Is GetAround Worth It Renting Out Your Car? (GetAround Review!)

Is GetAround Worth It Renting Out Your Car? (GetAround Review!)

is getaround worth it

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding GetAround as a means of earning passive income. The idea is that if you have a car in good condition lying in your garage, and you’ll not be using it for the coming weeks or months, you can turn it into an asset that makes you money with GetAround. But is GetAround worth it?

GetAround is worth it because it gives you the opportunity to make passive income by renting out your car. It’s a flexible and legit service that can earn you up to $5,000 a year. So whether you want to rent your car for an entire week or only for the weekend, GetAround is a good fit for you.

Right from the very beginning, GetAround’s focus has been to give renters and car owners a means to move around and make money respectively. And it has been quite successful like Turo.

Getting started with GetAround is easy and straightforward. However, before offering your car to the company, check with your insurer to find out if you’ll be violating of your existing policies should you offer your car for rental.

What Is GetAround? Is It Safe and Legit?

Started in 2009, GetAround is a car rental platform that lets you rent out your car to those who need to move to their destinations quickly.

They do provide a cost-effective mean for customers to move around, and it’s a legit platform that pays you well for renting out your car when it’s not in use.

GetAround has grown exponentially since it launched, and it currently has more than 2,000,000 users in the United States, and at least 1,000 car models to choose for your upcoming tour.

As a company, GetAround cares about the condition of your car and the well-being of its customers. As such, they protect your car and its renter by providing a number of trust and security checks.

One thing that stands out about GetAround is the customer support team. The team is approachable, very professional, and always available to offer you the help you the help you need. 

To be abundantly clear, GetAround allows customers to rent out your car only for a day or a couple of hours. And given that they don’t have strict rules for car owners, you can always have your car back whenever you need to use it.

Like Turo, GetAround is a safe and legit platform, so you can use it with confidence that your car will be in good condition and that you’ll get your payment sent to you on time.

GetAround vs Turo: How Do They Compare?

Both GetAround and Turo give you the opportunity to make money by renting out your car, but they do differ in a way.

For example, Turo accepts cars that are 12 years or younger as long as they have a clean title and under 130,000 miles.  

GetAround, on the other hand, have a strict requirement. If anything, the vehicle must be at least a 2007 model with under 125,000 miles. In addition to having a clean title, the rental must be a private car with at most eight seats.

About the Cars on GetAround

It’s important to understand that cars on GetAround aren’t of the same quality because they come from different owners. But that doesn’t mean you can offer a car in any condition for rent to customers.

As it stands, GetAround discourages the inclusion of low quality or old cars to its business through their new car policy.

Based on the policy, GetAround won’t accept cars that aren’t 2007 or later models. With respect to this policy, these models feature a better build and don’t wear and tear out just as easily as model 2006 and below.

Then there’s car protection.

It’s important to understand that GetAround initiates 3 types of insurances to protect your car during the rental period. These insurances are collision, compressive and liability insurance.

The renter is also required to pay $750 per incident.

It doesn’t end there. 

GetAround goes the extra mile to initiate a $50 an hour as late fee if a renter brings back your car later than the agreed time. 

GetAround Connect System

GetAround offers Connect System to allow you to access your vehicles remotely. The goal of using the system is to ensure both the car owner and renter are safe and accountable throughout the rental period.

The company uses the security system to survey and takes real time quality images of your car. So you never have to worry about the renter vanishing with your car.

Even better, the GetAround’s Connect System features an anti-theft function that easily freezes your car if it ever falls on unauthorized hands.

Take note that the Connect System isn’t free. But in a world where you can’t trust everyone with your car, having it installed can make a very big difference.

You will pay for the installation as the initial fee. Then, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription if you want to continue using the system. 

The connect system isn’t expensive. It costs only $99, inclusive of the installation fee. The monthly subscription is as low as $20.

There’s a 30-day free trial for the Connect System, after which you can decide to pay the monthly subscription or have it uninstalled altogether.

How Does GetAround Work For Customers?

Getting started with GetAround as a customer wanting to rent out a car is incredibly simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a GetAround account.
  • Browse cars listed by owners around your area and identify the car that you like.
  • Use the GetAround Connect System to unlock and get instant access.

