10 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Be An Online Girlfriend ($50/Hr)

10 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Be An Online Girlfriend ($50/Hr)

Legit Ways To Get Paid To Be An Online Girlfriend

If you have always wanted to make extra cash as a lady, the time is now. There are websites that allow you to get paid to be an online girlfriend.

Thanks to social media, you can create virtual friendships with men. All you need to do is talk to them, text or message them online then get paid. If you have been thinking of giving it a try, you can.

What Does an Online Girlfriend Do?

You now know the websites where you can get jobs. However, what is expected of an online girlfriend?Make money being a virtual girlfriend

This is a lady who is paid for acting like a girlfriend to a total stranger online. She offers a lot to the man. It could begin from being strangers to developing a relationship.

She can communicate with the guy in a manner that helps him cope with his emotional or personal problems. At times, she can flirt with the man or help him grow socially.

In other cases, you can just talk to your client after he had a long day, compliment him where need be, or make some jokes. Plus, at times, all it takes is to lend a listening ear. Listen to him as he pours out his heart and troubled soul to you.

Other ladies who have worked as online girlfriends exchanged small talks with the guys, drank or ate together, and at times learned new skills. This experience might teach you how to play the piano; who knows?

Additionally, some clients might want platonic cuddling. You can be prepared for that. Remember, some of the clients might be going through some issues or feelings of loneliness.

Nonetheless, since you are acting like a girlfriend to this guy, you might as well be the plain type. The main difference here is that you get paid for all your services.

However, when you feel as if you want to do extra for the guy, for instance, post on his social media platforms, you can decide to do that free of charge.

Furthermore, some who have worked as online girlfriends before cared so much about the men and the relationship. Therefore, if you consider this your side job, you can strive to build a relationship with this person and offer good services.

If you're keen on learning about cashing in as an online girlfriend, you've come to the right place. This intriguing concept involves forming platonic relationships with men across the globe through various social media platforms. Essentially, you're remunerated for engaging with them through texts or chats. From flirting and dishing out advice to indulging in casual chatter or simply lending an ear. The clients' requirements may range from seeking some platonic online company to their desire of seeing your posts on their social media feeds voluntarily. A vast array of websites can assist you in setting foot in this digital realm, and this piece details ten such platforms where you can establish yourself as an online girlfriend. There's also a comprehensive step-by-step guide that touches upon key aspects such as understanding your personality, the process of signing up, creating an impressive profile, dedicating sufficient time, upholding quality service, and treating clients with utmost respect, to help kick-start your journey into this field.

How to Get Paid To Be An Online Girlfriend (10 Websites)

As I mentioned, there are websites that you can get paid to be an online girlfriend. You can consider signing up to any of these sites;

1.  Rent A Date

For the social guys, who want to give that appearance with a companion, a lady by their side, they can try this platform.

This site allows men to either rent a girlfriend for a night, party, date, outing, or even a one-night stand.

So, if you want a girlfriend for any social function or those night outs, you have a platform to hire one from. Why not give Rent A Date the opportunity to provide you with a girlfriend for a while?

2. Gfrental

If you are a woman who wants a girlfriend for hire, you can try this site.

As a woman, you can be paid good money on this site. For example, if you become a part-time girlfriend to a client from the site, you can earn $50 every hour.

That is good money. Therefore, if you want to make good money as an online girlfriend, you can become a member.

3.  Internet-Girlfriends

This is an app used by men to hook up with online girlfriends. They are willing to get a pay for being their virtual girlfriends.

As a woman, if you use this app, you are at the advantage of having more clients, even as a beginner. This is because the site has many customers.

4.  FindMySugarBaby

If you are a woman who is willing to be an online girlfriend for money, you can give this sugar daddy app a try.

Imagine making money by being an online girlfriend for hire by some sugar daddy? So, who can be a girlfriend in this case?

If you want someone to pay your bills, especially a sugar daddy, this is the app you need. All you need to do is give the sugar daddy some girlfriend experience services.

5. Fiverr

This is another site that pays you to be an online girlfriend, a fake one.

Remember, different clients post various jobs on the site. Looking for an online girlfriend could just be among them, and you can land the opportunity.

Therefore, how do you go about it? To get a job, you can utilize their search bar. You can type particular phrases that are related to what you want.

For instance, you could type phrases like; “girlfriend” or “online girlfriend jobs.” The search results could be among what you need.

6. Rent a Local Friend

Those who visit new places can utilize this site to make new friends. Depending on your talent, hobbies, and personality, they can connect you with someone you are more compatible with.

