How To Make 1K A Month In 2022 (8 Simple Ideas Revealed!)

How To Make 1K A Month In 2022 (8 Simple Ideas Revealed!)

how to make 1k a month

Every last one of us has a financial goal they’d like to reach. And sometimes the best way to meet those targets is to earn an extra $1,000 every month. So in this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to make 1K a month without trying so hard.

To make $1,000 a month, you need to invest in an opportunity that earns you at least $35 a day. This can be from freelancing, vlogging, stock investment, real estate agency, earnings from dividends, sales from an eBook, and affiliate marketing.

Having $1,000 in your account every month may not seem like much. But a little something extra often goes a long to make a difference.

Notably, you don’t have to be in a financial crisis to look for ways to make money online or offline. If anything, it helps to think about what you want to achieve and how money can help you meet those goals.

In the end, you’ll not just be making money to pay your regular bills. Rather, you’ll be up for something bigger and better than what you’re used to in your daily life.

8 Ways To Make $1,000 Per Month Without Trying So Hard

I’ve met with many people who’ve told me that they can hardly make $300.

When I ask why they can’t break the limit, often the reason is that they either don’t have the best idea to make more money or industry experience to get a salary increase.

It makes sense in a way.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to lower earnings, because here’s how you can make $1,000 a month, even if you don’t have years of experience:

1. Make $1,000 A Month With Retail Arbitrage

People go to big stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart to buy goods. But do you also know that you can take advantage of the same brand stores to make up to $1,000 a month?

This is where retail arbitrage comes in.

Retail arbitrage involves buying items from these popular online stores and then selling them at a slightly higher price to earn profit. This tends to work well for those who use eBay or Amazon, but it’s also possible to benefit from brands such as Etsy and Poshmark.

You have to be careful how you approach retail arbitrage, because getting it wrong could lead to you losing a lot of money in the process.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy the items you’re sure people will buy for the higher price point that you offer the products for.

Also, it’s important to invest in products that you can get to a buyer faster than they would if they bought the goods themselves directly from the brands.

2. Graphic Design

Content creation isn’t about writing great copies and shooting captivating videos. Even logos, custom slide decks, and illustrations are part of the mix.

And to get this type of content, individual clients and businesses turn to graphics designers for help. So, if you’re a creative, with a deeper sense and passion for graphic design, you could turn this into an opportunity that makes you $1,000 or more per month.

Getting started as a graphics designer isn’t difficult at all. You can search for gigs on 99designs, Upwork, or Fiverr.

If you wish to run the business locally as well, making and distributing business cards can help you spread the words about your brand to people who may be interested in graphics design services.

Graphics design is a dynamic field, so you need to be a lot more creative and keep up with the latest trends in the industry to attract new customers and build a client base.

3. Work As A Web Developer

Web development is a big business.

So if you have a way with code, you understand modern frameworks, and you can work under pressure and with minimal supervision, web development may be a good opportunity for you.

You can find web development clients the same way you would if you were looking for freelance writing jobs.

Search on platforms such as Upwork, related Facebook communities, Freelancer, People Per Hour, and Fiverr. You can also create your own website, with a portfolio section included, and market yourself as a brand.

As for the rates, you can charge at least $1,000 to develop a basic website as a freelancer working from home. And don’t hesitate to charge more in them case where the project is more involving.

4. Make $1,000 A Month By Helping People Move

Moving to a new apartment can be costly, frustrating, laborious, and time-consuming.

Some people consider moving to new apartments but later change their minds because they find the process not only more involving than they initially thought but also quite expensive.

You can make things easy for them by offering them an affordable moving service.

First, note that this is a suitable opportunity to consider if you already own a truck, or if you can hire one from someone who has to get the job done.

Second, you need to be someone who cares about the quality of the items customers want moved. The last thing customers want is their items breaking, so being careful and capable of lifting heavy things can go a long way to make a big difference.

