Jobs for 60 year olds with no experience

Jobs for 60 year olds with no experience

Usually, many companies opted not to hire people over 60 years old because they preferred to hire younger people so that they can pay less for more hours of work. Fortunately, this paradigm has been changing recently, and in the current labor field, there are jobs for 60 year olds with no experience. The reality is that the experience that comes with age is unique and invaluable. Nonetheless, sometimes the salary is lower than in other professions, but having an extra income can mean an upgrade in the quality of life and feel better about yourself. That’s why today we’re going to tell you about 5 jobs for people in their 60s with no experience.

1) Watchman

The job par excellence for men in their 60s with no experience is usually as a security guard in parking lots, residences, small stores, etc. This is mainly because it is a job that does not require a great physical demand. After all, the hours are not very long. In general, it is not a job that requires previous experience since security guards only make a round or go around every so often, and their main function is to make sure that no one steals, damages, or does anything improper.

2) Housekeeper

Many inexperienced women over 60 years old get jobs working as housekeepers because it is not a long hours schedule. Usually, a housekeeper works 4-6 hours a day, and her duties are mainly cleaning, making the beds, restocking the bathroom, and emptying the trash cans, among other things.

3) Uber

Uber has become a viable option for both men and women over 60 years old because it is not a job that requires previous experience other than knowing how to drive. In this way, older people without experience can have a job where they can decide how many hours a day they want to work and thus have an extra income without having to make great physical wear.

4) Packer

In recent years many large corporate companies such as Walmart have been offering more jobs to seniors as a way to provide another opportunity for retirees. The most common job they offer is as a packer, as it is not a physically demanding job, and they are very flexible with the hours. In addition, they usually receive good tips working as a packer.

5) Walking Dogs

With the current pace of life, many people do not have time to walk their dogs, so they opt to hire other people to do it for them. Although it is a job that does not require previous experience, it can be more physically demanding than the jobs mentioned above, as it usually takes between 20-30 minutes to walk a dog. However, it is a job that also provides many health benefits, such as improving the cardiovascular system.

Working after retirement can be a challenge for many people, especially when they have no experience. Nonetheless, there are now several jobs for people over 60 with no experience that can give you that extra income that can improve your life and help you lead a more active life.

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