Is Ezoic Company Legit? (The Complete Ezoic Review)

Is Ezoic Company Legit? (The Complete Ezoic Review)

is ezoic company legit

I’ve been using Ezoic for more than two years, and I must admit that it’s such a commendable addition to my sources of passive income. From my experience, this ad network is for publishers who want to make more money than they would with Google AdSense. But is Ezoic Company legit?

Ezoic is a legit company that offers you the opportunity to monetize your website’s traffic with display advertisements. With its easy-to-set up system and helpful account managers, Ezoic gets you started with monetization so you can start making money right away. They have better EPMV pay on time.

In this guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about Ezoic to help you determine whether it’s a good advertisement network to use.

In particular, you’ll learn:

  • What Ezoic is
  • Ezoic requirements
  • How long it takes to get Ezoic approval
  • Ezoic payment methods
  • And so much more

In short, if you want to learn everything about getting started with Ezoic advertising network, you will find this Ezoic review helpful.

Ezoic Company Review: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re new to blogging or you have a site that’s already beginning to gain traction, learning about Ezoic ad network will help you decided whether to include it in your list of monetization option. 

I should say that Ezoic has been such an amazing platform for my sites so far. So if you’re just wondering whether it’s legit and worth it before you get started, I can tell you with confidence that Ezoic is going to be worth your time. So click here to get started for free.

What’s Ezoic? 

Founded in 2010, Ezoic is a platform built to help publisher monetize their traffic with ads and make money in passive income.

With Ezoic, you get access to a complete set of tools to optimize your website for speed and configure add placements for more earnings.

There’s no limit to who can join the platform. In fact, ever since Ezoic removed the 10,000 pageviews requirement, anyone with a website can join the network through the Access Now program.

As I mentioned, I’ve been with Ezoic for more than two years. And I can tell you with utmost confidence that if you’re looking for an ad network that’s not only easy-to-setup but also easy to use, you should definitely consider this one.

What Set of Tools Does Ezoic Provide?

Ezoic wants to make sure you get the most out of their advertising program. That’s why they provide you with a set of tools necessary to improve your site’s performance and earn more money in ad revenue.

Some of these tools include:

1. Ezoic Ad Tester

Ezoic stands out from many popular advertising networks such as Google AdSense and because its system includes an advanced Ad Tester. 

The Ad Tester uses a data-driven artificial intelligence to determine ad placement. Through machine learning, Ezoic can determine how, where, and when to place ads on your website.

To be clear, Ezoic Ad Tester is an automated system.

That means once you have Ezoic completely setup on your site, the Ad Tester will do the A/B testing for you to determine how, where, and when to display advertisements in your posts and/or pages.

In action, the tester split tests ad destiny, visitor behavior, ad location, and then configures what to show to what visitor. 

Keep in mind that the ad configuration is dynamic.

As you continue to grow your website and more visitors keep coming to your website, Ezoic will get more data to feed its AI, which is very essential in improving add performance so that you can make more money.

Thanks to Ezoic’s Ad Tester, your website will:

  • Have a better user experience, which will in turn lead to more engagement
  • Have an increase in the revenue, not to mention that your EMPV might even increase with time

2. Site Speed Tool

You can have the greatest content on your website. But if the site is slow, your target audience won’t access the posts you’ve tirelessly worked on to share with the world.

And like I’ve said time and again:

If visitors can’t access your website, they will click back and look for alternative websites that can serve their requests.

What’s worse? Google noticed the pogo sticking, and they’re more than likely to drop your site in the SERPs.

With Ezoic, though, you don’t have to worry about site speed.

They have a site speed and caching tool, which you can use to improve the speed of your site.

Based on my personal testing, their cashing system improved the speed of my site by up to 80%, making it easy for my visitors to access content on my site any time.

The only issue I have with this site speed tool is that it’s not free. Even then, there’s a 7-day trial within which you can decide whether the tool is worth it in the first place.

3. Big Data Analytics

The Big Data Analytics is a data-rich technology built into the Ezoic system. With this tool, you get access to ads data such as revenue by device used and revenue by landing pages.

This is the kind of data that you can’t track in your free Google Analytics account.

Ezoic vs Mediavine

I’ve had people ask me which ad network to consider between Ezoic and Mediavine. And I think it’s important if we look at the difference between the two.

Ezoic vs AdSense

After comparing Ezoic and AdSense, I found Ezoic to be much better. You can expect better EMPV with Ezoic, especially if you have high quality content on your site.

