Is Ezoic Better Than AdSense? (The Complete Comparison 2022)

Is Ezoic Better Than AdSense? (The Complete Comparison 2022)

is ezoic better than adsense

Nothing makes blogging more fulfilling than finally being able to monetize incoming traffic with display advertisements. But with Ezoic and AdSense being the two most popular options on the table, it’s can be challenging to tell exactly what a better option is. So, is Ezoic better than AdSense?

Ezoic is better than AdSense because they pay more per 1,000 page views. With their AI system in place, Ezoic can customize your ads in such a way that they enhance user experience while increasing your earnings by up to 200%. Even their EPMV increases with the help of IA so you can earn more.

I’ve tried both advertising networks on my blogs, but I often ended up seeing a lot less Earnings per Thousand Views with AdSense compared to Ezoic.

So if you have a website that has started to get visitors already, and you’re wondering which network to choose between the two, I’d strongly recommend that you choose Ezoic over AdSense.

Ezoic vs AdSense: What the Differences?

Whether you should go with Ezoic or AdSense is a decision I can’t make for you. But I can tell you the difference between the two to help you decide which ad network to use.

Here’s a table summarizing the Ezoic vs AdSense comparison:

 Ezoic NetworkGoogle AdSense
RequirementsYour site needs least 10,000 view per month No more pageview requirements!No pageviews mentioned. Focuses on quality content
EarningsBased on the 1,000 pageviews  metricBased on impressions per 1,000 views and Cost Per Click
Payment ThresholdYou must have at least $20 in your account to get paidYou need a minimum balance of $100 to get paid
Ad PlacementYou have control over the number of ads  to display on your blogYou don’t  have control over the advertisements on your niche website 
Site SpeedUses LEAP technology to improve your website’s speedDoesn’t have a system in place to optimize your website for speed
Banning AccountEzoic will send you a written notice of suspicious activities in your ads accountAdSense reserves the right to ban your account even without prior notice 

As you can see from the comparison table above, Ezoic seems to be a better option to consider than Google AdSense is.

Not only does it calculate your earnings based on pageviews, you also don’t have to worry about them closing your account without giving you an explanation for doing so.

Payment threshold is also a factor to consider when choosing an ad network. While both ad networks pay on a monthly basis, the threshold placed by AdSense is too high, which means longer waiting time for those who still don’t drive a lot of traffic to their site yet.

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How is Ezoic Better than AdSense? (5 Reasons to Switch to Ezoic)

If you ask anyone in the Internet marketing community what ad network they would prefer between Ezoic and AdSense, many publishers would opt for Ezoic.

Here’s why:

1. Ezoic Uses Artificial Intelligence to Increase Your Site’s Earnings

Ezoic is far much better than AdSense because they use an artificial intelligent system to not only increase business traffic but also boost revenue.

The AI does this by testing ads on different locations on your website and then tracks performance to understand the right ads position for your website.

Why is Ezoic doing this?

First, Ezoic wants to save you the frustrations of manual A/B testing, which is not only technically challenging but also time-consuming.

Second, they want to make sure that ads don’t come in the way of user experience. So your readers can enjoy the content you create for them without the ads on the page being a bother.

And that means you will never have to worry about your Google’s traffic plummeting, regardless of the number of changes the company makes to their search algorithm.

2. Ezoic Uses Leap to Boost Site Speed

There was a period when Ezoic sucked big time.

New and established publishers from all over the world had one complaint about the Ezoic system.

It slowed down websites.

Fortunately, the introduction of Leap turned the tables around, and now Ezoic doesn’t seem to suck up website speeds as it used to do in the past.

Leap is a technology built to boost website speed by reducing page load time.

With this technology, you can expect better Core Web Vital scores, which is the measure Google uses to evaluate page performance and overall user experience.

Of course, a good CWV score combined with solid on-page SEO for your website can go a long way to boost your rankings in Google search and even bring you more website traffic. 