Since you will offer companionship to these people, they can pay you. Suppose you get a man visiting your town for the first time, they can hire you to be his girlfriend, show him around and spend some time with him.

Visiting a new place is an exciting adventure and experience but can bring boredom too. Since this is the case, you can offer your services of getting rid of the guys’ boredom and get paid.

7. Dopoxy

If you know and have a good mastery of the English language, you can sign up and register to talk to lonely men on this platform.

The good thing about the site is that your identity and looks are unknown. Therefore, the other party only gets in touch with your personality.

Plus, since the two of you will be conversing without knowing how the other one looks, you can end up falling in love and probably meet your better half; who knows?

Therefore, if you see this as an amazing opportunity of talking to lonely men, without them having the slightest idea of how you look, you can register on the site and get paid for your services.

8. Invisible Girlfriend

If you want a no-strings-attached kind of relationship, this website gives you that chance. As a man, you can simply have an online girlfriend to meet this.

Some of the things you can enjoy from the site are having good pay and a variety of clients to choose from. When there are many options available, the chances of increasing your earning potentials are high.

Therefore, you can apply for a job as an online girlfriend on this site to enjoy the opportunities they provide.

9. Flirtbucks

At times, becoming an online girlfriend might require you to text flirt with the men. This site will connect you to some lonely men who probably want sexual encounters and companionship from women. You can offer that and get your pay.

Therefore, if you are willing to have fun chatting with this kind of guys, you can visit the website. Plus, it offers you flexibility; you work under no restrictions. So, when you are free to chat with these men online, you can do so.

10. MyGirlFund

As a lady, are you willing to get some money from messaging guys online? If so, you can visit this popular website.

The site has guys who subscribe and pay to have you chat with them. So, for every hour you text chat these men, the company will pay you.

Therefore, if you are willing to text chat with these kinds of men, you can visit the website and get started.

11. TravelGirls

Another platform to explore is TravelGirls, a unique dating website that intertwines the excitement of travel with the pursuit of companionship. Established in 1997, TravelGirls has been a pioneer in the Travel Dating niche, welcoming individuals regardless of their sexual orientation. The platform operates with a clean interface, devoid of adult imagery, making it a stand-alone dating site in its category​1​. With a commendable mission of merging travel, dating, and cultural exchange, TravelGirls facilitates connections between adventurous individuals from all corners of the globe. Whether you’re seeking a travel companion or a romantic partner to explore the world with, TravelGirls provides a conducive and open environment for making such connections. As of 2010, the platform boasted around a million active members, emphasizing its core goal of delivering high-quality interactions and experiences to its user base​2​. Moreover, the inclusivity of TravelGirls is noteworthy, as it extends a warm welcome to all, including heterosexual, gay, lesbian, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring a prejudice-free space for finding a partner​3​. The website also maintains a level of authenticity by subjecting all profile photos to manual approval, thereby fostering a safe and genuine community for Travel Dating enthusiasts​3​.

12. WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice presents a unique take on online dating by incorporating an auction-like model, where members can make or receive offers for dates. This platform caters to individuals looking for mutually beneficial arrangements, acting as a marketplace for dates. Upon registering, members can start making or accepting bids for dates, with the average offer ranging between $50 to $80, although the value can be higher depending on various factors. This setup allows for a straightforward way to monetize dating interactions. Women, often referred to as ‘sugar babies,’ can get paid directly on the website by accepting offers from interested individuals, usually referred to as ‘sugar daddies.’ The process is fairly simple: a sugar daddy makes a monetary bid for a date, and the sugar baby decides whether to accept or reject the offer. WhatsYourPrice operates on a credit system, where sugar daddies purchase credits to make offers to potential dates. The platform ensures a level of fairness by refunding the credits to generous members if their offer is not accepted or if a date is canceled. The average price of a date on the platform is around $100 in the US. While the platform is free to join, the bidding system facilitates a way for women to be compensated for their time, effectively allowing them to get paid for being an online girlfriend or for going on dates​1​​2​​3​​4​​5​.

Now that you know the websites to get online girlfriend job opportunities, how about you get prepared with some of the things to expect?

Some Tips  Get You Started As An Online Girlfriend

With this side hustle in mind, you might be wondering what you need to do to get started.

The following tips can be beneficial;

1. What is Your Personality?

Get paid to be an online girlfriendBefore you think of becoming an online girlfriend, you must consider your personality. It has to match what your job involves. For instance, since you will be meeting new people online, you must be a social and outgoing individual.

