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25 Free Online Courses Work at Home To Make $4,000/Pm | Best Work From Home Courses.

free online courses work at home

So, are you considering working from home? Congratulation! The next step is to compare free online courses work at home and pick the best.25 Best Free Work At Home Online Courses for Beginners

But Why Do You Need Work from Home Training?

For starters, enrolling in a work at home online course allows you to improve your skills as a remote worker. It becomes easy to work faster and efficiently.

Also, online training gives you the preparation you need to tackle work from home challenges when they arise.

More importantly, an online course makes you a better entrepreneur. It becomes easy to pick a profitable online job or business idea and get the most out of it.

Now, you don’t have to be scared of the cost as the online courses on my list are free.

We are going to look at 25 free work at home online courses perfect for beginners under the following groups:

  • 10 free work-at-home online courses for bloggers
  • 2 free work-at-home online courses for proofreaders
  • 2 free work-at-home online courses for transcriptionists
  • 4 free work-at-home online courses for freelance writers
  • 2 free work-at-home online courses for virtual assistants
  • 2 free work-at-home online courses for social media influencers
  • 3 other free work at home online courses

Free Online Courses Work At Home For Bloggers

Here is a list of free work at home courses for bloggers:

1. How to Start a Blog 7-Day Mini-Course

free online courses work at home

Are you hoping to run your blog? Congratulations! A blog is a fantastic way to earn passive income.

If you don’t know anything about it, consider signing up for Michelle Schroeder’s 7-day free course, How to Start a Blog.

Michelle focuses on the following in the seven days of training:

  • 1 – Why you should start a bog
  • 2 – Picking your niche
  • 3 – Building your blog on WordPress
  • 4 – Monetizing your blog
  • 5 – Earning passive income blogging
  • 6 – Getting more traffic
  • 7 – Extra blogging tips

All it takes to sign up for this blogging course is a name and an email address.

Also, check this blogging tutorial on how to start a blog and make money.

2. How to Start a Money-Making Blog Free 5-Day Challenge

Kate Rosales sheds some blogging insights in her free 5-day course: How to Start a Money-Making Blog. You can sign up to learn how you can start not only a blog but also monetize it.

Some of the things you can expect to learn by the end of the five days are:

  • Choosing the right domain (blog name) and niche
  • How to set up your blog quickly and affordably
  • Mastering WordPress
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Writing optimized blog posts
  • Monetizing your blog

3. Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

You may be an excellent writer but fail to make money as a blogger if you don’t know how to draw traffic to your blog. That’s why you need Lena Got’s Blog Traffic Bonus Guide.

The stay-at-home mom and expert blogger shares tested tips on how you can improve your page views. She also talks about how you can explore the various opportunities to enhance your blog’s revenue.

What catches my attention is that she has grown her page views from 17,000 to more than 400,000. That’s remarkable, without a doubt!

4. Free 5-Day Traffic & Monetization Mini Challenge

Here comes another free addition to your work from home courses for bloggers by Lena Got. The experienced blogger talks about how you can improve your blog’s traffic and start making money.

The Free 5-Day Traffic & Monetization Mini Challenge is a must-signup if you hope to turn blogging into a business.

Here’s what to expect to learn in the five days of signing up:

  • 1 – Simple ways to receive more blog traffic
  • 2 – Income pathways for bloggers
  • 3 – How to encourage readers to take actions
  • 4 – Finding hidden niches
  • 5 – Increasing your blog’s income generation

5. Blogging Success

If you are looking to learn more about blogging for free and succeed in it, you should sign up for Holly Hanna’s Blogging Success.

The 28-page eBook is a fantastic free online course for stay at home moms. It covers everything you need to set up, run, and monetize your blog.

You can expect to learn the following from Holly:

  • Easy steps to set up your blog
  • Easy ways to create the perfect content
  • 31+ remarkable ways of getting blog traffic
  • Tips for making money on your blog
  • Getting the most out of ads
  • Dealing with brands

6. Wealthy Affiliate Starter Package

Today, 50% of what my blog makes comes from affiliate marketing. So, I cannot insist enough on the importance of affiliate marketing in blogging.