How much you earn as a mover will depend on several factors, including the quantity of the items clients want moved and the distance between the origin and destination. On average, most clients can pay at least $100 for small moving jobs.

5. Work As A Personal Trainer

Many people want to shed extra pounds, build muscles, and be in better shape than they already are. However, very few know how to get their on their own and would gladly pay personal trainers to help.

So if you’ve been in the body building business before and you know the ins and outs of working out and eating healthy, you can make a great personal trainer.

I strongly recommend that you get a certification in personal training.

Doing so will make it easy for you to build your brand and market yourself to clients. Moreover, it will instill confidence in new clients, giving them assurance that they’ll be safe in your hands as their personal trainer.

The earning potential of a personal trainer isn’t bad at all. You can charge up to $20 an hour, which means you need to put in about 50 hours of work per month to make $1,000.

Your growth as a personal trainer will depend on the number of clients you acquire and the way you treat them.

To grow, you need to focus on meeting the needs of your current clients beyond their expectations. Doing so will give them a reason to keep coming back, not to mention that it can be a great way for you to get more clients through referrals. 

6. Teach People How To Use Computers 

There are two people in the tech world.

We have those to whom computers is second nature. And then there are those who aren’t digital natives despite the evolution in technology.

The existence of people who can’t get their heads around electronics presents an interesting problem that you can turn into an opportunity that can make you money.

In other words, instead of feeling disgusted by people that can’t figure out how gadgets work, why not charge to teach them how to get around things.

Some ideas to implement this strategy include:

  • Teaching computer basics to the elderly in a retirement home near you
  • Creating a computer course and selling it on Udemy
  • Teaching computers in a local school or college for $250 a week

You can charge your one-on-one sessions per class or hourly. And you can charge a decent rate for your IT related course.

7. Junk Removal

People don’t often think of junk removal when looking for opportunities that can make them $1,000 a month. Some people even consider it to be a cheap hassle for the uneducated.

If you think about it from a different perspective, though, you’ll realize just how profitable junk removal can be. In my honest opinion, you can make up to $50 a day helping people collect and dispose junk.


Because people tend to have all kinds of junk in their yard and often need help to get rid of the mess as they don’t the time to clean things up on their own.

And provided your hourly charges are reasonable, it should be easy for you to find clients you can serve every month to earn $1,000 every 30 days.

8. Start Babysitting

Here’s the deal:

Working parents have more responsibilities than they can handle. And they need responsible adults to help watch over the children while they’re at work.

So if you can easily work with children, babysitting can be such a great job opportunity to consider. All you need is time and the best resources to make kids as comfortable as possible.

Final Thoughts On How To Make 1K A Month

Self-proclaimed gurus want you to believe that there are hidden secrets that you need to master to make $1,000 a month every month. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I need you to understand that you don’t need an expensive course to learn how to move from $0 to $1,000 in monthly income. What you need instead is the right mindset and a more realistic strategy.

To be more realistic, I believe you only need to do three things to make $1,000 every month.

  • Identify what you can do that people can pay you for.
  • Put in the work and be consistent while you’re at it.
  • Earn your 1K every month.

It really is that simple.

And to be abundantly clear, the so-called gurus will say that you’ll more than likely fail if you don’t follow their system or whatever.

But I can tell you from experience that all you need to do is find an opportunity that can make you at least $1,000, create a working plan, put in the hard work, and then make the money.

Can a personal trainer job get me $1K a month?

The earning potential of a personal trainer is quite good. You can charge up to $20 an hour, which means you need to work about 50 hours a month to earn $1,000.

How long does it take to earn $1,000 per month?

The amount of time it takes to make $1,000 a month depends on the method you choose and how much time and effort you put into it. Some methods, such as taking online surveys, may only take a few hours a week, while others, such as starting a blog, may require more time and effort.


Michel is an experienced blogger, youtuber and content creator in general. He has generated plenty of passive income streams, ranging from cents to four figures monthly income. His passion is sharing solutions to problems he encountered, to spread knowledge and make the world a more educated place.

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