Ensure those around you normally enjoy your company. This way, when you talk to the men online, they will enjoy your company and look forward to your conversations.

Therefore, if you are extroverted, you might find this side job interesting. However, what if you are an introvert? You might find introverted men too and would like to communicate and converse with people of their sort.

So, your personality plays a key role. This means that you will have to ensure you have a compatible personality with that of your client. If the both of you match in a way, chances are you will find it easier conversing.

2. Sign up for a Membership

Once you have chosen the website you want to go for, you should sign up and register to become a member. Some are free while others will require you to pay some fee.

What’s more, if the site has some charges, the chances are that you will have access to their benefits and probably talk to the clients directly.

3. Create Your Profile

As with many fields, competition is paramount. Becoming an online girlfriend is no different. Probably many other ladies would also want to make some money by becoming online girlfriends. Therefore, you have to showcase something unique about you, something that makes you stand out.

If you are talented in a particular sector, enjoy doing specific activities, or even have expertise in a particular area, don’t forget to mention it. They might be the ones bailing you out; who knows?

Furthermore, if there are any tests on the site you use, ensure you take them. They might make your potential clients trust you more.

4. Set Time

If you want to make more money, you will need to have more clients. To get more customers, you will need to sacrifice, and in this case, it’s about your time.

Becoming an online girlfriend requires you to have some time; you shouldn’t be too busy. Who wants to have a rushed or cancelled conversation at the very last minute?

Therefore, if you don’t have ample time on your side, this is not the job for you.

With enough time at your disposal, you will likely have quality time with your clients, you will be more flexible, and you might serve more clients, hence, make more money.

5. Exemplary Services

If you consider making money as an online girlfriend as your long-term side hustle, you will need to give exemplary services.

Once you get a client, be sure to give out your best. If your work is quality and exceptional, you will no doubt benefit.

For example, if one client loves your services, he can give you a positive review. This will increase your chances of having other clients in the future.

Also, if you have satisfied him, he might tip you. Wouldn’t that be amazing? What’s more, he might even come back next time.

Additionally, quality services can earn you more clients since the one who was satisfied with your services might refer you to someone else.

Working as an online girlfriend doesn’t have to stop at that. When you provide satisfying, and quality services, the two of you might be friends for life.

6. Treat Your Clients Right

One thing you should keep in mind is that these clients are human, who deserves some respect. So, ensure you accord them that. Additionally, you can do well by being truthful to them.

Also, if some have shown you kindness, you can decide to reciprocate by showing them the same. You might also choose to chat with them for free on some occasions, maybe when they are going through a rough time.

Furthermore, you can let your clients know your schedule, your availability for calls, and availability for chats. Plus, you can inform them of your free days.

Also, being a little organized goes a long way. You wouldn’t want to call one client with another’s name, would you? So, you can record their names somewhere, maybe an app so that you are organized.


Thanks to technology, you don’t have to get a physical girlfriend to enjoy the services and benefits of having one. As a man, you can simply spare some money and get yourself an online girlfriend.

Also, as a lady, you can get paid to be an online girlfriend. The websites above are examples of where you can get some of the gigs. Therefore, you can sign up, become a member, get clients, offer your services, and get paid.

If you ever think of making some extra money, you can consider becoming an online girlfriend.


  1. Check here to rent a girlfriend for a night.
  2. If you are woman in need of a girlfriend for hire check: Gfrental
  3. Internet-Girlfriends give you a chance to be a virtual girlfriend.
  4. Get paid to be a sugar baby
  5. Fiverr allows you to search for girlfriends for online clients.
  6. In need of company when visiting a local town, find your companion.
  7. Talk to a variety of men without giving your identity at Dopoxy.
  8. Invisible Girlfriend is your best site if you don’t want to share photos.
  9. Be the perfect online girlfriend at Flirtbucks.
  10. Are you willing to get some money from messaging guys online?
Is it legal to get paid to be a girlfriend online?

There is nothing criminal in this, since an online girl is paid to act like a girlfriend with a complete stranger on the Internet for communication, support, etc.

How can I find a girlfriend online?

There are many ways to find a girl online, such as using dating apps and websites, joining online communities or groups that share your interests, or even using social media platforms.

If you have always wanted to make extra cash as a lady, the time is now. There are websites that allow you to get paid to be an online girlfriend.
If you have always wanted to make extra cash as a lady, the time is now. There are websites that allow you to get paid to be an online girlfriend.


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