Affiliate marketing is an essential strategy for monetizing your blog, and you can learn how to do it by signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Package.

The free blogging program promises the following:

  • An opportunity to host two websites (blogs) for free
  • Live 24/7 customer support in your first week of signing up
  • Experts networking opportunity in your first week of signing up
  • Free website builder
  • Site speed/performance boost
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Personal affiliate blog/website
  • Search function for affiliate programs

7. Stupid Simple SEO Video Course

Free Work At Home Online Courses Perfect For Beginners

One of the most effective ways to draw traffic to your blog is to employ SEO (search engine optimization). You can learn the skill from Mike, the man behind Stupid Simple SEO.

He runs a free 6-day SEO free video training, where he talks about how you can use SEO to scale your blog’s traffic and improve your passive income.

Mike, a father of two, claims to have made $300,000 in his blogs over the past five years by primarily employing SEO and affiliate marketing.

If you are looking to make as much as Mike, sign up for his SEO blogger’s course.

8. Boost Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

We’ve talked about SEO as a strategy for drawing traffic to your blog. The other is Pinterest, which you can exploit with the right training.

I recommend Kate Rosales again but now, with a free blogging course, Boost Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest.

The free 5-day course focuses on the following:

  • Setting up a Pinterest business account
  • Optimizing your profile on Pinterest
  • Using Pinterest pins, boards, and other features

Considering that Pinterest has at least 250 million users and is a leading source of blog traffic, this course is a must-signup. It’s one of the best free work at home skills courses.

9. Moms Make Cents Free Pinterest 6-Day Course

If you are looking to leverage Pinterest more and use it to improve your blog pages views, consider signing up for McKenzie’s 6-Day Free Pinterest Course.

She shares proven tips that you can use to improve your blog’s traffic.

Expect to learn the following within your six days of signing up for the training:

  • 1 – Creating an optimized profile on Pinterest
  • 2 – Creating perfect viral pins
  • 3 – Having a daily presence on Pinterest
  • 4 – Pinterest myths and facts
  • 5 – Pinterest mistakes to avoid
  • 6 – Extra Pinterest tips

10. The EBA Blog Structure Blueprint

Most writers go into writing content and publishing it (which they do well) but forget a crucial detail.

Every blog needs a proper structure to enhance its navigation and visual appeal, and this is where the EBA Blog Structure Blueprint comes in.

Ruth Soukup, the lady behind the course, teaches you everything you need to do to organize your blog’s structure correctly. The ideas will make it easy for your readers to find the content they need on your blog.

Free Online Courses Work at Home for Proofreaders

11. General Proofreading: Theory & Practice

Are you hoping to work from home as a proofreader? Then you should sign up for Caitlin Pyle’s General Proofreading: Theory & Practice workshop.

Caitlyn talks about how you can earn thousands of dollars a year just by fixing mistakes on documents.

The free 76-minute course will expose you to some fantastic proofreading tips you can use to launch your proofreading career.

All you need to sign up is a name and an email address, and you get to enroll in the program.

Some of the things to expect to learn in this proofreading course are:

  • Signs to show that online proofreading is perfect for you
  • Achieving financial security and freedom through proofreading
  • Ways to attract clients as a proofreader

12. Internet Scoping School Free Scoping Mini-Course

If you are looking to take your proofreading skills to another level, consider doing scoping. Scoping is about proofreading court transcripts.

You can learn more about it from Linda Evenson’s Scoping Mini-Course on Internet Scoping School.

Linda, who has 35 years+ of professional scoping experience, covers the following in the 7-day mini-course:

  • 1 – What’s scoping
  • 2 – Demand for Scopists
  • 3 – Scoping skills
  • 4 – Finding scoping jobs/clients
  • 5 – Is a degree a must for scoping?
  • 6 – Potential earnings for Scopists
  • 7 – Essentials to get started as a Scopist

Here is a definitive scoping guide that explains how to make $48K as Scopist.

Free Online Courses Work At Home For Transcriptionists

13. Free Mini-Course: Transcription Foundations

Do you know what transcription is? That’s when you convert audio (voices, call recordings, oral interviews, etc.) into text. Simply, transcription is audio-to-text conversion.

