How To Make $50 A Day On Mturk Easily (The Ultimate Guide)

How To Make $50 A Day On Mturk Easily (The Ultimate Guide)

How to make $50 a day on MTurk

Are you working on Amazon as a turker? You need the money you make online, and perhaps you are wondering how to make $50 a day on MTurk.

If you have heard of others who are able to pull this amount daily, you might wonder how they do it. Moreover, you might even feel that it is near impossible. Well, there is a secret, and you too can dig into the tactics and get to that level.

To discover how you can be better at your turking jobs so that you can eventually smile on your payday, please keep reading.

What is MTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a marketplace for you to pick small jobs, micro-tasks, which you can easily perform and get a paid. The platform allows businesses across the world to outsource their work, thereby enhancing crowdsourcing. Therefore, this site allows you to earn money through passive income.

If you enjoy performing small tasks that require less time to complete, you can try MTurk. Moreover, you can enjoy working on this platform at your own convenience.

This means that the stay-at-home moms and those who enjoy the beauty and flexibility of working from the comfort of their homes have a great opportunity of getting extra cash.

Also, businesses enjoy great benefits from MTurk. They can get the expertise they need, knowledge, and the intelligence required to properly complete their processes. Moreover, outsourcing from this platform helps them reduce costs and save on time.

Evidently, human intelligence is appreciated on the site since the tasks aren’t allocated to machines.

Additionally, there are very high chances of getting online money-making opportunities on this site since there are thousands of jobs daily; you choose what to perform. Therefore, you can either get a side hustle here or develop a full-time job out of it.

So, how can you join? The first thing you’ll do is visit the MTurk website from your browser, then make a choice out of the two options available; either an employee or an applicant. Since you want to make money from the site, you will click on “Build a Worker Account,” enter your personal details, then click on “Build my Amazon Account.”

As you can see, creating this account isn’t a difficult task.

However, joining the platform to make money is enough. To make the $50 daily, you need to be smart and know the essential tips that can help increase your earnings.

Before you find out how to maximize your earnings on MTurk, how about you discover how the marketplace works?

How Does MTurk Work?

MTurk works by allowing developers and businesses to outsource different kinds of works from their marketplace. Also, it pays individuals who perform small tasks that can be chosen from the thousands available daily.

On this platform, any assignments that you should complete are referred to as HITs. From these, you can understand the exact manner in which you are supposed to perform the task, the amount of money you will gain from it, and the duration for each.

Once you are done with a task, you send it to the one who requested it. You will then get a review from him or her and get your HIT accepted. Acceptance of your job means you can now get paid.

Therefore, if you want to increase the amount of money you earn from MTurk, it is evident that HITs are a breakthrough. Ensure you successfully complete a good number to get a boost on your profits.

On average, you can earn anywhere between $2-5 hourly rate. However, this amount varies depending on the type of task you complete, meaning your earning can even be more than these.

What Jobs Can You Do on MTurk?

There are thousands of jobs you can do on MTurk. The options to choose from include; conducting surveys, transcription, research, working on excel spreadsheets, explaining search engines, choosing photos, clean-up tasks, data verification, writing content e.t.c. You can complete these tasks and get paid.

The jobs on this platform are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). This shows that as much as technology is advancing greatly and numerous inventions and creations, some jobs still need human intelligence.

The good news is, each assignment you perform has its own price tag. As you had already learned, there is a set time for you to complete it.

The ones who post these HITs are “requesters.” Therefore, once the tasks are up, you can go through the available list, accept what suits you, successfully complete it, submit it, then wait for your payment.

8 Tips on How to Make $50 a Day on MTurk

1. Choose Well-Paying HITs

When you have HITs that pay you well, it is no doubt you can reach your $50 daily target easily.

It is a wise idea to check the payout before you commit to completing a task. This is important since it can help you figure out the number of hours you need to get the amount of money you want at the end of the day. You don’t want to spend your day behind the computer on a HIT that won’t give you the money you want.

With the goal set at $50 a day, you should use your time wisely. Therefore, if you have only 5 hours to do this, ensure you make $10 per hour. This calls for selecting a HIT with an hourly rate to help you achieve this, and batches can help do the trick.

Choose you Hits wisely

2.Install Browser Extensions

This is a mandatory step for you to make good money on MTurk. If you hadn’t figured how you could make that $50 daily, utilize browser extensions to get there. They will help you be more efficient.