3. Ezoic Features a Testing Tool for SEO

I’ve had people ask me if they can use Ezoic to increase their website traffic. And my answer to this question is a straight NO.

Let me explain.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about finding the right position for ad placement. In fact, it starts right from a conception stage, where you have to do keyword research to find topic to create content around within a specific niche.

Ezoic doesn’t have a tight place where serious SEO is concerned. After all, it is a monetization system that allows publishers to earn money from the traffic they’ve already driven to the site.

However, they do have a nifty tool called “Tag Tester”, which can be quite helpful in A/B testing the title tags of your posts and pages.

With the Tag Tester, you can try out different version of your posts or pages titles to determine which ones perform better in terms of bringing visitors to your website.

4. Ezoic Assigns You an Accounts Manager

Figuring Ezoic out on your own, especially if you hate the technical stuff, can be a challenge of its own kind.

However, you don’t have to scratch your head if you can’t figure things out on your own.

Ezoic will give you an account manager who will not only answer the questions that you have but also help you with setup and integration.

Expect the communication between you and your manager to be swift. Not to mention you can ask them anything at any time if you’re not so sure about something that concerns the network.

One of the best things about your account manager is that they will make sure you’re up to date with information about the Ezoic platform. Besides helping you understand things that seem unclear, they will also send you updates if there’s anything new at Ezoic.

5. Better EPMV and Timely Payments

It’s hard to skip Ezoic for Google AdSense because they offer better earnings per 1,000 views. Not to mention that your rate can increase with time.

If you’re unsure, switch to Ezoic for at least a month and then compare the earning with what you get from Google Ads.

You will definitely see the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use Ezoic Without AdSense?

You can use Ezoic even if you don’t have an AdSense account, but your website must be in compliance with both Ezoic and Google’s ad policies.

According to Ezoic, adhering to the policies of the two ad networks allow the company to offer better optimization and serving. 

2. How Much Can You Make With Ezoic?

How much you can make with Ezoic depends on your site’s traffic.

With the help of the network’s AI, which finds the correct position to place ads, you can expect an EPMV of $6 to $7.

That means if your site gets a monthly traffic of 10,000 views per month, your earnings will more than likely be between $60 and $70.

Keep in mind that these are just approximation, with the most important metric to determine how much you can make with Ezoic being the monthly traffic that your site gets. 

3. How Many Pageviews Do You Need for Ezoic?

It used to be that your website must have at least 10,000 pageviews to monetize with Ezoic ad network.

Things are different now.

The Ezoic monetization options are available even for sites that get zero visits.

However, sites that don’t get at least  10,000 pageviews per month can only join the program through Access Now, which is a program build for sites that aren’t getting 10,000+ pageviews yet.

4. Is Ezoic a Trustworthy Advertising Network? 

Ezoic is a trustworthy advertising network that you can use to monetize your traffic.

Having lowered their membership requirements in terms of pageviews and making the network accessible via the Access Now program, anyone who wants to monetize their website can benefit a lot from the program.

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Final Thoughts

From my experience, Ezoic is better than AdSense because they have better EPMV, which means you can good money from little traffic.

I also love it because of the AI ad experiments. With the brand doing that work for me, I don’t have to worry about A/B testing ads to know where to place them for better results.

Again, even small sites, which get less than 10,000 pageviews per month can join Ezoic and access their monetization features through the Access Now program. 

After a while, you might even get invited to the EzoicAds Premium program and get hand-picked higher paying ads on your websites.

Is Ezoic monetization better than AdSense?

The unequivocal answer is Ezoic is better than AdSense because they pay more for 1000 page views.

What is Ezoic minimum traffic?

Ezoic does not have a minimum traffic requirement for publishers to use their platform. They offer their services to websites of all sizes and traffic levels, from small blogs to large-scale enterprise websites. However, to get the most out of Ezoic’s platform, it is recommended that websites have at least 10,000 monthly visitors.


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