Free Work From Home Online Courses

To learn more about the skill, consider signing up for Janet Shaughnessy’s Free Mini-Course: Transcription Foundations

Janet, the woman behind Transcribe Anywhere, shares seven essential lessons for doing general transcription in the mini-course as follows:

  • 1 – Know your instructor and understand what transcription is all about
  • 2 – How to succeed as a transcriptionist
  • 3 – Transcription myths
  • 4 – Signs to show transcription is not for you
  • 5 – Potential earnings for transcriptionists
  • 6 – Where to get transcription jobs
  • 7 – Equipment you need for transcription

14. Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice

After enrolling for Janet Shaughnessy’s Transcription Foundation, and you prefer to specialize, consider her Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice course.

It’s one of the best free online courses work at home for legal transcriptionists.

The free 4-lesson transcription training educates you on how you can transcribe legal files. You just need to sign up with your email, and you can expect to learn the following:

  • 1 – Understanding what legal transcription is all about
  • 2 – Understanding the legal transcription market
  • 3 – Understanding what it takes to be a legal transcriptionist
  • 4 – Know how much to expect to make as a legal transcriptionist

If you have been searching for online transcription jobs but cannot find any because of a lack of experience, check out this article.

Free Online Courses Work At Home For Freelance Writers

15. Get Paid to Write

Freelance writing is a fantastic way to make money from home as a writer. You get to pick your hours and jobs, and you can set your preferred rates.

If you want to learn how to break into this lucrative industry, consider signing up for Elna Cain’s Get Paid to Write.

Here are things that she covers in the 6-day freelance writing course:

  • How you can turn a writing passion into a money-making pursuit
  • How to create writing samples easy when you have none
  • Why you should consider blogging
  • The best places you can find freelance writing gigs
  • How to land writing gigs
  • What it takes to become a freelance writer

16. 3 Secrets to Starting, Launching & Growing a Freelance Business

Experienced freelance writers always have some secrets that make them so successful. One of the writers happens to be Micala Quinn.

Micala agrees to share three essential freelance writing secrets in her free course, 3 Secrets to Starting, Launching & Growing a Freelance Business.

She shows you exactly how you can build a successful freelance writing business using these three secrets:

  • 1 – How to land your first client
  • 2 – How to turn your skill into a profitable service
  • 3 – The essentials for starting to freelance

17. 6 Keys to Online Freelance Success

If you are looking to make freelance writing more profitable, you should learn from the best.

One of the best reference points is Holly Johnson. She explains how she has been making $225K a year as a freelance writer.

In her course, 6 Keys to Online Freelance Success, Holly promises to share the following:

  • Six essential secrets to succeeding as an online freelancer
  • Tips for improving your earnings as a freelancer
  • Tips for cold pitching to well-paying clients
  • Building a commanding following on social media

This blogger’s training is one of the best online courses to take to work from home. So it’s a must-signup for aspiring bloggers.

18. 200+ Freelance Writing Niches

Do you have a passion for writing but are not sure what to write about? Then check out Gina Horkey’s 200+ Freelance Writing Niches course.

Gina, an experienced freelance writer, explores 200+ marketable freelance writing niches you can write about. So, the course is equally great for wannabe bloggers.

The ideas can help you break into the online writing industry in case you feel stuck. According to Gina, her list is likely to spark some sensational and fresh freelance writing ideas.

Free Online Courses Work At Home For Virtual Assistants

19. Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Career

jumpstart your virtual assistant business

Now that business owners prefer to hire remote workers to play personal assistants and customer support agents, virtual assistants are becoming popular by the day.

These remote workers do everything from offering customer support to administrative duties right from home.

If you are interested, consider signing up for Gina Horkey’s Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Career course.

The free 5-lesson virtual assistant course focuses on the following:

  • 1 – Achieving virtual assistant success in 30 days
  • 2 – 150+ virtual assistant services
  • 3 – Self-assessment as a virtual assistant
  • 4 – Defining your goal as a virtual assistant
  • 5 – Success stories

20. How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you enjoy working from home as a virtual assistant, why don’t you sell Pinterest services?

