Highest Paying Scrap Metal Near Me (7 Valuable Scrap Metals)

Highest Paying Scrap Metal Near Me (7 Valuable Scrap Metals)

Highest Paying scrap metal near me

Do you want to make money out of your scrap metal? Then probably your online searches include the highest paying scrap metal near me.

If you have scrap metal laying around, maybe from a house renovation or your business dealing in manufactured goods with metal parts, you can turn them into cash.

With such thoughts, you should brace yourself with the knowledge on which scrap metals are most valuable around you. To discover more about this and how to get the best deal when selling your scrap metal, keep on reading.

7 Highest Paying Scrap Metal Near You.

The following is a list of scrap metals near you that can earn you great profits;

1. Copper Metal

When looking for the highest paying scrap metals near you, copper can’t miss on your list. It is among the metals that are commonly found around homes. Plus, it is one of those that scrap yards are commonly looking for.

This means that with copper, you can easily get value for your money because it is easily available and in great demand at the scrap yards too.

Wondering where you can source this metal? Think about your old electrical appliances. Do they lie around doing nothing? Those that are made of copper can earn you some good cash.

Also, if you have upgraded your plumbing, chances are, the old pipes replaced are made of copper. This is valuable when you take it to the scrap yard.

Therefore, a look around your home, especially renovation and upgrades, can result in copper pieces. Turn them into scrap and get some extra cash.

Sell copper scrap metal and make money

2. Silver Metal

With silver, you probably are thinking of getting it to the jewelry store for some good cash. Interestingly, if you opt to go to a scrap metal buyer instead, you might get good price offers for your silver pieces.

Also, if you plan on taking your silver pieces to a pawn shop, knowing that a scrap metal buyer can at times pay you a higher amount on the same might help change your mind.

Therefore, before you take your silver jewelry, medals, silverware, among others, in a jewelry store or pawn shop, check with the scrap metal buyer first. You can then compare the offers you get to determine which gives you good easy money.

3. Brass Metal

“Brass? Probably not in my house.” If this is your thought, you might be surprised to know that there are many old objects lying around your home that are either made of brass or contain its components.

From candlesticks, trophies, plates, door handles, bed frames to brass fittings. This metal could be anywhere at your place. Several ornamental items contain brass too.

So, suppose you have items that look like gold, especially when clean, but deep down, you are well aware they aren’t made of gold; chances are they are made of brass.

So, do your search and convert any old brass or its components into some good cash at the scrap yard.

4. Aluminium Metal

Aluminium is another metal near you that you can easily convert to get some great pay at the scrap yard.

Wondering where to get aluminium scrap? Your first thought can be the soft drink cans. These can indeed be recycled and become valuable again since they can be reused over and over.

However, other than aluminium cans and aluminium packaging, can you get other sources near you? Well, you can obtain scraps out of this metal from items lying around your home.

If you have old computers, bike frames, car parts, and any other electronic devices, you can harvest significant aluminium.

5. Stainless Steel

With so much stainless steel around you, the thought of it being less valuable might cross your mind. However, is this the entire truth about this metal that is commonly used and found within homes?

Well, if you have some stainless-steel pieces, you might be thrilled to know that there is some value attached to the metal. Why? Its components include other metals, from molybdenum, iron, chromium, to nickel, making it valuable.

Also, stainless steel has different grades with different values. This depends on the nickel content of the alloy.

Therefore, where can you get this scrap metal around you? If you have appliances made of stainless steel, kitchenware, machinery, and automotive parts made of stainless steel, you can make money easily from selling them to the scrap yard.

If you give the scrap metal buyer clean stainless steel, no doubt you’ll get a higher offer compared to one who takes an oily or greased metal to the scrap yard.

6. Lead Metal

This non-ferrous metal is very profitable when recycled. However, finding a pure source of metal can be a hassle.

Moreover, lead is highly toxic. Therefore, when handling pure lead scrap, ensure you take precautions. This is a very important measure to put into consideration.

You wouldn’t want this metal to contaminate your environment.

Furthermore, if you have lead scrap, be prepared for the difficulty you face while transporting it to the scrap yard. This is because the metal is very heavy.

However, since the demand for lead is high, why not go the extra mile to ensure you get it to the scrapyard? The money you make from it can be worth the struggle of locating its pure form and transporting it.

7. Gold Metal

 The last metal on this list is the precious, most valuable, but hard to find metal; gold. You can come by most of the other scrap metals easily, but you rarely do so when it comes to gold.