Imagine how simple it is to get search and preview HITs with the help of a browser extension. When you take advantage of them, you end up saving more time; you get the HITs fast, complete them successfully, and make money fast without time wastage when searching for the jobs you can do.

3. Target a HIT Number

As you now know, the more the number of HITs, the more money you earn. Therefore, to make the $50 a day from MTurk, ensure you set a target of the number of HITs you must complete.

Plus, there is no harm in exceeding your target. A little extra money doesn’t hurt. Therefore, efficiently spend your time turking, with a target number in mind, and you will achieve your goal.

4. Enhance Your Accessibility and Availability

In most cases, you will get good-paying HITs on business working hours, on weekdays. Why not avail yourself during these periods so you can get good jobs from requesters. Take advantage and be more accessible to get that $50 a day on MTurk.

Besides, making that amount will require you to be available. This means you have to set hours aside to get the tasks done so you can get the pay.

5. Get Into the Forums

If you want to get the best HITs that can help you make $50 a day, you need to take advantage of the MTurk forums. They provide communities and threads that can keep you posted and updated on which HITs you can complete increasing your earnings.

Therefore, you can get into forums such as Turkerview, MTurk Forum and MTurk Crowd to get such vital information that can help you get to that goal.

There is also a well informed Mturk community on Reddit.

The good thing with turkers is when they get good HITs, some are willing to share, so take advantage.

Register on MTurk

6. Qualifications are Key

Being in a position of making $50 daily on MTurk requires you to have more qualifications. You can boost your qualification by including your location, age, experience, and skills in your profile.

When you have a good profile and have the qualifications too, you are at an advantage since you can now be among the individuals whose requesters restrict their tasks to you, and this is a great opportunity for making some extra money.

7. Improve Your Skills

Getting to that target of $50 daily might at times require you to work hard for it. You can do this by improving your skills. This way, you are better positioned to work your way to the top and get good HITs that can pay you at a rate that helps you get where you want.

Remember, when you improve your skills, you get to boost your qualifications, and as you had seen, this places you ahead of other turkers.

8. Beware of Scams

Like any other online job, there are scammers on this marketplace too. As much as there are so many positive ends to this, some people tend to spoil it.

Therefore, you need to be very careful when you are on your journey to hitting the $50 daily mark. Be on the lookout for the red flags and always be cautious.

If you come across a requester who insists on you providing personal information such as your name, bank details, and other sensitive information, keep off.

Therefore, to be safe, you can stick to requesters whose HIT approval rates are high and those with High Activity Levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can You Make on MTurk?

The amount you can make on MTurk isn’t fixed. It depends on a number of things, from how determined you are, the number of HITs you complete, and the amount of time you are willing to set aside to get the tasks done. However, with the average earning at $2-5 per hour, you have a chance to increase your income.

The good news with the marketplace is that you always have money-making opportunities because of the availability of tasks to perform daily. Therefore, to increase your earning potential, aim at successfully completing more HITs.

Can You Make a Living on MTurk?

You can have a side job on MTurk as you have another formal employment elsewhere. The platform has an average earning of $2-5 per hour depending on your ability to secure good-paying HITs and the number of hours you spend; some workers can make more than the average amount. However, you are not safeguarded by several labor protections.

Therefore, working on MTurk as a side job is possible but making a living on it can be tricky. Remember, there are cases when your job can be rejected, and you get no pay.

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If you have always wondered how to make $5o a day on MTurk, you can try any of the tips mentioned. Some are simple and basic, such as increasing the number of HITs. However, you should ensure you give it your best and utilize your time wisely while at it.

On the other hand, some might require you to be extra such as increasing your skills to boost your qualifications. Furthermore, you should be on the lookout for scammers.

Therefore, if you set realistic and achievable goals, you can get small tasks to perform on MTurk, and get paid for them.

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How to make good Mturk earnings in one month?

The platform allows developers and enterprises to outsource various types of work from their market.

Is it possible to make $50 a day with Mturk?

It is possible to make $50 a day with Mturk, but it may require a significant amount of time and effort, as well as a strategic approach to selecting and completing high-paying tasks. Some experienced Mturk workers report earning over $50 per day, while others may struggle to reach this goal.


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