The best ways to comment on a WordPress site

The best ways to comment on a WordPress site

Blog comments are feedback from readers

At first glance, it may seem that the comments on the site are a secondary element. But in fact, this is the best feedback from readers. Analyzing comments will give you the opportunity to see the site through the eyes of your audience. And this is the best way to improve and make your website better and better. Therefore, when creating a website, it is worth getting confused with the best ways to comment a WordPress site.

As for WordPress, it does a great job of this. The basic functionality of the comment system works at a sufficient level. But if you want to have more options for interacting with your readers, then it is better to use more advanced tools.

A good option is to use dedicated WordPress plugins or use themes with additional features. This will help you better understand your readers, and for them you will be able to expand the possibilities of virtual communication with you. For example, with their help, you can make your comments more capacious, emotional and understandable, which readers really like.

There are many plugins and themes ready to fulfill these requests, but we will tell you about the best and most effective options for this.

Thrive Comments

This is a great way to comment on a WordPress site by Thrive Themes. This will give you the possibility of multifunctional interaction with comments.

Thrive comments don’t conflict with WordPress comments, but rather combine to create an interesting and user-friendly end result. All comments will be displayed in the general interface, and if you have a desire to return to the original version, then you just need to disable the plugin. When disconnected, everything will remain in place and will not be lost.

In addition to the design, commenting through this add-on will have more functionality. For example, your readers will have the opportunity to vote for a particular comment and show their attitude. Also, for convenience, readers will not need to go through a long registration process, as they have the opportunity to do this using their social network account.

Another important feature is the ability to edit and customize the appearance of a posted comment. With the help of a special control panel, you can control and customize the comment a WordPress site and use the analytics section to draw conclusions and improve.

No Self Pings

This is a great and multifunctional plugin that will help you work efficiently with comment a WordPress site. The algorithm of its action is very simple. When linking to internal pages and publishing the site, the site itself will respond to them.

This is important as internal links are a key element of a good SEO strategy. With this plugin, you can also implement SEO settings for a good website comment robot.

This plugin is very easy to install and further configure. Also, you will immediately be offered the opportunity to select domain names to exclude them from pings. The important thing is that your custom domain will already be included there automatically and you can add the ones you need for the site and start commenting on a WordPress site.

Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comments is a multifunctional plugin for interacting with readers
Jetpack Comments is a multifunctional plugin for interacting with readers

This is the main plugin for comment a WordPress site and is not an add-on. It independently makes its own form for comments, with the ability to synchronize website comments with social networks. Readers have the right to choose the way of leaving a comment at their own discretion. And for you, this does not create difficulties, because the appearance of their display on the site remains unchanged.

Readers have a wide choice: Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

A significant advantage of the plugin is its ease of use and easy setup, which distinguishes it from other plugins. Readers do not need to go through many stages of authorization and transitions between pages in the browser, since everything is available at the click of a button.

That is, if you want to improve your comment a WordPress site and make it more functional and practical, then this is a great option.


wpDiscuz works to overload native WordPress comments
wpDiscuz works to overload native WordPress comments

wpDiscuz works like a complete overhaul, meaning this extension creates a new contact form on your site, with a completely new design. By the way, the plugin offers different styles for your choice.

The main advantage of this plugin is its versatility for comments, which the audience really likes. So, readers have the opportunity to vote for their favorite comment. It is possible to filter and sort comments, which is very convenient to use and find what you need. With the help of a complex system of comment levels, separate threads of conversations will be available. So with the help of the “Load more comments” button, your readers will not need to constantly update and reload the site.

The plugin perfectly interacts with social networks for leaving comments and their reposts. And your readers can always subscribe to your site so as not to miss new content.

Comment Hacks

This is a plugin that works with your finished feedback form and makes adjustments to it. The functionality of the plugin allows you to communicate with your commentators using emails. And everything is quite simple, with a single button in the interface. That is, if you have administrative rights, readers have the opportunity to write not just on the site, but directly to e-mail.

As for your new readers, the plugin allows you to mark them with a special thank you page. Where you can interact with them later on your website.

The advantages of the site are that you can fully interact through email, the ability to control the size of comments, and many other settings.

Chat with readers!

WordPress has many pros and cons, just like any website building system. The main advantage is that this system is free and open source, which allows you to modify the web resource to suit your needs. A large set of add-ons, extensions, templates, both commercial and free, will help bring your wildest ideas to life. And it is very easy to deal with the system, as it has a clear interface that is very easy to work with.

WordPress is a complete and feature rich system that will help you get feedback from your audience. But even this system can work more efficiently with the help of additional plugins and extensions. With their help, you can get to know your readers better, understand their opinions and impressions, and improve your site even more.

In the list above, you can check out some great WordPress comment plugin options. Each of them has its own functional features, advantages and disadvantages. Research and choose what will help you understand your readers and make friends with them.

Do you need to know everything about The best ways to comment on a WordPress site? Here you can find all the most relevant and useful
Do you need to know everything about The best ways to comment on a WordPress site? Here you can find all the most relevant and useful
How do I moderate comments on my WordPress site?

To moderate comments on your WordPress site, go to the “Comments” section of your WordPress dashboard. From here, you can approve, delete, or mark comments as spam. You can also set up moderation rules to automatically approve or block certain types of comments.

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