There are a few things you should know before you start using this service.

First, make sure the period of use offered by the car owner works for you. Also, please keep in mind that every vehicle on GetAround has a daily mileage limit of 200 miles.

Second, the Connect System will interface with the owner’s phone, giving them the ability to track where their car goes. Moreover, the system allows them to lock and unlock their cars remotely via mobile phone in case there’s a problem.

Third, the Connect System includes GPS, engine lock and tamper detect features, which is necessary for a great deal of protection.

Lastly, you will need to write an honest review about the car you rented at the end of your rental period. This will go a long way to help other renters to determine whether the car you rented is worth the consideration.

Can You Make Money With GetAround?

You can make money with GetAround by renting out your car when it’s not in use.

If you want to utilize this opportunity, you must have a 2007 and later model and it should have travelled less than 125,000 miles.

If your vehicle meets these conditions, then you’re already halfway to getting started with GetAround.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Down and install the GetAround app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. You can also access the service via the GetAround website’s dashboard.
  • Choose the “List Your Car” option.
  • Provide the mileage your car has covered, which should be between 0 and 125,000 miles.
  • Fill out other basic information, and tell the company how you heard about them.

GetAround will give a random name to your car, and generate you a unique link that you can use to promote your car. 

Lastly, give an address where a car renter can pick and return your car. And remember to provide the time your car is available for hire. 

How Much Can You Make With GetAround As A Car Owner?

GetAround doesn’t limit the amount of money you can make with them. You can make up to $10,000 per year renting a demandable car like Tesla on the platform. And with an average car, you can manage to pocket up to $6,000 each year.

They can also suggest some competitive price to help you maximize your earning. But you’re free to adjust the prices accordingly if you’re not comfortable with their pricing.

GetAround expects you to give a 40% commission for any car they advertise and rented to their clients.

The company pays on a monthly basis. And given that they disburse payments on time, you will never have an issue with them as a company.

GetAround Compensation 

With respect to the brand’s terms and conditions of service, you’re eligible to get a compensation under the following circumstances:

  • A customer didn’t return your vehicle in the condition it initially was
  • The client who rented your car was smoking in it
  • When the car was late on return
  • In case the renter return the car when it is dirtier
  • The car is either damaged or lost
  • Then client driving the car was in a traffic

Is GetAround Worth It For Car Owners?

Here are some of the things you’ll love about GetAround:

  • You can make  up to $10,000 a year with GetAround depending on your car’s model
  • The GetAround Support Team is always available to help, so you can reach out to them at any time.
  • GetAround even offers an insurance cover free for third party, personal liability, and property damage.
  • The GetAround solution is one of the most affordable services in the car renting business.

What You Won’t Love About GetAround

GetAround has worked hard to make sure that it gives it audience the best service, but there are two things you won’t love about them:

  • As a car owner, you are responsible both for the upkeep and maintenance costs, which may hike to about $1,000 a year.
  • You cannot rent out an old car with GetAround

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does it Take to Get Verified on GetAround?

Verification of new profiles is prompt, but note that it will take the GetAround team at most 24 hours when there are many new accounts to verify.

After providing GetAround all the needed information they will tell you whether additional documents are required to verify your account.

2. Can I Use GetAround for Uber?

You can use GetAround to drive for Uber, but uber has to approve your drive first.

Also, Uber and GetAround have a partnership. And there’s currently an Uber section on the GetAround app from where you can get cars to drive for Uber and make money.

At the time of this writing, you can use GetAround for Uber only in Washington D.C, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston and Portland.

Final Thoughts: Is GetAround Worth It?

GetAround is a safe and legit company that gives you the opportunity to make money by renting out your car whenever it’s not in use. And it’s worth it because you can make up to $10,000 a year with them depending on the model of your car.

How much does GetAround pay?

GetAround is a great option for passive income by renting out your car. This is a flexible and legal service that can earn you up to $5,000 a year.

How much does GetAround cost?

GetAround is a car-sharing service that offers hourly and daily rates for renting cars. The cost of GetAround varies depending on several factors, such as location, time of year, type of car, and demand. Generally, prices start at around $5 per hour or $40 per day. However, specific pricing details can be found on the GetAround website or app by entering your desired location and rental dates.


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