However, if you have old gold coins, gold jewelry, antique items, and old electronics with certain gold parts, you can go with them to the scrapyard and make some good cash out of them.

Remember, a lot more can be involved in addition to finding the gold items. You might need to research and put in some effort, especially when handling old gold electronics. Suppose you have certain computer parts made of gold; you will have to understand how well to harvest the gold out of it.

However, regardless of the amount of effort, time, and research you do to obtain the scrap metal, the return you get in cash from selling it can’t compare.

Since gold is very valuable, its scraps will likely fetch you great amounts of money compared to other scrap metals.

Sell scrap gold metal earn money

How Can I Get the Most Money Out of Scrap Metal?

With the knowledge of the type of scrap metals that can earn you easy cash at the scrapyard, how about you find out how you can maximize your profits in the process?

The following five tips can come in handy;

1. Accumulate Your Metal Scrap

When you come to the scrap yard with a huge load of metal scrap, there are higher chances you will earn more money compared to someone who brings in a smaller load.

Plus, with a huge load, you have greater negotiating power with the scrap metal buyer; he no doubt wants your business, so you earn great from it.

Furthermore, the buyer might be willing to lower his prices just to get a hold of your scrap metal.

Therefore, to get the most out of your scrap items, ensure you collect and accumulate as much as you can before heading to the scrap yard. This might take some time, but in the end, it will be worth the wait.

2. Know Your Metal

Before you head to the scrapyard, do your research. Be knowledgeable on the specific type of metal scrap you are taking to the buyer.

With thorough research, you will be aware of the true value of your piece and the prices for which you will sell it to the buyer.

Find out whether the metal is insulated and the specific type.

Also, prices vary depending on the grades and types of scrap metal. So, be conversant with this to avoid getting an offer that isn’t worth it.

3. Sort and Organize the Scrap Metal

Before heading to a scrap yard, ensure you separate, sort, and organize your scrap metal.

This is an important step since it will help you research to know the type of metal you are dealing with, and in turn, help you earn more. Plus, if the metals you take to the scrapyard are mixed, chances are, you will get a low value for your money.

Sell your scrap metal to earn money

There are different ways of sorting and organizing your scrap metal. You can decide to separate the magnetic from the non-magnetic metals using a magnet.

Once you have the ferrous and non-ferrous metals together, you can go ahead and separate them further by putting them into the respective metals, whether they belong to steel, lead, and so on.

On the other hand, you can sort the non-ferrous ones into brass, gold, copper, and aluminium.

4. Clean the Scrap Metal

When you take an oily or greased scrap metal to the scrapyard, chances are, you will get low pay.

On the other hand, cleaning the scrap metal items before going to the scrap yard can increase your chances of getting better money.

However, does this now mean you get your rubber gloves set for some thorough scrubbing session on the metals? Not exactly.

Getting rid of any paint or attachment on the metal could just do. This is important to avoid interference with the weight of the metal.

Also, you can ensure the scrap metal items are free from any grease or oil.

Notably, simple cleaning can do great in ensuring you get more money from scrap metal; just do it.

5. Know the Price and Fluctuations

Be up for negotiation to get the most money out of your scrap metal. This would mean getting to know the prices.

Additionally, since bigger scrap yards incur higher overhead costs, they might not offer you the most money since they may not be willing to negotiate. You might resort to getting a better deal at a smaller scrap yard instead.

Therefore, before you decide to go to a particular scrap yard, ensure you find out the prices and offers of other scrap yards.

Importantly, there are times when the prices might fluctuate. So, you should be aware of this.

Therefore, getting the most out of your scrap metal might involve additional steps and effort.

Conclusion: ”highest paying scrap metal near me”

At this point, you can tell the highest paying scrap metal that you can find easily around your home.

Therefore, you can grab the opportunity to make some extra money from scrap metal by assembling old metal pieces and appliances that contain some of their components.

Also, it is important to note that the metals vary in value.

Furthermore, you can always take some steps to ensure you get the most money out of your scrap metal. These can range from researching more on the metal, separating them, to cleaning them.

Therefore, don’t let the scrap metal lie around; earn from it.

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Is it possible to get same day cash for copper near me?

Copper is one of the highest paying scrap metal around your home. With this metal, you can easily get cash because it is readily available and in high demand in scrap yards.

What scrap metal is worth the most money?

The value of scrap metal can vary depending on market demand and other factors, but generally speaking, non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass tend to be worth more money than ferrous metals like iron and steel.


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