents because you’re a good listener and you can work under pressure, you should consider being a transcriber.

Many transcription companies are willing to pay good money to have their recordings written in words.

Take Rev, for example. It’s one of the well-known transcription platforms on the internet that pays you to convert text to speech. This agency pays at least $0.36 per audio minute, which is about $21.6 an hour.

Put in 10 hours of work and you get $216 in your account. And that’s more than $1,000 worth of earnings for 50 hours a week of transcription.


As you can see, there’s more than one way to make $1,000 a week. But the bottom line is that you need to put in the hard work and remain consistent if you really want to make that much.

How to choose a way to make $1,000 a week from home?

Since today there are many options for such earnings without leaving home, but in order to choose you need to determine your preferences and strengths.

What are the best jobs that pay 1000 a week?

There are a variety of jobs that can pay around $1,000 a week or more, depending on factors such as education, experience, location, and industry. Some examples of high-paying jobs in various fields include software engineering, nursing, accounting, sales management, and construction management.


Michel is an experienced blogger, youtuber and content creator in general. He has generated plenty of passive income streams, ranging from cents to four figures monthly income. His passion is sharing solutions to problems he encountered, to spread knowledge and make the world a more educated place.

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