How to Get Netflix For Free Without Paying (4 Ways Explained!)

How to Get Netflix For Free Without Paying (4 Ways Explained!)

How To Get Netflix For Free Without Paying

Netflix brings the best entertainment to your home screen in a way similar streaming services never can. Combine your favorite titles from their collection with striped bags of popcorns and some fat pop and you can have a merry moment right from the comfort of your couch.

Unlike Crackle, Netflix isn’t 100% free. Some of the best titles, such as The 100 and The Blacklist, require an active subscription to access. Still, there are ways to watch the best titles on Netflix without paying.

You can get Netflix for free without paying by accessing their libraries from your Android or iOS smartphones. You can ask a friend or family member who has an active subscription to add you to their account. Or you can do a rotational group buy where you get Netflix for free for say three months. 

Despite facing stiff competition from brands such as Hulu, Disney Plus, Crackle, Acorn TV, and Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix’s customer base only continues to grow year after year.

With more than 13,612 titles globally, out of which 1,500 are Netflix Original titles, it’s clear that Netflix has the biggest library yet, which is one of the reasons why it’s the best and the most popular streaming platform on the web.

How to Get Netflix for Free Without Credit Card

In the rest of this guide, I’ll explain exactly how you can get Netflix for free without a credit card, including how to keep watching some titles for a lifetime and never have to worry about paying a dime.

I won’t go over how to sign up for a Netflix account in this guide. That’s easy to do, or you can refer to this article if you’re new to this streaming platform.

Instead, I will focus on the tested and proven ways to watch Netflix movies, TV shows, documentaries, standup comedies, and reality shows for free forever.

To be clear, I’m not going to show you some cookie-cutter ways to get a Netflix subscription for free. While black hat hacks work, I can’t guarantee that they’ll be as effective for the long term.

For example, altering Netflix cookies on your desktop PC or laptop will get you an account, but there are always restrictions to this kind of a shortcut.

Plus, Netflix is a super complex, robust technology that easily detects and blocks shoddy access tricks to get free subscription.

Instead of wasting your time with techniques and secret tips that simply won’t work, here are 4 ways to get Netflix for free legally.

1. Watch Netflix for Free on Android

Netflix has been busy refining its Android app, and one of the features that they’ve added is the introduction of a free plan. Every Android phone user who has a Netflix account can now watch hundreds of titles on the platform without paying a dime.

I’ve sat through 40+ hours of documentaries, movies, reality shows, and TV series on Netflix via the Android app and the only thing I wish is they’d introduced this plan sooner.

From where I sit, I can say with confidence that there are tons of interesting titles to watch. And while the free plan doesn’t include a list of some of my favorite titles, such as The Blacklist and How to Get Awa with Murder, I do appreciate that I can at least watch Netflix without paying.

This plan is available to all Android users regardless of the demography. So if you want to stay up to date with a free series or wish to watch a movie while commuting, this is for you.

While this plan lets you watch Netflix for free legally, the option isn’t cross-device compatible. In other words, you will need to buy a subscription if you wish to watch the free plans on your computer or smart TV.

2. Request Friends Or Family Members To Share Their Netflix Subscription

Do you know a friend or have a family member that has a Netflix subscription? You can ask them if they would be willing to share their subscription so you can catch up with your favorite show currently streaming on the platform. 

If you and your friend or family members have a good relationship, I don’t see why they would hesitate to share their logins with you.

Keep in mind that it’s okay if they say NO to your request. That doesn’t make them bad people. It might be that they don’t like sharing their personal details, especially since Netflix is something they’re paying for on a monthly basis.

For what it’s worth, though, I don’t see why a relative would hesitate to share their information with you.

And even if they don’t ask for your help in any way, always be kind enough to help them here and there in whichever way you can, so that they too can benefit from you the same way you’re benefiting from their Netflix subscription.

3. Create A Netflix Subscription Group Buy

Creating a Netflix subscription group buy is a good idea for two reason at least:

  • You can cost share the monthly subscription, which means you end up paying less than you would if you choose to pay the full package on your own.
  • You can pay the subscription at a given interval, which means there are months when you will watch Netflix for free without paying.

Why do I recommend this option?

It’s because Netflix has become such an essential service that it’s difficult for some of us to imagine a life without it.

Netflix’s Standard plan is $12.99 a month, so if you have a group buy of at most four people, you’ll pay only $3.25 per month per person. You end up spending less and get unlimited and uninterrupted entertainment for 30 days.

Another option is to have every person in the Netflix subscription group buy to subscribe for a full month, and then have the payment cycle alternate from person to person. That means you get to watch everything on Netflix for free for 3 months before you have to pay again.

Note that I recommend a group buy of four people because Netflix only allows you to stream from up to four screens at a time. In this way, there won’t be streaming interruption should all the four of you be streaming at the same time from an identical or different IP addresses.

4. Get Free Netflix From Your Phone or Cable Company 

Some communication agencies, from cable companies to cell phone dealers, have promotional plans that include free Netflix accounts.

Of course, the plan isn’t 100% free because you do have to buy something from them first. Still, it’s a great way to get a Netflix subscription without paying for it.

Don’t just assume that a communication agency have promotional offers that include Netflix subscriptions. It’s good to ask them beforehand before you spend your money.

If their plans don’t include free access to Netflix, which is what we’re interested in here, you should consider a different phone or cable company provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Netflix Have Free Trial?

Netflix use to offer a 30-day free trial to US citizens. However, they discontinued this offer in the early 2021. Netflix makes it clear that they no longer offer this option to its clientele. They also make it clear that you can cancel your plan any time if you feel like Netflix is no longer a suitable streaming service for you.

2. Can I Download Netflix Movies To Watch Offline?

You can download Netflix movies to watch offline, but there are limits to the number of downloads you can have at a time.

Netflix downloads also expire, which means you will have to download them again if you need to continue watching.

Also, you cannot access Netflix downloads if your subscription expires. However, this instance no longer applies to the movies, series, documentaries, and shows included in the service’s free plan.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned how to get Netflix for free without paying, what’s stopping you from grabbing a bag of popcorns and some fat pop and get down for your next favorite episode?

How to use Netflix without paying?

There are real ways to use the site for free, for example, by accessing libraries from your Android or iOS smartphones. You can also ask a friend or family member with an active subscription to add you to their account. Or you can do a rotating group purchase where you get Netflix for free for, say, three months.

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