Is Legit Or A Scam? (Goherenext Review)

Is Legit Or A Scam? (Goherenext Review)

Is goherenext legit?

If you ever tried to open the website, you noticed the pop-up dialog box asks for personal information and says you are meeting a guy who built a billion-dollar company. The introductory part of the site leaves you wondering: is Legit?

Goherenext is a legit multi-level marketing business that sells real Shaklee products. There is no proof that the company is illegitimate, but that does not mean it’s a way to get rich quickly.

Whether you have heard it on radio commercials or seen it being advertised online, is a famous platform among individuals interested in making extra cash online.

If you are interested in learning more about the site and its review, keep reading.

Is Legit? (Going Into the Details)

Goherenext has been in existence for quite some time now. There have been major complaints about the site but no proof of being illegitimate.

It is a legit business that works on a Multi-level Marketing system selling legit Shaklee products. However, there are concerns about the company’s popularity and business model.

If the company would be more focused on recruiting, it would be easy to point out illegitimacy but being a Multi-Level Marketing company, it is acceptable in the market. Now that they sell genuine products from Shaklee its is hard to call them a pyramid scheme.

However, before joining the business, it is essential to understand how it works and the amount of work you will put in before you receive your first cheque.

What Is Goherenext?

Goherenext is a Multi-Level Marketing company that recruits sales representatives to pitch Shaklee’s products.

Once you are recruited, your job is to aggressively sell products to family members and friends. You will be required to pitch products through phone calls or home visitation.

Moreover, money is earned through commission or monthly bonuses depending on sales and rank.

You are also allowed to refer and promote the company’s products and earn money online. The amount of money you make from Goherenext is dependent on the sales you drive or sales/refers made from your referrals.

To join the site and access products, one pays a monthly fee of $47.What products does Goherenext pitch

What Products Does Goherenext Sell?

The site sells Shaklee products. You might wonder what/who Shaklee is, but don’t worry, I will discuss it in the next section.

These products are divided into five major categories and are all based on natural ingredients.

Shaklee Product Categories

1. Nutrition Products

These consist of naturally nourishing products that supercharge your immune system and provides a daily nutritional strip. They include multivitamins, regimens, shakes, glucose regulators, and prenatal products.

2.Weight products

Most of the products in this category assist in weight loss and management. Examples include weight loss kits, weight loss shakes, and whey smoothies.

3. Beauty Products

Beauty products are provided in a wide range of makeup accessories, personalized regimens, anti-aging, and hydrating collections.

4. Sports products

These include recovery, performance, and hydration boosters.

5. Green Products

All green products are made with natural ingredients safe for your home and the environment. They consist of Basic h2 Biodegradable Cleaner, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, hand wash, germicide, etc.

What Is Shaklee?

Shaklee Corporation is a multi-level marketing company that was founded in 1976 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee. The company recruits people to sell its collection of products and earn a commission.

The products sold are believed to help with specific nutritional and environmental issues such as aging and weight management.

Shaklee’s offices are situated in Pleasanton, California, but the company has been operating in seven countries since 2018 when Mexico was suspended. It is now active in six countries, including

  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Indonesia

Once you become a Shaklee distributor, you earn anywhere from 16% to 36% for selling any of their products.

Since the 1980s, the company has had major success stories hence attracting more and more online distributors. For instance, in 1982, Shaklee was named a fortune 500 corporation 2000, it was certified as a climate-neutral company for offsetting its carbon emissions.

What is Shaklee?

Knowing that the company has been in existence for more than 55 years now, you would question the relation with Goherenext.

Goherenext was founded and is still under the management of Roger Barnett, the current CEO of Shaklee.

What Is Goherenext Website?

If you type Goherenext on any internet browser, three sites are likely to pop up. Two of these are not the real Goherenext sites, and you should be careful not to be scammed.

The real site is The one with .net as the domain name is a different company, while Goherenexts is a travel blog.

Once you visit the real site, it redirects you to, where you are required to fill in your personal information then watch the billionaire video of Roger Barnett.

However, because it’s an online business giving personal information might be risky. Therefore, run an internet search and see people’s testimonials regarding the company.

How Do I Make Money On Goherenext?

It is relatively easy to make money on Multi-level marketing sites if you are an aggressive salesperson. The real question here is, can you convince people to buy products or refers others to the business?

If you are a good salesperson, you can earn money at Goherenext by referring someone or selling Shaklee products to family and friends.