I’m suggesting you become a Pinterest virtual assistant, and I have the perfect free online course for you.

I recommend Megan Haskin’s How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Megan explains the following in the free course:

  • Where to work as a Pinterest virtual assistant
  • How to do it
  • Services to offer
  • How to land clients
  • Growing a client-freelancer relationship
  • Pinterest bet practices

Free Work From Home Online Courses For Social Media Influencers

21. How to Land Big Brand Deals in 5 Simple Steps

Have you wished to work with mega-brands on social media? Do you want to attract the best-paying brand deals?

Then learn from Jules Solomon by signing up for her free training, How to Land Big Brand Deals in 5 Simple Steps.

Here are the five steps that Jules explains in the online course:

  • 1 – Essentials for your feed
  • 2 – Creating the most convincing pitch
  • 3 – Reasons why most media kits fail and how you can stand out
  • 4 – Four essential pitch blocks
  • 5 – Perfect template for a successful pitch

22. 4 Reasons You’re Not Making Money on Instagram

Are you wondering why you are not making money on Instagram? Then ask Natalie Ellis.

The entrepreneurial woman has close to $2 million Instagram followers. She shares some insights on making money on Instagram through her free course, 4 Reasons You’re Not Making Money on Instagram.

Natalie not only reveals four significant reasons why you are not making money on Instagram, but she also goes ahead to give you a content strategy. Some of the things she insists on are:

  • Monetizing your Instagram audience
  • Owning your niche
  • Strategies for showing up quickly and regularly

Other Free Online Courses Work At Home

23. Free Amazon FBA Starter Course – Best Free Online Course For Work At Home Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon is one of the world’s largest shopping platforms, so selling there is a fantastic opportunity.

They now have a seller’s service called FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) that allows you to send items you want to sell on Amazon to a fulfillment center.

Amazon then takes care of the logistics (storage/warehousing, packaging, labeling, and shipping).

If you are interested in pursuing FBA selling, learn from the Selling Family. They run a free 9-part Amazon FBA Starter Video Course that explains everything about the business idea.

By entering your name and email address, you can sign up for the course for free.

24. Into to Voice-Over Mini-Course – Best Free Online Course For Work At Home Voice-Over Actors

Do people tell you that you have a distinctively-gorgeous voice? Do they tell you that you should give radio broadcasting a try or create an audiobook?

How about you try voice-over acting too? You are required to lend your voice for commercials, and you get paid.

The pay for voice-overs is outrageous since you can make as much as $100 a minute.

Are you interested? Then sign up for Julie Eickhoff’s Intro to Voice-Over Mini-Course.

Some of the things Julie covers in this free course are:

  • What’s a voice-over, and how does it work?
  • The skills you need
  • How you can find voice-over gigs
  • How much you can make as a voice-over artist

25. The Bookkeepers’ Free Course – Best Free Online Course For Work At Home Bookkeepers

Lastly, if you are interested in pursuing virtual bookkeeping but do not have the training, the Bookkeepers’ Free Classes are a perfect starting point.

The free 3-part online video series covers all the basics you need to start working as a bookkeeper from home.

The founder, Ben Robinson, is an experienced bookkeeper who has been teaching bookkeeping for many years.

Robinson shares the following in this course:

  • How you can do bookkeeping from home
  • Ways you can make money as a virtual bookkeeper
  • How you can become an own boss as a virtual bookkeeper

Bonus – Free Online Courses With Certificate To Help Remote Work At Home

Consider checking out your preferred online course on any of these places:


You now have 25 free online courses work at home. You can pick whatever works for you before you can start looking for remote jobs.

I hope that the online course you go for can make you a better remote worker or entrepreneur. They are all free, and so you lose nothing by signing up.

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25 Best Free Work At Home Online Courses for Beginners

Can free scopist training give me complete knowledge?

Yes, for example, the Internet Scoping School free mini-course in 7 days can give you a lot of knowledge for work, from the basics to potential earnings.

Do I need special equipment or software to take the courses?

Most courses can be taken using a computer with an Internet connection. Some courses may require special software or tools, which are usually available for free or at a low cost.


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