 Ezoic NetworkMedivine Network
Requirements0 to 10,000 pageviews per monthSite must have a traffic of 50,000 pageviews a month
ApprovalTakes 48 hours to 10 days to approveApproval to Mediavine can take up to 4 weeks
EarningsOffers mid-range earnings to publishersOffers the best in-class earnings to publishers
AdsAI optimized ads that can be intrusiveThey offer continually optimized ads
SetupOffers easy installation setup and help from account managersOffers easy installation  guide as well as manage set up

Ezoic Requirements

Make sure you meet the following requirements before joining the Ezoic advertising program:

  • Your site should have a minimum of 10,000 pageviews per month. Or you can use the Access Now program if your site currently gets less traffic
  • Your website must adhere to Google’s advertising policy
  • The content on your website must be original and unique
  • Traffic coming to your website must be identifiable. In other words, it should be human and shouldn’t violate common web policies
  • Your website must have a good standing with Google if it already has an existing Google AdSense account.

If you’re sure your site meets all these conditions, and you have incoming traffic that you would like to monetize, click here to start with Ezoic.

How Long Does Ezoic Approvals Take?

If you have an account that gets 10,000 pageviews or more per month, click here to sign up. Ezoic ad network has a fast approval rate for such kind of already established sites.

Once you sign up, configure your account, and configure your website, you can expect Ezoic approval within 48 hour.  

On the other hand, if have a growing site that’s yet to hit the 10,000 pageviews threshold, join Ezoic through the Access Now Program.

Keep in mind that the Access Now program requires you to take a course, which will require a review after completion. Also, publishers in this program should wait for up to 10 days for approval to join Ezoic monetization.

How Much Can You Make With Ezoic?

How much you can make with Ezoic depends on the amount of traffic you drive to your site and the EPMV in your niche.

Don’t expect to earn much if your site is in the Access Now program.

Expect to make anything between $20 and $70 per month for 10,000 pageviews, but this will increase as you EMPV go higher.

Also, it’s best to invest time in growing your site’s size by creating high quality content and promoting your site so you can get more traffic. This will go a long way to make sure you make more money with Ezoic.

How Much Does Ezoic Pay for 1,000 Views?

This is a question to which “it depends” is the best possible answer.

In fact, how much Ezoic pays per 1,000 pageviews depends on:

  • The niche you create content for
  • Where your blog traffic is coming from, with the EMPV being higher for sites getting US traffic. EPMV starts from $0.3 to $10 per 1,000 page views.
  • The viewport size of the page
  • The bounce rate for a given page, with higher bounce rate attracting a lower rate
  • Type of ad (can be native, display, or inline)
  • Upstream traffic source and
  • The number of ads Ezoic shows to each user during their session

As you can see, there are quite so many parameters that Ezoic uses to determine your EMP.

Ezoic Support

You can get Ezoic support from here. You will find many useful tutorials and videos, which should be enough to address any issue you might have.

Also, you can open a support ticket if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Knowledge Base. For this, you’ll open an article on the support page, scroll further down, and click the “Get in Touch” option.

Or you can chat with a live person during the office hours.

Ezoic Payment Methods

As of this writing, Ezoic ad network has three payment methods. You can get your payment via:

  • Direct deposit
  • Check or
  • PayPal

To qualify for a payment, your account should have a minimum of $20, which is the standard threshold set by the company. That’s lower than the $100 cap set by Google AdSense, making Ezoic a suitable option for beginners.

The company sends payment between 27th and 31st of each month for the revenue earned in the previous month.  

Final Thoughts

I can say for certain that Ezoic is a legit company that lets you monetize your website traffic with displays. You will love them because they’re less strict on who can join them.

So if you have a blog that’s gets less than 10,000 pageviews per month, you can still make money with their ad network.

Even more, you can now use the new EzoicAds unique tools to optimize your website: LEAP for site speed, Flickify for video creation from articles, Humix for video monetization, and NicheIQ for SEO optimization!

What are the main Ezoic payment methods?

Ezoic’s main payment methods are Direct deposit, Check or PayPal. Therefore, you can choose the option that suits you best.

How much can you earn with Ezoic?

The amount you can earn with Ezoic depends on various factors such as your website traffic, ad placement, and ad performance. Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad placement and performance, which can increase your website’s revenue. Some publishers are reporting a 50% increase in ad revenue after switching to Ezoic.

Ezoic is a legit company that offers you the opportunity to monetize your website’s traffic with display advertisements. With its easy-to-set-up system and helpful account managers, Ezoic gets you started with monetization so you can start making money right away.
Ezoic is a legit company that offers you the opportunity to monetize your website’s traffic with display advertisements. With its easy-to-set-up system and helpful account managers, Ezoic gets you started with monetization so you can start making money right away.


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