The job involves making aggressive calls and house visitations, so you have to love talking to different people.

A small commission is paid for every task you perform without considering the number of hours you spend working. Therefore, the idea is not time but making most sales either by yourself or through referrals.

You also have to consider whether the amount of money you make can sustain your living standards or it’s just an additional passive income.

How Much Can I Make In A Month With Goherenext?

It’s not a definitive figure, but most beginners will make between $100 to $200 a month. However, their websites mention that distributors earn up to $1500 a month. In my opinion, because selling is hard, for you to make $1500 you will take time, and you shouldn’t have extreme expectations.

From Barnet’s story, you promised to make more than $10,000 per month, but this is highly dependent on your work or your rank as a distributor.

What To Like About Goherenext?

The company sells Shaklee’s products and is an accredited business. This proves legitimate products because Shaklee is a popular brand with more than 55+ functional years.

Additionally, the company was rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau and has received positive reviews from some of its clients.

What Red Flags Should I Worry About?

Even though Goherenext is a legitimate business, there are red flags that you can consider before joining.

1. The deal seems too good

Once you register, the company promises to teach you how to make $10000 per month while working online. This is based on a case study of Mr. X, who doesn’t disclose identity unless you know who it is.

The promise might be very attractive, but selling is hard, and making $10000 per month would be close to impossible.

2. Personal Information is required

It is very risky to give personal information like names, email, and phone numbers online. To join Goherenext, you must provide your email and phone numbers.

Is at safe give personal information on goherenext?


If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to steal from you or harass your family. Additionally, the company could stress you out with random sales messages through your email or phone number.

3. The website does seem legit

A complete website always has an ‘about us’ section that gives more information about the business. However, redirects you to the page

You have to e careful about this because most scammers will use different domain names and redirected links to harass or steal from you.

And if this was not the case. Redirection from the leading Goherenext site would prove that the site is marketing products from a different site pushing distributors further down in the business chain.

4. There are subscription Charges

It would be devastating to pay $47 per month or $600 per year and not make enough to compensate and make a profit. Considering that beginners pay this amount, that is a lot of money for someone who hasn’t sold a single item.

5. Lack of social Media Presence

In the current world, legit businesses have invested in social media presence in popular platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. However, has no single account with any of these platforms.

6. Not Recommended in Reddit and Quora

Before trusting online sites, most people will check reviews on Quora and Reddit. Goherenext has very minimal reviews on these platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Join This Platform?

The platform does not provide enough information to be trusted. I don’t think it is safe to join a forum that requires your personal information, either.

Also, when you look at the site, it doesn’t seem to change or have any activity. Even though this should be a personal decision, you cannot trust a seemingly dormant site.

2. Is Goherenext Worth It?

If you genuinely love marketing products to family and friends, you could try this business. However, it is too much of a risk because you will spend money and time, and none is guaranteed back after the long days and weeks of toil.

3. How Long Will I Take Before I Make Money On Goherenext?

Goherenext provides the type of business that might work for highly ranked people but, on the other hand, frustrates beginners.

To make money from a solid line, it might take 3 to 5 years of consistent selling. If you are lucky, it will take a shorter period.

4. Who Owns the Business?

Goherenext is owned by Roger Barnett, the current CEO of Shaklee.


Multi-level marketing businesses make money by growing their downline. Goherenext has taken advantage of this chance to recruit more people and ensure they join different companies through their names.

This ensures that they earn more money through referrals and sales made under their name. Therefore, if you ever wondered, is legit?

It is a legitimate business rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. They also have positive reviews from some of their clients.

Moreover, the company sells Shaklee’s products, a well-known company that has been active in six different markets for more than 55 years.

However, before joining Goherenext, there are things you need to be careful about. Joining the website requires the provision of personal information and also a monthly subscription fee of $47.

Additionally, the site does not have much activity, and once you log in, you are redirected to a different link.

Even though there are a lot of promises to make money from this site, you should be careful since you could lose time and money over promises.

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  • Check Quora for goherenext reviews.
  • If you are willing to try Goherenext you can register here.
  • You can learn more about Shaklee on their official site
How is useful for me?

If you want to be a reseller, this site will help you get started promoting Shaklee products. The essence of your job will be to sell goods to family members and friends. You will need to promote products over the phone or in a home visit.

Is Shaklee a pyramid scheme?

No, Shaklee is not a pyramid scheme. Shaklee is a legitimate direct-selling company offering various health and wellness products.


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