Is Working For Amazon Worth It Or Not? (Quick Answer!)

Is Working For Amazon Worth It Or Not? (Quick Answer!)

Is working for Amazon worth it?

You might have always wondered; Is working for Amazon worth it?

Working for Amazon is an excellent opportunity if you want to grow or get experience from those already established in your field. Amazon is suitable if you are a young professional in your field or fresh out of college, and you want to learn more about e-commerce and a niche of your interest.

Therefore, to find out more about working on Amazon, if it is a great company to work, the most challenging job it has, whether or not you can live off working there, and the possible downsides of being a part of it, keep reading.Is it worth it to work for Amazon?

Is Working for Amazon Worth It? (Going Into Details)

Is it worth it to work for Amazon? Depending on your experience, you could answer this question differently. Many ex-Amazonians have varying opinions on their stay at Amazon.

When you work for Amazon you will get a chance to work alongside wonderful individuals who are talented and can coach you. As a result, you can be in a position to mentor others too.

Also, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you can start off at Amazon and get the needed experience and lessons to apply in your future start up.

On the other hand, if you would like to balance life and work, then you are better off staying away from the company.

At this point, it is clear that everyone has his own experience with Amazon. You can’t use one person to generalize a whole company.

However, since one of the significant issues ex-workers complain about is micromanagement, Amazon should address this.

Importantly, every business has its culture. Therefore, if you want good pay and an excellent place to get experience, Amazon can be worth your time.

Is Amazon a Good Place to Work?

Before you decide on working for Amazon, you can consider if it is a good place or not. Well, there are aspects of working at the company that can make you enjoy your experience while others can bring regrets and hurt to you.

Some former Amazon workers describe their experience as bittersweet. How so?Is working at Amazon stressful?

They say that the work culture in the company changes with a change in the operations manager of the site you could be under.

If this is the case, you can find yourself under a good operations manager who makes you enjoy your work and feel the worth of going to the office.

On the other hand, you could fall victim to having to deal with a difficult operations manager who is an opportunist and makes you not enjoy working for Amazon.

Either way, you might have your own experience, which could be totally different from the other person’s.

Therefore, at this point, you might notice that there are claims regarding Amazon’s intense culture. However, if you want an excellent place to work, you can consider the company. Why?

In one study, a great percentage, more than 85%, of Amazon’s employees, approved of their CEO, Bezos. This figure included the former and current workers at the time.

Moreover, in 2018, the company was recognized by LinkedIn as the best place to work. Also, in 2020, Amazon was ranked second in their World’s Best Employers 2020 list.

Therefore, based on these and other findings, you can say that Amazon is an excellent place to work. Plus, the only way you can confirm this for yourself is by working in the company to get your first-hand experience.

Is Amazon a Horrible Place to Work?

Some former employees of Amazon describe it as a difficult working environment. However, how horrible is the place?

The turnoffs of the company’s culture are mentioned by individuals who write on Quora and Reddit. Some claim to be former employees who worked for a while in the company then later left. However, a good number of these individuals are anonymous.

Some former employees talk of the long working hours they had to undergo. They mention working over the weekends, late into the nights, or even on holidays. However, since there are different departments in the company, the experience might differ.

Also, some point out that Amazon is not the place for those who want to balance their work and life altogether.

Amazon has the Anytime Feedback Tool, a platform used by employees to secretly praise or critique their colleagues.

Such peer evaluations are then submitted to the management team. This causes a lot of competition from within, and some employees feel as if it can affect your standing at Amazon.

Therefore, one has to be prepared for the system used. Also, depending on how you go about your work, you can tell whether or not Amazon is a horrible place to work. Besides, you should be ready to follow the company’s leadership principles.Is Amazon a good company to work for?

Is Amazon a Great Company to Work For?

Despite the numerous claims on micromanagement and Amazon culture, there are still some pros of the company. For instance, you have noted that LinkedIn ranked it as the number one company where people, specifically Americans, want to work.

This recognition was based on Amazon’s ability to not only attract and develop individual talent but also retain it.

Therefore, you can say that indeed Amazon is a great company to work for. If you want to grow your career as a professional, you can consider it. Plus, they have good pay too.

However, you should be ready to work hard. The good thing is you can get lots of experience in the process of all these and even grow your career or start up.

Can You Live Off Working at Amazon?

You probably wonder whether or not you can make a full-time wage working for the largest online retailer in the world. Plus, you could be wondering how much the jobs at Amazon pay so that you can gauge if the amount is enough to sustain you without having another side hustle.

Remember, the amount employees earn vary depending on their positions and experience.

In one of their job description positions, they mentioned that you could earn up to $15 per hour. Generally, Amazon is known to pay its workers well.

Other than the pay, there are other benefits extended to their regular and full-time employees. One of these is the medical benefits that you get from the very first day.

Other benefits are parental leave and other resources which you can utilize to improve your health. Additionally, the benefits are enjoyed by the employees’ families too.

Therefore, with the starting pay of at least $15 per hour, you can make something out of this amount. Plus, the benefits package offered to support you and your family too.

What is the Hardest Job at Amazon?

The most challenging job at Amazon has to be reporting directly to the CEO, Bezos. He expects the reports to be focused on the customers, urgency at its best, and analytical.

Plus, according to one employer, if you have the task of delivering the reports to Bezos, you have to be prepared to deal with any question. Some may feel pressured and stressed, thanks to the high expectations, they might feel like this is the hardest job in the company.


Amazon is a popular and established company. It provides job opportunities to many people. However, you might wonder, Is working for Amazon worth it?

If this question has been bothering you for quite some time, we hope the information in this article is beneficial.

It can be noted that there have been many claims of how the company isn’t treating the employees right. However, there are other amazing stories about the company.

Therefore, to explore it, you can as well get your experience by working for them.


How much do you get paid at Amazon per hour?

The campaign offers a starting salary of at least $15 per hour. In addition, you will be offered a benefit package offered to support you and your family.

Is Amazon corporate a good place to work?

Amazon is known for its competitive compensation and benefits packages, as well as its focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Working for Amazon is an excellent opportunity if you want to grow or get experience from those already established in your field.
Working for Amazon is an excellent opportunity if you want to grow or get experience from those already established in your field.


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